Accompaniment of a Suspicious Couple (1)

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Returning to the room, Ezet entered the dressing room and opened the closet door.
The first thing that caught her eye was a large diamond necklace with a dazzling glow in a glass jewelry box.

‘The Diamond Edmond gave me to celebrate my birthday, ‘The Miracle Lady’…’

The world’s noblest diamond necklace with an unprecedented auction record.
It was a ‘miracle’ that Edmond made for her, priced differently from ordinary jewelry.

Ezet brought this when they came to Imperial Palace on the first day, but it was never worn at the banquet hall.
There was no reason to show off a fancy necklace that was out of place during tea time with the Emperor and Empress, and when Edmond changed her costume with a magical tool after entering the banquet hall in an indoor suit, she could not bring the necklace.

‘I didn’t mean to bet on this.’

‘In fact, I didn’t intend to go out with this.’

Since the ball is the flower of society, it was fundamental for ladies to spend hours preparing their hair and clothes when they went to the banquet hall.

However, Ezet, who felt uncomfortable about attracting attention or receiving attention, wanted to go out dressed as modestly as possible.
Attracting attention with these fancy diamond necklaces will only increase the number of jealous and sarcastic people.

“Edmond, if I go out with this necklace… It’ll stand out, right?

“You stand out anytime, anywhere.”


“Like this.”

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Edmond, who approached Ezet’s side, pulled her hair together and naturally turned it up.
Edmond smiled leisurely as he gazed at her revealed back.

“It’s a completely different atmosphere just by revealing your neck.
No one can help but be distracted.”

“Edmond, don’t joke around.”

“I mean it.”

A smooth, elegant curve running from the neck to the back.
A delicate body with a sweet scent when approaching.

Edmond whispered low in her ear, suppressing the urge to rush in casually.

“Because I can’t get my eyes off your skin right now.”

“Oops, that’s… oops! Don’t blow my ears!”

Shivering, Ezet hastily pushed Edmond away and wrapped her hands around the back of her neck.
He was just whispering, but her heart was pounding again.
She keeps saying, why does this guy feel so sexual about everything he does?

“It’s because you’ve been too revealing! Do you think everyone in the world is like you?”

“If I were the only one who was attracted to you, I wouldn’t have to be impatient or wary.”

Edmond shrugged his shoulders.
She is talking with a brazen look on her face, but she is actually anxious and nervous.
Worried about who would steal this lovely woman, Edmond objected to Ezet’s exposure.

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‘But I can’t help it if Ezet wants to.’

The Duke of Jaxen is the highest nobleman of the empire.
The Duke of Jaxen loves none other than the woman in front of him.
Then, of course, the most brilliant presence in the banquet hall should be the Duchess of Jaxen.
Edmond truly thought so.

“Yesterday, I chose a rich, colorful design to turn people’s attention to your dress, but I think I’d better focus my attention on this side.”

Edmond pointed to the edge of Ezet’s neck.

“A necklace?”

“You in a necklace.”

Ezet opened her eyes round and looked at Edmond, then took a step late to understand and blushed her cheeks.
It’s nothing, but her heart is pounding for no reason.
But she didn’t feel bad.

“Usually, all you have to say is mean….”

The best mercenary.
It’s not unusual to come when he’s off guard.
Ezet turned to the mirror, avoiding Edmond’s gaze at her without blinking.
She can see Edmond through the mirror.

“Give me your necklace, Milady.
I’ll hang it for you.”

“Oh, thank you.”

It’s too big and fancy to hang around her thin neck, but the actual weight isn’t that heavy, thanks to magical tools.
Edmond used his deft touch to secure the rings at the ends of the wide bands and keep the vine-shaped platinum bands from tangling together.

“Madam, do you know how diamonds are priced?”

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“Well, isn’t the bigger, the more expensive it is? Oh, I heard that if you make a mistake while working, the price may fall below half.”

“Yes, but external damage isn’t the only thing that lowers the price of diamonds.
Because of the nature of minerals, impurities are left in the mineral after a certain volume, which makes it less transparent.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Ezet looked at her necklace in the mirror.
Even though it was the size of a fist, there was no sign of foreign matter inside.

“Mine is as transparent as glass…”

“It’s the best of the best.”

A diamond whose existence is a miracle.
That’s why it’s named ‘Miracle Lady.’

“When I first saw this necklace, I thought it was perfect for you.”

“I’ve never worn precious jewelry on my body before.
This is awkward.”

“The best suits you.”

In saying so, Edmond embellished her hair with a decorative pin and a beanie.

“The best jewelry, the best dress, and the best man for you.”

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“…the best man?”

“That’s me.”

Edmond’s shamelessness to refer to himself as the best man without any hesitation is Edmond’s characteristic, but it is strangely irrefutable, so Ezet poked out her lips.

“Aren’t you too confident? There might be a man somewhere in the world who’s cooler than Edmond.”

“There’s no man who can make you happier than me.”

“Always teasing me.”

“You like being bullied.”

By me.

…Ezet blushed again as she slipped side by side.
This time it was irrefutable, and she was even angrier.

“All done, Milady.
Where do you feel uncomfortable?”


If the dress she wore at the last banquet was more colorful and decorative than the overall silhouette with a rich skirt like a dessert cake, the dress she wore today was a mermaid-lined dress that showed her figure.

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