It spun once more as if to escape the tightening of the flesh surrounding the imitation genit*lia.
Ezet groaned, twisting her waist in the direction Edmond turned his hand.

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There was a certain rhythm when Edmond’s penis poked inside.
As the posture changes, the angle of penetration inside changes, but Ezet could see the body changing with its eyes, so it could predict which part was to be stimulated.

But the motion of the imitation genit*ls circling in Edmond’s hands was unpredictable.
Even if he digs inside at a fast pace, the body turns around and stimulates other places.
Ezet’s white legs reeled with sudden pleasure.

“Ahha, aaahhhhh!”

“You sounded a lot higher.
Do you like this place?”

Edmond’s wrist, which holds an imitation genit*lia, was drenched with fluids, said to Ezet.
She was limited in just getting the motion of an imitation genit*lia wriggling as if it were detecting every inch of her body in her stomach.


No, would it be more appropriate to describe it as a loach? (TN- Loach is a freshwater fish.)

It was as if it were alive and had free will.
This is why the imitation penis, which was created solely for the pursuit of pleasure, was named a magical tool.

The Ezet waist was bent around and turned upward, just as elastic grass was bent en-masse.

Every time the squishy sound from the genit*ls hit her ears, her eyes shook dizzy.
My slender body was shaken as if an earthquake had occurred.

Every time she released her holding breath, white breath scattered through the air.
Even that sigh smelled sweet.
Looking at Edmond’s face, his figure disappeared from view.

“Oh, yeah! Hoo!”

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As soon as the end of the imitation genit*lia passed through the thick nerve cord, the shaking ground turned off and dropped her body into an endless abyss.

At the same time as the dizzying fear of falling from a high place was reversed with vivid pleasure, the Ezet trembled all over and reached orgasm.

Her screaming was as silent as it was submerged.
Or maybe it was just deafening.

Ezet shivered violently and gasped.

“…Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“You’ve gone with a lot of momentum.
Did you like it that much?”

“Hoot, ha….”

The view was blurry.
She couldn’t answer because her tongue didn’t work well.
As she blinked, something hot and damp flowed down and cleared my vision.
She could see Edmond’s face, which was invisible because of tears.

He had a slightly disagreeable look on his face.

“I’m jealous.”


“I thought you wouldn’t be satisfied with a man other than me.”

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No, it’s not a man; it’s a m*sturbation tool.
It’s also made only to give pleasure to women.

“I can’t believe you’re having an affair with another man over your husband.”

“Dah, you, you put it in…”

“That’s too much, Milady.”

Edmond’s genuinely jealous voice left Ezet struggling with the aftereffects of the climax yet stunned.

Isn’t Edmond the one who took that hideous, obscene thing at Ezet who said no in the first place? And then he’s jealous that Ezet felt orgasm.

“How dare you touch my wife.
We can’t let this guy go.”

Unlike the tool, Edmond pulled out an imitation penis that had been deeply inserted with a delicate touch.
In order not to irritate the sensitive flesh, he pulled it out as gently as possible, but with just a flickering stimulus, Ezet shook her head like a grass flower in the rain.

“Oh, yeah…”

“Raise your head and look at me, Milady.”

“Yes, Ed…”

“Was he more satisfying than I was?”

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It was a very explicit question to be asked.
Ezet blinked a few times, opened her lips, and stuck out her tongue slightly.
Edmond, who recognized the signal, lowered his head and licked her tongue.
Their tongues rubbed lightly and disappeared into each other’s mouths.

Suddenly, she thought she would tease Edmond, but the satisfactory climax took away the mind to play a nasty joke.
Edmond, who has always been a ferocious beast in front of her, is so cute that Ezet frankly decided to praise him.

“I like you.”

“More than him?”

“Of course.”

Edmond’s mouth turned up after hearing the answer he wanted.

He kissed her lightly and raised himself up.
Now, Ezet, trying to clean up, opened her eyes in surprise when he grabbed her thigh and leaned back.

“You just said he couldn’t be satisfied, could you?”

“Yes, yes?”

“As expected, I’m the only one who can satisfy you.”

A large handheld the slim waist, and a man’s body with tight elastic muscles entered between her wide-open thighs.

“Don’t worry.
I’ll satisfy you this time.”

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“No, no, wait, Ed… Ahhhhh!”

As soon as another intruder came into the body, which had been at its peak, the slim body stretched into tension.

Edmond’s was different from the pressure, no matter how high and relieved he was of the masturbation.
Ezet was embarrassed because the intruder’s unexpected penetration was more remarkable than usual.

“Ed, Ed! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

“There’s nothing to say, Ezet; I’ll make sure you’re satisfied.”

“I don’t know… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Ezet tilted her head back and exclaimed at the firm movement of the penis rubbing against the keen flesh.

It was a rough stimulus different from the usual slow insertion.
And yet, there was no pain, not even a bit.
If the pleasure delivered by the magical tool seemed to shake on the ground, Edmond’s pleasure was as if it were thunder storming.

“Ed, Ed! Whoops!”

In a violent screeching, Ezet screamed breathlessly.
The long, hard flesh and chewy, soft flesh met and slipped and drooled endlessly.

Oh, maybe Edmond’s judgment was accurate.

Feeling a dizzying sense of conquest and joy that she could not feel when she was committed with a tool, Ezet clung to Edmond and cried.

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