Accompaniment of a Suspicious Couple (2)

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At the end of the dark navy purple skirt is a small diamond that shines like a star in the night sky, and as it rises to the upper body, the color becomes lighter, and by the time it reaches the wide neckline that reveals the shoulders, it turns elegant silver grey.

A design that prevents distracting elements and emphasizes the necklace around the neck as much as possible.
It looks boring just by looking at a dress, but it’s a calculated design to put an extreme emphasis on colorful necklaces and rich head decorations.

And the most eye-catching thing about the woman in this dress is the face between the necklace and the headdress, and anyone in this outfit will be distracted by her bright amber eyes.

“You’re beautiful, Milady.
The best in the world.”

“…thank you, Edmond.”

She thought it was too much praise, but she honestly accepted it this time.
Even in Ezet’s eyes, she looked surprisingly elegant in the mirror.

It seemed like a lie to her when she didn’t have a dress to wear to the head of a banquet hall, so she changed her old clothing and barely managed to find it by covering the scratched part of the jewelry with a chain.

Grandma always said that we should live frugally, not luxuriously.

The Duchess of Jaxen does not put the best thing in the family name in another sense.
It occurred to her strangely.

“Edmond, you have to be ready, right? I’ll call a servant for you.”

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“No, it’s faster to do it alone.”

She couldn’t help fitting in with the dress on, so she tried to call a servant, and Edmond refused and started changing.

“Hey, don’t take it off here! Hey, take it off after I get out!”

“Wait, Milady.
The changing room door is narrow, so the end will crumple if you go out as it is.
I’ll clean it up for you after I change.”

Edmond’s words turned Ezet to her feet.
The skirt was long, and jewelry was embedded at the end, so she thought it would crumple if she just moved without anyone holding her.

Inevitably, Ezet decided to turn her back until Edmond was ready.

“You’re really… ..what if I’m here and you just take it off like that?”

“I’m not as insecure as I should be.
Feel free to watch it.”

“Edmond, aren’t you actually an exposure freak?”

“You’re the only one it’s for.”

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He can’t show his naked body to the others.
Edmond’s voice, adding so, was strangely warm, and Ezet glanced away.
Before she knew it, Edmond had changed his pants and shirt into a party suit.

It was neat and clean, wearing a silver vest like Ezet’s dress and tying a thin silver cravat.
Elegant and upright posture as if he were a great nobleman from birth.
Even when he changes his clothes, he is so perfect that she doesn’t see any gaps from head to toe.

‘I can’t believe this is my husband.’

He exchanges mischievous jokes only in front of her, but Edmond, when he was alone like this, was literally named the ‘Best Noble Duke of Jaxen.’

He is tall enough to look down on all the boots, and his shoulders are broad.
A body with a well-knit muscle, the shoulders that are tall enough to look down on most people are so awe-inspiring.

What about a cool voice that rings in her ears? When speaking, it rings heavy, and when whispering, it gets wet like rain.
Ezet liked Edmond’s voice, though she told him not to whisper up close.

‘But how do the nobles treat Edmond like a vulgar mercenary?’

Fortunately, he only took the place of the Duke’s adopted son by setting up meritorious deeds and inflated false rumors to find fault and insult them.

Ezet was utterly incomprehensible.


“Yes, Milady.”

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“You said you’ve never stepped foot on the Imperial Palace before.”

“Yes, because I knew the nobles were reluctant to me.”

“How come you didn’t fight back?”

Edmond, wearing a dark navy jacket and a collar, looked back at Ezet.
The red eyes that overwhelm the viewer takes on a softer glow only when directed at her.

“Because it’s annoying.”

“Is it annoying?”

“I’ve been a mercenary, but I don’t enjoy killing.
If you kill all the nobles, the foundation of the empire will be shaken, and if there is a war from the neighboring country, it will be more troublesome.
That’s why I kept them alive.”

“No, it’s not that…”

Edmond apparently understood Ezet’s ‘fight against’ as a combination of physical force.

“Didn’t you think you should persuade them or be properly recognized as an aristocrat?”

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“How come?”

His face tilted to the side of his head was filled with the question, ‘Why bother?’

“You, uh… Like, what if you happen to hear people who hate you talking behind your back?”

“I’ll punch them in the neck.”

It didn’t help either.
Edmond grinned and added as Ezet showed signs of disappointment.

“Just kidding.
First of all, you classify your opponent into two categories:”

“Two types?”

“Let’s divide it into those who will harm me and those who won’t.”

Edmond Jaxen.
The most extraordinary aristocrat and the greatest warrior of the empire.
No one is probably big enough to harm him; even the Emperor cannot do anything about it.
Even if there were, they’d already fall under his sword and die.

“I’m tired of dealing with people who are just talking.
They hate their opponent, but they can’t do anything with their power, so they’ll speak ill of and slander people who are similar to me.
If there’s something to bite, they’ll jump on it, and if there’s nothing to bite, they’ll make it up.”

Exactly what Ezet has been dealing with so far.

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