Approaching Black Shadow (1)

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Edmond and Ezet returned to the north Palace after a seemingly cordial lake party.

She played in the boat until the afternoon, so she didn’t have much free time till the dinner banquet.
She didn’t attend the banquet yesterday, but she can’t miss it again today.
She had to take a bath and change her clothes to avoid being late, but Ezet sat blankly in bed.

She wasn’t exhausted.
Should she say she’s not energetic or motivated? Strangely disturbed, it was not unstable.

“What’s wrong with you? Milady.”

Edmond, who had already finished his bath and changed his clothes, asked anxiously to Ezet, who was still sitting in bed dressed.

“If you’re feeling any discomfort, would you like to postpone attending the banquet?”

“What? No, it’s not.
We missed it yesterday as well.
We have to attend today.”

“You don’t have to feel so obligated.
Didn’t you go to the lake party? Instead of a dinner banquet.”

Edmond couldn’t get on the boat.
When he climbed on the boat with three women, the center of gravity was not right, and the ship seemed to turn over.
Eventually, he had to go on unfortunate volunteer service to stand by the old Marchioness of Spencer.

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He didn’t want to be away from Ezet for a moment, but he couldn’t be with her for the first time.
If Ezet hadn’t told him to stay put, Edmond would have contacted the mansion and ordered them to send a high-speed yacht with a horsepower engine.

“No, I will attend the banquet.
I’m just… Somehow upset.”

“You were upset.
After all, because I wasn’t there…….”

“No, it’s not.”

Ezet lamented as Edmond slipped by and pushed his hand around his shoulder, trying to put her arm around her shoulder.

“Edmond, did you really have nothing to do with my sister?”

“…Suddenly, you’re asking some strange questions.”

They were a couple, and even if it was a contract marriage, they signed a marriage pledge and held a wedding.
But that’s it.
In the first place, what Edmond needed was not a ‘person’ as his wife, but a ‘paper,’ so he didn’t want anything from Erit herself.
So, of course, he didn’t

“I’m not interested in women other than you.
And that’s what I’m going to keep doing.”

Normally, Edmond’s answer would have thrilled her.
But now, Ezet could not be purely pleased with his words.

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“There’s a small white dome in the middle of the palace lake.”

“Yes, I’ve seen it.”

“There’s a rock… No, there was a mirror of truth made of mana stone.”

A tool to mask the truth from the lie.
The Imperial treasure was used in the past in the court but failed to adequately respond to complicated human interests and eventually became a representative symbol as the lake of the court.

When Countess Harrington and Daniel asked for Edmond’s compatibility with Erit’s, Ezet could not forget the sparkling light that floated on the surface of the mirror.

“I used that mirror to look at the compatibility between you and my sister, and it turned out that the relationship was 0%.”

“Well, I see.”

Edmond nodded in insignificance.

In the first place, Erit didn’t fit Edmond’s personality itself.
Edmond thought Erit was insane, and Erit was sick and tired of throwing up just thinking about Edmond.

It is natural that the relationship between Edmond, a control freak, and Erit, who is willing to risk her life for freedom, breaks down.

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If Erit hadn’t been cornered, she wouldn’t have run away like that.
Ezet’s usual sister would have destroyed the Duke by removing the garden’s protective gear that seemed to mix Amazon and Savannah.
In the sense that he ran away without hesitation, Erit realized later that he had already been pushed to the limit to lose.

“It was an unfavorable marriage in the first place.
I decided that there would be no problem since I did everything she asked for.
It didn’t matter if I had one.”

“I’m not saying that…”

Ezet hesitated a little and stroked the back of Edmond’s left hand.
There was a wedding ring on his left ring finger.

“I’m using the name of ‘Erit Jaxen’ right now.”

The fact that Edmond and Erit were not on good terms can’t be argued about not even attending the wedding.
But Erit’s replacement is different now.

“It bothers me that such a number appeared in the mirror asking for the compatibility of the ‘Duke of Jaxen’ and the ‘Duchess of Jaxen.’”

The Empress, Countess of Harrington, and Daniel’s mouth were sealed.
However, it is not an issue that will end there.

Ezet came up with the most fundamental problem when she saw it.
Even if Edmond loved Ezet, not Erit, the Jaxen Duchess on paper was Erit, not Ezet.

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“First of all, I’m going to smash that mirror.
So that it doesn’t talk nonsense again.”

“No, that’s not the problem!”

Edmond grinned as Ezet slapped the back of his hand.

“Don’t think too hard, Ezet, because you’re my wife at the banquet tonight.”

“What? What are you talking about? I’ve already introduced myself in her name.”

“You can make a story.
It would be nice to make a good story, ‘My sister sacrificed herself for me who is in a position to be sold out of debt.’ Or you could use a tool to manipulate people’s memories.
There will be some aftereffects, but the effects are clear.”

“I don’t like that.
I don’t want to lie.”

Lies will be revealed someday.
Even if it’s not shown, it’s not a pleasant thing to fool anyone.

Ezet was forced to feel guilty about Edmond the whole time while serving as her sister’s substitute.
Extending it to millions of people will only hurt her conscience.

She curled up with a somber look.
Noticing that Ezet was genuinely depressed, Edmond refused to embrace her and stroked her small back still.

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