“I choose what to do and what to throw away.
I will make my future.
Tell them to shut up because I don’t care about the sky, God, fate.
What I chose is real.”

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“Life is not a fairy tale.
It is not fate that determines a person’s life but the result of coincidence, schemes, negotiations, and manipulation.
I didn’t give it to heaven; I made it myself.”

The term ‘fateful relationship’ should just be called ‘people connecting’ To bring about the consequences of one’s own choice, not to be predestined to be so by some past cause.

It doesn’t matter if the object was found or discovered or suddenly appeared one day like a miracle.
Edmond was not a prophet, but the future he had predicted was never wrong.
He had never been defeated in gambling, even though he could not see through others.

There is no need for God or destiny because every result is made as he chooses.

“I chose you.
Ezet, what about you?

“Eh, Edmond…”

“You will not choose me?”

It’s a choice.
He is asking Ezet to choose now.

She never thought she had a choice.
Ezet has always been a bystander.
She didn’t like to stand out in front of others.
Then it was comfortable not to be put in a dangerous situation and not carry heavy responsibilities.

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But shirking responsibility meant eventually handing over the option to others.

When Erit left home as Duchess of Jaxen, Ezet had no authority to stop her.
She was unable to ignore the chatter of others and prevent them from pointing fingers at her and her grandmother.

An observer could not be entirely out of touch with the world.
Ezet, unlike Erit, did not come forward and choose her own path, just silently waited for her fate to be decided.
Even if she gets the wrong result, she can avoid responsibility by saying it was not her choice.

But there was one thing she chose for herself.

He took the gold pendant of the Duchess of Jaxen handed over by Erit and came to the Duke’s castle.

It was to explain the situation and ask for forgiveness instead of her sister, who ran away, but it was not compulsory.
It wasn’t that someone ordered Ezet to come and apologize.

“I decided to visit the Jaxen Duchy myself.
If I had to choose, that would be my choice.”

“Ezet, if that’s the case…”

“But it was to apologize for you.
Not to be your wife.”

However, even before she could be met and explained to Edmond, Ezet could not escape because all the options she was thinking about were blocked.

Deciding to be her sister’s replacement was not made by anyone, but it was not comfortable enough to ‘choose’ any other way.

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She didn’t become a fake duchess because she wanted to be.
There was no other way.
She doesn’t have the confidence to pay the penalty, but she didn’t have the guts to pay it back with her life.

“You’re staying with me for the penalty; are you saying that?”


That was the most appropriate answer.

The most apparent reason to say that she had no choice but to stand in for her sister.

If that reason disappears, Ezet becomes the woman who stole someone else’s husband.

It was one thing for Erit to run away irresponsibly at night and another for Ezet to become Duchess by seizing a vacancy.
Just because your sister’s behavior was inappropriate, you couldn’t rationalize your behavior.

“Even if there is one in the city, if my sister returns…….”

“I told you that assumptions are meaningless.”

“It’s not an impossible assumption.
The portrait and brown hair in your pendant are hers, too.”

“It’s yours.”

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Edmond sat face to face with her.
Then he took the pendant out of the pocket of the jacket.

The Duke of Jaxen’s seal with a golden mark, with the lid opening to store each other’s hair cut at the wedding, resembling the golden pendant handed over by Erit.

“I changed it immediately at dawn that day.”


When he opened the lid, it contained a portrait that clearly looked like an image of an Ezet and brown hair that had not been cut for a long time.

“Oh, my God…”

Edmond apologized as Ezet groaned like a charm.

“I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry, that’s all? How could you do this?!”

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“I regret cutting your hair without permission.
It’s too late to apologize.”

“No, that’s not it!”

Ezet tried to point out that he changed his marriage gift lightly, and Edmond apologized for cutting Ezet’s hair and putting it in the pendant without permission.

Ezet, who was trying to correct the subject, hesitated for a moment and shut up.
She doesn’t get along with this guy either.

“Edmond, you’re so… What should I say? I think I’m ignoring the common sense of the world too much.”

“That was the fastest way.”

After committing the absolute nonsense, Edmond faced Ezet with a determined face like a warrior in any war.

“Common sense, morality, imperial law, humanity.
It doesn’t matter.
I’d do anything to get you.”

“How on earth do you think of that?”

“Do you hate me for being such a man?”

“It’s not a matter of liking and disliking…”

He was her sister’s husband in the first place.
She never thought Edmond was her own.
Ezet laughed out of her wits.
They say you don’t get angry if it’s too ridiculous.
She didn’t expect the perfect man to do such a foolish thing.

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