Midday Lake Party (3)

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Warm sunshine and fresh wind.
To the south of the court was a large lake that mirrored the clear afternoon sky.
In the middle of the lake, there was a small dome that seemed to be made of white marble, and a white ferry was also anchored at the ferry site.

“Wow, is this Lake Court? The lake is massive.”

“Oh, my God, it’s on the small side.
It’s no match for the lake on Jaxen’s estate.”

She has never heard of it before.
When Ezet looked at Edmond, he responded by gently closing his eyes.

‘I should have studied the basics before I came to the Imperial Palace.’

Ezet had never been on a map of the Jaxen family’s land, let alone on a land inspection, so she did not know that there was a lake on the land.

“I see.
I didn’t know because I haven’t been out of the mansion very often.”

“Oh, my God.”

The Empress and the ladies looked at Ezet in amazement.
She tried to pretend to know, but if she knew nothing about the land, she would be humiliated even more if the lie was revealed.
Ezet, who decided she’d better just admit it straight here and move on, asked Edmond.

“Edmond, next time, let’s take a boat on a lake on the estate.”

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“I don’t care where you want to go, but if it’s on a boat, how about the sea?”

“If it’s the sea… We have to take a boat at the port, right? We have to get to Aldebaran.”

“No, there’s a port on Jaxen’s estate.
The territorial waters surrounded by a hundred small islands are all mine.”


Ezet doubted her ears what she had just heard.

Jaxen had the most expansive estate in the empire, so it is no wonder that there is a port on the estate.
But it’s territorial.
Do you mean there’s even ownership of the sea? She knew the Jaxen family owned an island, but surprised by the incredible number of 100, Ezet opened her eyes round and asked again.

“Wow, were there so many islands?”

“There are many islands and many ships.
We have high-speed warships, oil tankers, freighters, cruise ships, race yachts, oh, submarines.”

Ezet, who had only seen the sea in books or pictures, could not fully understand everything Edmond said, but at least she could imagine that he could do something more splendid, no matter what she imagined.

“There’s an island, there’s an ocean, and there’s a ship.
So you’re all I need now.”

“Moo, what…..
I’m still with you.”

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“You didn’t go on a honeymoon, did you? It would be good to ban ships from operating in the territorial waters for about a month and travel by boat.”

“Don’t do that! What about the people who make a living out of it?”

That’s none of his business.

…Edmond replied with a look in his eyes.

This is the man who can do anything for her.
That ‘whatsoever’ really ignores any system or law.
If Ezet wanted to hear the final words, Edmond would show her what she wanted, even by slapping an innocent man in the neck.

‘If I were a woman who did not hesitate to do cruel things like the evil woman in history books, the foundation of the country would have been shaken.’

Millions of people may have lost their jobs, lost their lives, and even fought wars.
Ezet honestly thought it was fortunate that she was used to a less greedy and small-minded life.

But this is why she can’t even joke.


Ezet called his name and held hands still.

“Please stay calm today.”

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Edmond’s left eyebrow slightly raised and came down at a small warning.

Edmond has never done anything stupid in front of Ezet.
He did not kill or use violence, he did not threaten with money or weapons, nor did it scream or kick.

‘Oh, there was a time.’

When he went to the Grand Theatre to watch the opera with Ezet, he found an uninvited guest who came into the box seat while away and tried to kick him.

But it’s hard to say Daniel was kicked because he quickly dodged Edmond’s foot.

If a mysterious person comes into the box seat dedicated to the family and flirts with his wife, it would be justifiable to kick him.

So at least he’s always been a gentleman in front of Ezet.
Edmond became a little bitter.

“I’ve always been calm.”

Ezet’s eyes narrowed at the nonchalant answer.

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“Yes, so please stay calm.”

“That’s up to you, Milady.”

“Really, I’m not going to lose a word…”

“Madam, don’t you think we should take a boat? All the other ladies were on the boat.”

“What? Oh, my God!”

The Emperor and Empress, who did not know the details of Ezet whispering with Edmond, mistook it for sharing affection.
The Empress was waving at the Ezet, letting people board the boat so as not to disturb the Empire’s best newlyweds.

“Oh, my God! I’m sorry, Her Majesty.”

“No, it’s possible if the honeymoon is hot, hohoho.”

The Empress grinned and took Ezet’s hand, leading her on the boat.

A total of five ships.
Twenty-one people.
The Marchioness of Spencer sat in a chair in the shade after announcing that she would not get on board because she was seasick.
Daniel said he was worried about his grandmother’s body and decided to stay with her.

“Four people per boat.
Come here, Duchess and Duke of Jaxen.”

“Thank you, Her Majesty…”

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