Accompaniment of a Suspicious Couple (4)

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Daniel, who studied abroad for a long time, also visited countries with no status system.
So he knew that being of humble origin or short learning was nothing to be ashamed of or ignored.

Sometimes he heard nobles gossiping about the current Duke of Jaxen, but Daniel disagreed and would quietly leave or change the subject.

‘But I don’t like the man.’

Duke of Edmond Jaxen.
The reason why he is uncomfortable is not that he is envious or jealous that he is a commoner, a mercenary, or a great nobleman who suddenly even got the notice of the Spencer family overnight.

“Philip, I advise you to keep away from the Duke of Jaxen.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Did Philip see the man as the right man?”

“No, he’s a villain.
The face is the devil.”

When Philip expressed what he thought honestly, Daniel’s expression regained some peace.

Humans also become closer when they share things they dislike than when they share things they like.
Daniel stroked the back of the young crown prince’s hand with praise.

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Much younger than him, Prince Philip was as friendly as his brother for Daniel, who had no brothers.
Daniel advised with a stern look to a younger brother and dear friend who would rule the empire after the current Emperor.

“Arrogant and self-righteous.
It is not the attitude of the right gentleman to ignore his wife’s intentions and to force her recklessly.”

“Huh… was it?”

“You can tell from her attitude toward the Duchess of Jaxen.
It’s the man who always leads the way.
Such an unruly man cannot respect his spouse.”

He’s had a few encounters with Edmond, but the circumstances were good enough for Daniel to build bias.

When he accidentally stepped into the box seat of the Jaxen family, the Duchess was crouching on one wall.
He tried to help her, who seemed uncomfortable, but the Duke of Jaxen wanted to kick him.
If he didn’t avoid it quickly, he’d probably get hit in the side.

‘A man who uses violence in front of his wife is not a gentleman.’

Was the next time they ran into each other in the back garden? She almost fell into a mud pond and took the time to dry her shoes.
A man who trusts his wife wouldn’t be so blatantly wary if he saw them coming together in patronage.

All the more so because it was confirmed that there was nothing immoral between the two.

‘The Duchess of Jaxen is a soft-hearted woman, so if she were forced to wield it, she would have had no choice but to follow it.’

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In Daniel’s view, the Duke of Jaxen was an evil devil, and the Duchess of Jaxen was like a poor princess who the devil possessed.
Whether she was afraid of the devil or threatened, she was clearly living with no choice but to escape by her will.

Didn’t even the mirror of truth say? The chance of a fateful love between the Duke and Duchess of Jaxen is zero.

“That’s amazing.
I’ve never seen Daniel speak ill of anyone.”

“No, Philip.

Daniel’s ears turned red when he realized he had sneered at a man in front of a child who wasn’t there.
Daniel quickly turned his head, covering his ears.

“Oh no, it looks like we’re talking behind his back.
I’m sorry, Philip.
Please forget what I just said.”

“Why? Daniel said he didn’t like the Duke of Jaxen.
You can’t hang out with people your friends don’t like, so I’ll keep that in mind.”

It’s not like a kid whining, ‘I don’t like her, so don’t play with her!’ Daniel washed his face dry when he remembered that he had done something childish.

“No, Philip.
I acted unlike a gentleman.
It’s your job to judge.
As a friend, I… I’m just giving you some advice.”

“Well, so Daniel says I shouldn’t be near the bad guy?”

“…in summary, yes.”

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“But he said otherwise.”

“Your Majesty? What did I say?”

“It is the ruler’s job to enlighten the villain into the right man.”

If the Duke of Jaxen is a villain, he should educate the man when he becomes Emperor later.
It was a child’s delusion who didn’t know the reality, but Daniel realized Philip’s mind.

He doesn’t know if he’s self-aware or not, but Prince Philip seemed to like the Duke of Jaxen quite a bit.

“Anyway, I hope the Duke of Jaxen will come to the banquet today.
I’ll run and defeat the bad guy when he shows up.”

“If you did, you’d be in big trouble…”

If the Crown Prince defeats the Duke of Jaxen, it is a clash between the Imperial family and the Duke.
It is because the crown prince is ignorant to spit out the neglectful sound of dividing the empire.

Daniel ended up smirking.
He called the maid and tried to fill Philip’s empty cup with chocolate, and the doorkeeper cried out loud.

“The Duke and Duchess of Jaxen!”

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The voices of the nobles gathered among themselves were cut off.
Everyone’s eyes turned to the door—nobles, Emperors, Empress, as well as Crown Prince Philip and Daniel.

The shining door opened, and the Empire’s best newlyweds appeared.

“I’m sorry I’m late, Your Majesty.
Her Majesty.”

Time seemed to stop for a moment.
With her hair curled up gracefully, the people in the banquet hall even forgot to breathe and looked at her.

Their eyes naturally stayed on her necklace thanks to the simple design of the dress that emphasizes the silhouette.

‘No way, that’s the rumored…!’

‘I think that’s right.
I heard it was a diamond that hit 4.9 billion Lunds at auction.’

‘4.9 billion Lunds? No way!’

‘They put a price on it to commemorate the Duchess of Jaxen’s birthday.’

‘Oh, my God.’

From here and there came astonishment or admiration, some lamentation.
No matter how precious jewelry is, the price stops at tens of millions of Lunds.
The most expensive gem they’ve ever known would have been a red diamond with 85 million Lunds.

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