Midday Lake Party (7)

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“If he knew it was the Countess of Harrington who set this up…”

“Duchess of Jaxen! It’s my fault!”

The Countess of Harrington bowed her head quickly and apologized.
Just bent on saving the day before her eyes, she shook her head like a tightrope.

If the Duke of Jaxen had his heart set on it, he could have trampled on the County of Harrington.
Failure to do so has been because no matter what gossip or sarcasm the Duke Jaxen has ever heard, he has never retaliated against another family.

So other aristocrats could speak ill of Duke Jaxen, who did not show up in society.
How comfortable and easy it is to blame someone who has nothing to be retaliated against.

But now, things are different.
The Duke of Jaxen and his wife appeared in society, and the Emperor and Empress expressed their favor.

Countess Harrington joined the group of Countess Devon because it was Countess Devon who wielded the most substantial power in society.

But now that Ezet’s spirit is not easy, and the Duke of Jaxen has appealed to them that he loves his wife terribly, it is like picking a hornet’s nest naked.

Moreover, there was no Countess Devon to protect her.
Countess Harrington, who had always been hiding in the shadow of a strong person, did not hesitate to humiliate her in front of her sarcastic opponent until yesterday.

“Fortunately, the boat port was far away, so they couldn’t hear us, and they couldn’t hear what we asked because it was far from the other ships.
But when this is known…”

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“I won’t tell anyone!”

“But you’re close to Countess Devon.
If you join me on the boat, I’m sure they’ll ask me what we talked about.”

“No, that’s….”

“Countess Harrington.”

Ezet grabbed the countess Harrington by the hand with her brooch on her lap.

“I’ll send you a tea party invitation next time.”

She meant to leave Countess Devon and come under her.
It was a bold request before the Empress, but Ezet did not mind.
She needed to go this hard here.
She won’t bring it up even by mistake, only if she shows her displeasure.

“Oh, thank you so much…”

The Countess of Harrington looked up in bewilderment.
As soon as Ezet smiled, she looked a little relieved to see if she was relaxed.

“I lost my bet, too, and the Duchess of Jaxen should punish me.”

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Daniel, who was sitting next to her, opened his mouth only then.
Daniel’s expression didn’t seem even a bit troubled when he lost the bet and was in a position to take orders.
Instead, it was a refreshing smile as if the result of the bet was very satisfactory.

“Is there anything you want to order? Duchess of Jaxen.”

Blue eyes glistening like a lake illuminated the image of Ezet.
Unlike the Empress and Countess Harrington, Ezet was a little appalled by the look of liberation.

“Sir Daniel Spencer, do you know the three principles of silence?”

“Yes, I know.”

The Three Principles of Silence.
In other words, it is also called the decency of the proper gentleman.

Don’t say anything unjust.

Don’t say things that hurt your opponent.

Don’t tell others what you know about women.

The first two belong to manners, but the last one is easy to forget casually, meaning to keep the conversation with women secret from others.

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Even righteous gentlemen sometimes make slips of the tongue.
In that case, the most complicated thing was usually about women.
It was easy to start a fight when one inadvertently put the fact that they learned about another woman into their mouth.
The source of anger that sometimes tarnishes someone’s reputation makes someone jealous and causes irritation.

It was, therefore, a fundamental virtue of a gentleman to be silent.

“I think Sir Daniel Spencer is a great gentleman.”

“Thank you.”

Knowing the law means keeping the law, and knowing courtesy means keeping manners, so knowing the three principles of silence meant silence.
Ezet was barely relieved when Daniel promised not to reveal what he had learned here.

‘As long as the story doesn’t leak out…… there will be no problem, right?’

Perhaps 0% compatibility with Erit wouldn’t shock Edmond, but Ezet, who didn’t want to be on people’s lips for nothing, picked up the ring and brooch she had left on her lap after getting a definite answer.

“I was going to give it back to you, but I couldn’t because I gave Sir Daniel a penalty.”

“Oh, my God, Duchess of Jaxen.
Don’t mind that kind of course.”

“Well, yeah.
Just think of it as a gift of my favor.
Are you going to send me an invitation to the tea party?”

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“Of course.”

Unlike the empress, who wears a social mask, Countess Harrington quickly understood because her emotions were revealed on her face.
Ezet smiled brightly, convinced that she had fallen for it.

“What stories are you having so much fun with?”

“Oh, my God, Your Majesty.”

The Emperor, who was leisurely driving the boat, came close to their ship.
The Emperor’s boat was occupied by Count Devon, Marchioness of Barth and the eldest daughter of Marquis of Spencer.

“It’s a mirror of truth.
I’ve seen my compatibility with the Empress with that before.”

“Oh, my God, we just happened to be talking about it.”

“Did I? I used to…”

Naturally, as the subject shifted to the Emperor and Empress, the Emperor excitedly began to bring up the old story.

Noticing Ezet’s attitude had gone to her head, Countess Devon and Marchioness Barth looked at Countess Harrington as if something had happened, but she quickly turned away.

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