t think I’ll have the power to shake up the empire like I do now.”

“N, not needed.
That kind of thing.”

Harriet’s own family was so weak that he couldn’t even manage his estate, and Ezet continued to live a life that was difficult to see as a noble, although not as much as an ordinary man.
For her, the great wealth and power of Duke Jaxen was a burden, not happiness.

“But isn’t it also too ugly? It’s not the Duke of Jaxen, the greatest aristocrat of the Empire, but it’s the only way to be the wife of a mercenary Edmond.”

“I didn’t like you because you were a Duke.”

Knowing that it was her sister’s husband, she was attracted to him, knowing it wasn’t her man.
She was happy to be held by him.
It was thrilling to see the desire inside her revealed in front of this man and to be forced to sin.

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It’s good to see Edmond’s face.
The sensual low notes call my name, the big hands touching her body, the way she goes up and down heaven in his broad arms, and being loved hot as if she was overflowing.

There was no wealth, no honor, or power in that happy aspiration.
There was no common sense, no morality, no system, no law.
Ezet fell in love with a man named Edmond.

“Will you give up everything and stay with me?”

“I’ve already given up everything before.”

“Oh, I see.”

“You made it that way.
You didn’t notice.”

Ezet grinned and hugged Edmond.
The two fell on the bed, hugging each other.
A large hand skillfully unbuttoned the blouse down.
Every time Ezet kissed Edmond, their moist lips overlapped.


“I love you, Ezet, my wife.”

He will dedicate everything to her.
Edmond swore an oath to the woman he loved.
It was initially a vow made by a priest to God when ordained, and it was an oath not even made at a wedding because it was based on obedience and sacrifice.

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“Edmond, now that’s…”

“You don’t have to return the same.
It’s a one-sided pledge.”

A priest does not hesitate to give everything to an unresponsive God.
It was the same with Edmond.
Edmond did not believe in God or destiny.
He was a man who always led everything with a will and a choice.

“Didn’t I tell you? I’ll do whatever you want.”


God who creates all things and acts as he pleases, then Edmond’s Ezet, who rules everything he thinks and feels, is his God.
How happy it is to have an object to dedicating everything to right in front of you and in your arms, not an abstract being that you can’t touch or feel.

“Ed, ah….”

Edmond, kissing her white neck and collarbone, opened her clothes, buried his face in a coveted breast, and inhaled deeply.
Her chest smelled sweet and soft.
The white blouse was pushed down, waist-deep, and Edmond’s big hand grabbed Ezet’s slim waist.

“Oh, yeah… Edmond, come on…”

“It’s still daylight, but you’re hasty, Ezet.”

“Edmond wasn’t on the boat with me.
I was alone the whole time.”

She wanted to be with him.

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