Midday Lake Party (1)

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The sun shone over the translucent canopy to announce the morning.
Ezet flinched her eyelids at the distant bird’s chirping and slowly opened her eyes.
The sky outside the wide window right from the bed was very clear—the weather’s good.

…it wasn’t time to talk about the fine weather.

“Oh, my God! Dinner banquet!”

A weeklong celebration of the Crown Prince’s ascension to the throne at the Imperial City.
She returned to the North to change her dress before attending the dinner party and fell asleep faintly with Edmond as if she fainted.

‘Oh, my God.’

She can’t believe she missed a banquet with her husband! On the first day, she was away, but she didn’t even attend on the second day.
She can’t believe she made this mistake when people’s attention was focused on the Duchess.
Ezet made a groaning sound, covering her face with both hands.

“Oh, my God…”

“Shouldn’t we do it one more time?”


Ezet heard Edmond’s voice right next to her; she looked back, trembling her shoulders in a fuss.
When it happened, Edmond was looking at Ezet nonchalantly with a wide-awake face.

“Eh, Edmond…”

“Good morning, Milady.”

Unlike a refreshing morning greeting, Edmond’s gaze with a smile around his mouth was very concentrated.
In his red eyes, Ezet whined and pulled her butt back.

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“Don’t look at me like that…”

“Milady’s naked body is in front of me, and who wouldn’t appreciate it?”

“Really, it’s only embarrassing!”

Ezet quickly turned her back, covering her chest with her arms.
Despite such a violent affair last night, the skin was soft and fragrant.

‘Did Edmond wash her while she was asleep?’

She has never been naked to him before, but when she remembered what happened last night, her cheeks got hot again.

She needs something to cover up, but Edmond ripped everything she wore into rags, and the gown hangs in the bathroom.
Ezet had no choice but to pull the blanket over her body.

“Don’t cover it.
It’s beautiful.”

“I’m embarrassed.”

“I feel good if my wife sees my naked body as many times as I can.”

Ezet shed her eyes when she heard the words of 100% purity.
Unlike the naked Ezet, Edmond was wearing a white gown embroidered with bay leaves embroidered with gold thread at the ends of his collar and sleeves.

“…should I take it off?”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“No, it would be lonely if you were naked alone.”

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“What does that have to do with being lonely! And in this situation, isn’t it common sense to hand me something to wear?”

“Because he’s an ignorant man who knows nothing but you.”

It was too much to argue with this man.

Ezet drew the quilt to her neck and sighed, covering herself.

“Let’s refrain a little in the Imperial Palace.
We couldn’t even attend the banquet last night.”

“You can just skip a banquet for a day or two.
Never mind.”

“How could you not care? It’s a celebration of His Majesty’s accession!”

“What a cheeky little boy…”

Edmond, who had to force himself to watch a hero epic one-man play held by Crown Prince Philip, blinked furiously as he gritted his teeth.

“What’s wrong, Edmond?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

The word nothing meant that there was something.

Ezet tilted her head and looked at Edmond’s countenance.

“Edmond, did anything happen to his Highness?”

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“No, everything was fine.”

“Is it because the Crown Prince misunderstood my relationship with Daniel at the banquet? He’s a little kid.
That’s a lot of mistakes.”

“It just so turns out there was that.”

Edmond’s expression became harsher.
Seeing his beautiful brows wrinkled vertically, Ezet stopped from asking more and shut up.

‘I guess I have a bad memory with the crown prince’s highness, but I think it’s better not to provoke him in the morning.’

Not wanting to see her unpleasant-faced husband this morning, Ezet bowed her head and kissed Edmond’s forehead.
Then the wrinkled brow opened wide.

At first, she didn’t know what was going on with this man, but now it’s easy to see how he’ll react.

Ezet rubbed the tip of his nose playfully and kissed her lips to make a slur.

“Don’t frown in front of me.”

Come to think of it, Prince Philip also accused him of being a villain when he frowned.
He couldn’t look like a villain in front of my beloved wife.

Edmond loosened his face and apologized quickly.

“…I’m sorry, Ezet.”

“There’s nothing I can do about it.
Instead, I have to visit the Emperor and apologize for not attending the banquet.”

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“It’s not for you to apologize.
Attendance at the banquet is not compulsory.
We’ve done everything we can just by coming here.”

“But it’s not like that.”

Edmond’s self-confidence and arrogance aren’t new, but he often ignored common sense and courtesy, especially for Ezet-related work.

“I will visit His Majesty in the morning.
Come with me.”


“Listen to me, Edmond.”

“Yes, Milady.”

Edmond, who answered meekly, lightly sucked Ezet’s lower lip.
The two exchanged a moist morning kiss and got out of bed.


Ezet and Edmond, who had breakfast and changed into outdoor clothes, found the tolerance of the Emperor and Empress.

“I’m so sorry for yesterday, Your Majesty.”

“Hahaha, never mind, Duchess of Jaxen.”


“Thank you for coming to see me like this.”

Although the Duke of Jaxen did not even step into the banquet hall, the Emperor and the Empress did not care about that at all.
The Emperor was originally generous, and the Empress was a noblewoman who showed no emotion.
Still, the reason they welcomed the Jaxen Duchess was not just because of their wonderful personality or good manners.

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