Accompaniment of a Suspicious Couple (5)

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‘No matter how much diamonds cost… I can only say he’s Duke of Jaxen.’

‘I’m saying you know what?’

‘Isn’t it wonderful to have a record that no one would ever get to pass?’

The auction episode, which paid an impossible price to the jewel itself, soon came as a sign of distribution and competence different from others, with the wealth of the Duke of Jaxen.
Perhaps because it was too ridiculous a price, they could instead admire it more purely.

‘I thought she didn’t want to reveal it because she didn’t wear a necklace.
But I’m watching like this today.’

‘How can they be so transparent? The glow is so beautiful.’

The nobles couldn’t take their eyes off Ezet’s necklace but couldn’t bring themselves to talk to her.

As if representing such aristocrats, the empress greeted the two couples with a kind smile.

“Welcome, Duchess of Jaxen.
It’s like a star falling in the banquet hall today.”

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“I am flattered, Her Majesty.”

Ezet lowered her upper body lightly, lifting the tip of her skirt.
The necklace on the neck slightly fell from the body and reflected the shaking light.
The radiance was literally blinding, and she could hear the ladies swallowing their breath here and there.

“Have you thought about the proposal, Duke of Jaxen?”

“I was going to discuss that.”

Ezet glanced at the Empress and Edmond’s conversation.

“Madam, I have something to talk to them about.
Would you excuse me for a moment?”

“Goodbye, Edmond.”

“I’ll be right back.”

Whether the people at the banquet see it or not, or rather with the audacity of surprise, Edmond kissed Ezet on the cheek and left.

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There was a small cheer for the bold move again, but Ezet was not embarrassed this time.

As Edmond left with the Empress and Emperor, the nobles, who had been watching for an opportunity to talk to the Duchess of Jaxen, approached one by one, repeating their greetings in their mouths.

“Nice to meet you, Duchess of Jaxen.
I’ve always wanted to talk to you, but I’m finally saying hello today.”

“What a beautiful necklace.
I’ve never seen such a shiny diamond.”

“It’s your first time seeing it in person, right? Our post-Winchester writer has also acquired a stake in the Jaxen Duchy’s warp gate use since last fall.”

At the first banquet, it was unfamiliar to see the nobles, who had just whispered from afar, somehow approaching to say a word.
It was a little ridiculous for Ezet to know that her attitude toward her changed 180 degrees even though she only changed a necklace.
But the diamond necklace around her neck said, ‘It wasn’t just a necklace.’

The wealth of the Duke of Jaxen has been a distant concept for them so far, although no aristocrat is unaware of the overwhelming wealth of the Duke of Jaxen.
So a lot of money was inherited by a commoner mercenary.
They used to be jealous and furious about the facts.

However, with the appearance of Ezet wearing a necklace, the Duke and Duchess of Jaxen were not told the story of someone else with a stomachache.

It was hilarious.
In the absence of the Duke of Jaxen, they spoke ill of him so much and faced the two couples, and strangely, there was no jealousy.
It was just a wonder.

“Your husband is very bold.
That’s how much he pays without hesitation…”

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“It’s equivalent to a small country’s annual budget.
I wouldn’t even be able to try if it wasn’t for the Duke of Jaxen.”

“No, even if I had that much money, who could do such a thing?”

“That’s right.
It’s something my husband would never expect even in dreams.”

He is such a romantic lover that he can set an immortal auction record for his beloved wife.

“How on earth did you capture the hearts of the Duke of Jaxen?”

“Yes, tell me about those three years.
I was curious about the latter part of the story the Duke told me.”

“My daughter is also facing confrontation soon, but she is not motivated even in the spirit, so I wonder if it would be nice to share the experiences of the Duchess of Jaxen and Won….”

The nobles praised Ezet and tried to find a way to win Edmond’s favor through her.

No matter how much they try to slander and defame, the Duke of Jaxen has more wealth than the Imperial nobleman and Imperial family.
His influence across the continent is more than the Emperor.
It is only natural to win the Duke’s favor to gain even a little more from such a deal with a Duke.

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So far, the Duke of Jaxen has had no choice but to trade through an agent because he has not shown his face to the outside, but now that he has shown his face to an imperial banquet, there will be more opportunities to talk face to face in the future.

‘It would be a great benefit for our family to get along with each other.’

In addition, the Emperor and Empress are friendly to Jaxen, so if one does well, they can connect both the Duke and the Emperor.

‘It’s a big deal.’

It was all that kind of mind.

When there was no room for negotiations, they couldn’t get close anyway, so they cursed and spoke ill of it, but there was no reason to repeat meaningless gossip as long as we had a chance to strengthen the relationship.

Funnily enough, the parties were well aware that slandering the Duchess of Jaxen was an unnourished act that left nothing behind.

The initiative was due to snobbish desires and selfishness, but it wasn’t bad for Ezet anyway.
Ezet smiled with an innocent face and took the ladies’ story in moderation.

The first principle of negotiation.
Keep your opponent off guard.

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