“I don’t think flicking is your taste.”

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Saying strange things, the man stuck out his red tongue and licked under her chest.

The man peeled off the dress with a rustling sound, whether he could not hear the groan of Ezet or if he had mistaken it as a cheerful groan.
The slim waist was thin enough to hold tightly in both hands.

“Don’t do this! No, no!”

The weight of the man who was suppressing her was slightly reduced when Ezet screamed and struggled.
Ezet did not miss the opportunity and desperately turned over and slipped aside.

Falling with the bedsheet and bumping her hips, she covered her chest with her arms without caring where she was sore.

“What are you doing!”

Even when Ezet shouted, Edmond only looked at her with red eyes.
The movement of wiping the red lips with his tongue was strangely colourful, so the Ezet hurried away from his eyes.

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“I, I, I’ll call someone…!”

Ezet became solemn when she realized how ridiculous what she had was.
Here in the bedroom of the Duchess of Jaxen’s castle, she was a substitute for the Duchess, Erit, and the man in front of her was Erit’s husband.
No one in this mansion could stop her husband from entering his wife’s bedroom, undressing her and trying to have sex.

“You had something important to tell me, so you asked me to come.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I still remember the details of your purchase two months ago.
Did you order the latest imitation genitals that can change 48 body positions? You can adjust the vibration to 11 levels.”

“That’s not me, that’s……”

Ezet was so stunned that she raised her volume and shut up.

It was not her who ordered the Self-pleasure device, but her sister, Erit.
Ezet has never ordered such a horrible item.

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It was unfair.
She had never even used her hands or voice to masturbate, even though she had a wild imagination reading the main characters’ bed scenes in romance novels.

It was more scary than not interesting.

“That’s, that’s not me…”

“And you just said that.
I’m an irresponsible husband who doesn’t fulfil his duties, leaving you alone.”

That’s not what she meant.

Until Edmond brought up the story of the penalty, Ezet was going to ask Edmond to forgive Erit for running away.

But Edmond shut down all the solutions Ezet had in mind before she could bring them up.

All that remains is for Ezet to act like the Duchess and be Erit’s substitute until Edmond develops his successor.

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However, Ezet did not want to live a life like Erit, trapped alone in an inner castle, without seeing anyone.

She hoped for a family or friend-like relationship, such as talking properly with her husband, eating, taking a walk or going to a performance together.
Having a marital relationship wasn’t even in her mind in the first place, but why.

“Didn’t you want me to fulfil my husband’s duties?”

“No, I’m, I mean.”

Ezet’s pumpkin-coloured eyes rolled, not knowing what to say.

Whenever Edmond’s red eyes and her eyes met, Ezet’s eyes shook like a groaning leaf in the wind.

The eyes are the window to the mind, so when the eyes are shaking, the mind is also shaking.
Therefore the earthquake in her eyes must be something similar to a mental breakdown.

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However, the situation was not simple enough to hit her limits and let her mind escape.

Ezet immediately threw a net and captured her mind, tying it with a thin rope called reason, and only then was she able to come to her senses.

Of course, it was a series of epic battles that took place in Ezet’s head, and she did not make the same mistake as Erit, who inadvertently threw her heart out of her mouth, although she might not have been able to hide her expression skilfully.

“Eh, Edmond for three years… You didn’t look for me.
But why, suddenly…”

“Because my wife asked for it.”

“Yes, yes?”

“Rejecting to sleep with a spouse for no justifiable reason is a reason for divorce.
I’m just trying to do my duty, but is there a problem?”

Under the laws of the Empire, noblemen must marry, and the purpose of marriage was to produce offsprings.
So sex between couples was not a pleasant act to pursue pleasure, but a duty to create children.

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