Accompaniment of a Suspicious Couple (3)

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“So… what do you do with them?”

“Leave it alone.”

“What? They’re the ones who curse at you.”

“I swear, but I can’t do anything about it myself.”

Only at his back can they swear, but they become mute in the banquet he attends or in public.
In other words, slurring behind the scenes is a sport aimed at resolving the inferiority complex that cannot come forward.
That is fundamentally unstoppable.

If you forcefully block it, complaints from people who have no place to relieve stress accumulate inside and eventually explode.
The answer is to leave it alone because it will be somewhat troublesome when it comes out.
In Edmond’s judgment, it was.

“But… it still bothers me.”

“Someone curses even a saint.
Edmond Jaxen, a commoner, young man with no background, no connections, became a great nobleman overnight.
It’s not just one or two people who are embarrassed by my existence.”

“You’ve earned a title for your exploits.
You didn’t get it unfairly.
Aren’t they unfair?”

“It’s only when I’m at the center of the back of the conversation that I love that I feel wronged, insulted, or falsely accused.”

“The only reason I feel misunderstood, reproached, swear, or feel unfair to do this is when someone I love is in the center of rumors.”

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“Well, no more of that parable…”

“Is my wife offended?”

It’s not good to be hated unilaterally when one didn’t do anything wrong.

Ezet knows that.
Everyone can’t love that one.
Indeed, she did not want to be seen to hide her identity since she came in as her sister’s replacement.
But all she wanted was plain indifference, not a look of disgust and resentment.

She couldn’t understand why the Countess of Devon hated her so much.
The Duke of Jaxen and the Count of Devon weren’t originally on bad terms.

What was blocking the door to the tea room? Is it fair to speak ill of a person this badly with just one thing?

“I can’t be as big a man as Edmond.”

“Then I’ll tell you three solutions.
The worst part is getting rid of them all.”

“Are you out of your mind? That’s murder!”

“That’s why I called it the worst.”

To kill a man because he doesn’t want to be blamed.
It is absurd to have it as one of the measures before the bottom line.

“You refused to take the heavy responsibility.
How to ignore and forget.”

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“…what about the best?”

“Of course…”

Edmond smiled significantly.

“It’s a way to make you feel better.”

A transparent crystal hanging from the chandelier reflected the light and shone inside the banquet hall.
The orchestra produced a beautiful melody on one stage, and on the other side, the long table featured a rare dish of color that would instead be called a work of art.

An eagle-shaped ice sculpture symbolizing the Crown Prince lay on a chocolate fountain, and the nobles in colorful costumes exchange polite words that they don’t have inside and laugh.

Prince Philip, sitting on a chair, shook his legs, and after hearing the Empress’ nagging, sat back down calmly with his legs together.

‘Uh… when does the banquet end?’

Although it is said to be a celebration of the Crown Prince, Prince Philip, the main character of the banquet, did not enjoy the occasion at all.

‘What’s this banquet for me? I don’t have any friends my age.’

The nobles congratulate the Emperor and the Empress rather than the Crown Prince, and after the greeting, they gather among themselves without paying attention to the Crown Prince.

Many delicious foods are on the table, but Philip couldn’t get close to the table because he had to keep his seat to receive greetings.

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It looked very delicious when he saw it on the table, but the food on the plate that the maid had put in moderation looked somehow shabby.
Philip shook his head from side to side, sipping only chocolate.

“You look bored, Philip.”


The face of a child who was tired of receiving polite greetings from nobles who were not interested in him brightened up.

Philip’s best friend, Daniel Spencer.
There is an age gap, but Philip was also the youngest among those gathered at the banquet.

“Don’t you eat? The duck meat is delicious.”

“I haven’t tried it yet.”

“Then I’ll get it for you.”

“Oh, no.
More than that, sit here and talk, Daniel.”

Nobles don’t come to say hello while Daniel is with them.
The Crown Prince, who was not mature enough to withstand the pretentious atmosphere of the banquet hall, needed the means to soothe his boredom.
When Prince Philip recommended, Daniel sat next to him again.

“I still have three more days to do this.
This is torture…”

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“Philip seems to be bothered by the banquet.”

“It’s boring; they don’t care about me, but you come to say hello to mom and dad, and it’s not fun to talk about things I don’t know about.”

Philip leaned his back against the back of the chair and swung his legs again.
The Empress glanced at him, but she did not press Philip himself because she talked to other ladies.

“Will the Duke of Jaxen not come today?”

“…the Duke of Jaxen?”

Daniel opened his eyes when a random person’s name came out of his young friend’s mouth.

“When the Duke of Jaxen came, he showed us something strange.
So it’s fun.”

“No way, I said I got a magic cloak that changed my costume.”

“Yeah, that thing, when you wind it around and swing it, it changes your clothes? I wanted to bring it here, but my mom banned it.”

“Don’t fall for one thing like that, Philip.”

Daniel frowned slightly and pouted his lips.

Edmond Jaxen.
The most extraordinary aristocrat and the greatest warrior of the empire.
The man, who was not originally an aristocrat, married his wife, inherited vast territories and enormous wealth, and rose to a position that even the Emperor could not afford.

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