If the spouse continued to refuse the relationship without a valid reason even though they were asked for a marital relationship, the divorce could be officially made through trial.
In this case, those who refused to have a marital relationship were additionally charged with deceit against their spouses.

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“All I asked for is a couple’s relationship… Oh, no, it’s not just sex.
I don’t want to ask Edmond for that.”

“Is that so?”

Edmond tilted his head to his side.
Faced with magnetic red eyes without even a slight movement, Ezet shuddered.
He’s a dizzyingly attractive man, but strangely, Ezet was afraid of him.

“So you don’t have to, uh… You don’t have to try to fulfil your husband’s duties.”

The soft brown hair flowing down her slender shoulders shook slightly every time she breathed, revealing a feminine curve.

Edmond observed the woman in front of him with a steady, still gaze.
She was so calm that he couldn’t think of her as the same person as the woman who came to his office and threw her slippers and gave her tea to him.

It’s been three years since he saw her face.
Three years is not a long time, but it was not a short time.
It was enough time for one person to change.

Three years spent alone in the inner city without a husband, family, or friend.
It must not be too much for his wife to change her personality by 180 degrees.

Nevertheless, Edmond felt a strange impulse from the pitiful shaking of her shoulders.

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It was not a protective instinct to protect the poor and vulnerable existence but a predator’s instinct to relentlessly abuse the prey he captured.



Edmond’s voice neared.
Ezet took a breath.

With a bewilderingly beautiful man at hand, her heart beat like crazy.
Edmond was beautiful, but she didn’t know what he was thinking.

“I’m not an irresponsible husband.”

“I know.
This is a misunderstanding because I made a mistake…”

“And you said you weren’t the only one irresponsible.”

“What? Yes, yes…”

Ezet liked to read books.
She was both a spectator and an observer.
Unlike Erit, she was not confident in jumping into people and leading something by becoming the story’s main character.
So she had nothing to do with anyone other than her grandmother.

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It was not her taste to push and pull to take the initiative in relationships, nor to see and shake the opponent’s inside.

But this guy.

‘What the hell is this guy going to do with me?’

She was afraid.
The man who came one step away to the eye of the watchful Ezet sees her with the eyes of a predator who found his prey.

Ezet regretted asking that she wanted to meet him.
She didn’t want sympathy or pity, but she feels suffocated when she is with this man.

When she first saw the portrait, she thought he was a handsome man, and the next time she saw him, she thought he was an attractive man.
But what she felt now was not something she could explain about his sexual attractiveness.

If she has to borrow the cliché, should she say that he is devilish?

“Milady, look up at me.”

Ezet looked up and faced Edmond.
She didn’t raise her head on her own.
The body moved itself as if the voice caught hold of her.

It’s not hot, but her cheeks felt hot and thirsty.

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“If you don’t ask me, I’ll ask you.”


Ezet almost bit her tongue.

Don’t tell me.
She heard it wrong.
She must have missed Edmond’s words because she was thinking about something else for a moment.

“I want to have a proper marital relationship with you.”

Absolutely not, no.

“Eh, Edmond? I’m sure you haven’t done it in three years….”

“After three years, I want to correct it.”

“Well, are you serious?”

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“I mean it.”

Edmond approached with an alluring smile that seemed to melt her away just by looking at it.
The distance between the two people was already less than a step away, so they naturally met.

Ezet was so surprised that she couldn’t answer anything and shook her mouth open.

“What do you want to do? If you say you’re going to break your obligations, you can say so.”

“Well, I’m.”

“I’m not going to ask for a divorce just because you refuse.
It’s a contract like that.
You won’t have a marital relationship.
I’m just disappointed in my irresponsible wife.”

“Who’s irresponsible!”

“So you’re taking responsibility?”

‘Oh, my God.’

Edmond grinned as if he had noticed, toward the pale-faced Ezet.
Edmond was not a blunt bystander, an indifferent recluse, a wooden stone not interested in women, or a cold-hearted man.

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