“When I’m with you, I feel like I’m becoming an ignorant and immoral person.”

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“A couple can be alike.
It’s perfect.”

Edmond stroked Ezet’s cheek, saying something not good at all.

Though not an incredibly moral person, Ezet was still a woman of common sense.
It was all the more so because, the older sister, Erit, was a precarious person who walked a tightrope between common sense and nonsense.
On the other hand, should she say teacher? Erit was a brake on Ezet’s desires and instincts.

‘I shouldn’t be like my sister.’

With the guidance alone, Ezet could have been within common sense.
Most were appalled by Erit’s monstrous and grotesque behavior and praised her for being pleasant and demure, unlike her sister.

Ezet was not remarkably talented, nor was he as sociable as Erit, nor did she have the courage to jump on adventures without hesitation.

Just be nice and demure, and the middle goes.
If she endures what she wants to do and stays still, she can be praised.

She has lived on that fact as a guide.
Until she met Edmond.
Ezet muttered, covering her face with both hands.

“I don’t want to be like you.”

“Is that right?”

Edmond’s voice calmed down.
Did he think he was rejected? She imagined the animal looking for a chance to dig in and drooped its tail and became sullen, so Ezet bit the tip of his tongue not to laugh inadvertently.

“Well, I do.


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She lowered his hand, covering her face, and raised her head.
She wondered at Edmond’s somber look.

Ezet’s lips were slightly moistened with her tongue to spit out the drivel in her mouth.

“Make it, so you don’t hate it…….
Like it, make it.”

So that she can enjoy the tingling guilt in her heart.

So that she can only concentrate on making love to him without giving in to the criticism and pointing fingers at all people.

Edmond, who had a look of losing his soul, laughed.

“…Completely, I’m stunned.”

“I’m sorry, don’t you hate unexpected answers?”

“No, that’s fine.

A subtle smile came to his beautiful face.

“Didn’t I tell you? Anything you do is fine.”

* * *

It must have been a waste of time to take off his clothes, but the clothes that fell under the bed were crumpled as if they had been taken off.
The half-flowing sheet repeatedly ran up and down whenever the two tangled people moaned loudly.

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“Oh, yeah…”

“Milady, spread your legs.”

Ezet supported a large pillow behind her back and spread her legs in a half-lying position.
Edmond, too, was next to her in a half-lying position.
A hard arm wrapped around her slender waist seemed to hold her steady.

The man’s big hand stroked the soaked woman’s genit*ls, and her slender legs slowly rose into the air.
A strange sensation seemed to wriggle around in her stomach.


“You like it to be touched like this.”

“Hoot, yeah…”

Warm, hard palms were rubbed in circles over the clitor*s, wet enough to reflect the light and sparkle.

The man’s hands moving between her legs were clearly very delicate even though they were stiff with calluses.
Edmond’s hands were as white and smooth as those of mercenaries, though not comparable to Daniel, who never seemed to have held a sword.

Like a statue made in honor of a war hero, her smooth, elegant hands become terribly obscene only when he caresses her milky skin.

Ezet turned her head and moaned half her face on the pillow.
Maybe it’s because there’s no need to be ashamed anymore, but honest desire flowed out of her folds.

“Yeah, harder…”

“To the inside?”

“Yes, to the inside… Hush.”

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Long fingers rushed into the vagina before all the answers were answered.
His long fingers gave a slow piston, fumbling through the hot flesh that had been entirely soggy.
Ezet shook her head, anxious at the subtle peeking movement.

Edmond kissed his beautiful forehead, tidying up his messy brown hair on the pillow.

“Oh, oh, Ed…”

“Would you like a thicker one?”

“Hoot, yes…”

The inside was wet enough, so it wouldn’t be too much to insert right away.
Edmond kissed her in the ear and raised her upper body as Ezet nodded and pleaded.

“You’re an obscene woman, Milady.”


Edmond, who was supposed to come through her legs and insert, still sat next to her and picked up something lying by her bed.

Light pink, long blunt, was imitation genit*lia that he tried to insert into her in the bathroom earlier.

“Eh, Ed! That’s…!”

“It’s been a long time, isn’t it? Think of it as a fresh experience.”

“No, it’s… It’s Mom!”

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A blunt end was rubbed at the honey-spilling entrance.
It must have been a tool, but it was warm, distinctly different from Edmond’s penis.
Should she say it’s hot?

Is it because it’s a magical tool?

Ezet gasped at the unfamiliar stimulus and looked up to see Edmond’s face.
Maybe it was because something different from what she usually knew was trying to invade, but she was nervous when she couldn’t see Edmond’s face.

“You have a great look on your face.”

“I don’t know what I’m… Hyaa!”

With a sizzling sound of water, the ear of imitation genit*lia was swallowed into her lower mouth.

It was not comparable to Edmond’s, but it was quite large and thick as it was designed to give women pleasure.
Perhaps it would have hurt quite a bit if Ezet hadn’t been used to Edmond’s.

“Milady, breathe out.”


As she consciously relaxed her limbs and exhaled, Edmond inserted an imitation genit*lia a little deeper.
The imitation genit*ls, soft on the outside and elastic and bent powerfully, slipped in the direction Edmond turned and dug deeper.

“Hoot, don’t spin, don’t…”

“There’s something comfortable about tools.
It’s hard to rotate a circle like this when you’re overlapping your body.”

“Oh, no, don’t spin it.

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