Midday Lake Party (6)

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“The Duke and Duchess of Jaxen are in love of the century, so maybe a hundred?”

“I’m going to bet this sapphire brooch at 99.
Nothing in the world is perfect.”

“Oh my gosh, then I’ll bet my diamond ring on 100.”

It quickly became a betting ground.
Suddenly embarrassed by the bet made by the empress and Countess Harrington, wondering what would be the compatibility score between her and Edmond, Ezet looked at Daniel with a face asking him to stop them.

“We’ve barely made eye contact.”


“I’ll bet on 50.”

Daniel’s reply quickly stiffened the look of the Empress and Countess Harrington.
Edmond might have grabbed Daniel by the collar and thrown him into the lake if he had just heard it.

The empress quickly revived the atmosphere when she saw that Ezet was embarrassed and unable to talk.

“Oh, no wonder Marquis Spencer is so bold because he’s young.
Then what would you bet?”

“I don’t have any properties yet, so I’ll bet on myself.
I will follow the orders of the three ladies today.”

“Oh, my God, It’s an order.”

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The Empress and Countess Harrington, who took Daniel’s answer as a joke, grinned softly.

“Then should I ask the mirror? Magic Mirror, Duke Edmond Jaxen, and Duchess Erit Jaxen…”

“Oh, wait a minute.

At the voice of Countess Harrington, who named her sister, her hands went out to stop for a moment.
Fortunately, Countess Harrington’s eyes were round when she saw Ezet expressing reluctance, though she shut her mouth on the way back.

While the two ladies and Empress paused, Daniel asked for a magic mirror.

“How close are they as a couple?”

The magic mirror began to shine as if in response to Daniel’s luscious voice.

“Oh, my God!”

The light was so bright that Countess Harrington was surprised and pulled out.
Are you really going to go up to 100? The empress also opened her eyes wide and looked at the mirror.
Ezet, too, looked in the mirror, bewildered and curiously curious.

The light circling on the mirror’s surface gathered in the middle and turned into a circle.
The long ellipse was obviously the number ‘0’ they knew.


“No way, it’s saying zero? That cannot be true.”

The Empress frowned ridiculously, and Countess Harrington alternated between the magic mirror and the Ezet with a look of wonder if what she saw was the correct number.

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And Daniel muttered with a slightly unexpected but also relieved look.

“As expected, it wasn’t love.”

It was so quiet that the Empress and Countess Harrington could not hear it, but it was clearly heard in Ezet’s ears.
Daniel grinned as Ezet looked with a straight face.

“The mirror of truth seems to have run out, Her Majesty.”

“Oh, yes, I see.”

Daniel’s words gave the Empress a clue to get out of the situation, smiling and holding Ezet’s hand.

“Duchess of Jaxen, are you surprised? The only thing a magic mirror can judge is a fragmentary fact.
You can’t make a ruling outside the mirror’s perception.”

“No, Her Majesty…”

The name given by Countess Harrington was ‘Erit Jaxen’ and not ‘Ezet Jaxen,’ so it was not compatible between Ezet and Edmond that the mirror answered zero.
So she’s not heartbroken, but it was shocking that Edmond and her compatibility was zero.

“By the way, all three of us lost the bet, so what do we do? Her Majesty.”

“Oh, you’re right.
Well… I’ll give it to the Duchess of Jaxen fairly.”

“What? To me?”

The Empress quickly took the ring out of her hand and handed it to Ezet.
Whether what the mirror of truth said was as accurate or effective as Daniel said, it was an emergency that the compatibility of Jaxen’s couple was 0%.

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‘She is the only woman who can bind the Duke of Jaxen, and when the relationship between the couple is over, the fate of our empire is a beacon in front of the wind.’

The only way for the Duke and Duchess of Jaxen to maintain a peaceful partnership was to be on good terms with each other.
The Empress checked to see if Ezet was offended by the test just now.

Ezet seemed a little shocked by the results but not hurt or angry.

“It’s just a score anyway.
Don’t worry too much, Duchess of Jaxen.”

“Your Majesty, I’m fine.”

“Of course, it should be okay.
There was a time when the compatibility between His Majesty and me was 0%.

Of course, it was a lie, but the Empress quickly made an excuse, and Countess Harrington responded.

“Well, yeah! Duchess of Jaxen.
0 is more intense than 60% of the time, right?”

Thanks to Countess Harrington, who said something disrespectful, the atmosphere that the Empress had managed to recover had subsided again.

‘I don’t care if my sister and Edmond are in bad company, but it’s a little….’

There was nothing good about the fact that it was known that the Jaxen couple had lousy chemistry.

Ezet looked at the empress.
The Empress had a gracious smile as if to untie her heart.
It was easy to guess because it was the Empress who had continued to show favor to Ezet.
Perhaps the Empress won’t tell anyone what she saw today in the mirror of truth.

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‘The problem is the Countess of Harrington.
She’s close to Countess Devon.’

The Countess of Harrington was the sort of woman who sought to live on the strong side, hiding behind the Countess of Devon.
She didn’t seem to have the personality to do something and didn’t dare to do it.

Ezet has seen her cringe in front of the empress, so if she put pressure on her properly, she won’t be able to pull any punches.

“Countess Harrington.”

“Ye, yes?”

“The Countess has seen my husband’s compatibility with me.
But the results weren’t good.
No, of course, I believe the mirror has run out.
I’m afraid my husband will be furious if he finds out about this.”

The Countess Harrington’s complexion turned white when Ezet dared a haughty retort.
She was able to help from behind when there was a strong support of Countess Devon, but she could not stand up to Ezet with the Empress next to her; not even 1:1 was in favor of the Duchess Jaxen.

She quickly lowered her eyes, removed the brooch from her chest, and handed it to Ezet.

“Me, I’m sorry, Duchess of Jaxen.
I don’t intend to…”

“I know.
We did it just for fun.”

“Right, yes.
It’s a joke.
This kind of thing is…”

“But Edmond doesn’t have a personality for jokes.
I’m sure he’ll find it unpleasant.
He hates being suspected of being loved by me the most.”

The Countess Harrington’s shoulders were up and down.
Ezet turned her head coyly and sighed, confirming that there was no sign of contradiction to her.

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