There was a painful but thrilling pleasure when Edmond hit with his hand.
She liked the friction when his big, hard palm hit her butt.
Ezet groaned cheerfully whenever the clap sounded cheerful.

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But right now, this is.
She doesn’t know if it’s a magical tool or something, but it’s only pain and no pleasure.

“Ed, Edmond, don’t do this…”

“You’re still talking.
Come on, cry like a donkey.”

“Ed, it’s my fault.

Suddenly, the whip came through the hip, and Ezet lifted her hip.
Edmond rubbed up and down to take a shot and stimulated her vagin* and asshol*.

But the punishment she wanted wasn’t like this.

“Now you’re being punished.
I don’t think you’re in a position to ask for it.”

“Why not? I said I’d do whatever you wanted!”


“I don’t want to be punished and hurt.
Give me something to rejoice in!”

Even though she knew it was a ridiculous demand, Ezet had no choice but to appeal.
She hated being strangled, spanked, harassed by the stranger without Edmond’s love.

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She wants to be loved.
She wants to have fun with the man she loves.
How could she not have noticed that natural desire until now?

“You want to go back on what you just said when you told yourself it doesn’t matter if it’s a doll or a livestock?”

“You can reverse it! Can’t I be fickle?”

It is certainly not noble to go back on what has been said.
But Edmond said he would change the world’s norms and people’s perceptions if Ezet wanted to.

It doesn’t matter if it’s arbitrary, fickle, loud, rude, lazy, or stupid, and Ezet says she’s right to do whatever she wants.

Ezet was pleased to think that the word ignoring the order was absurd.
All the restrictions that kept her feelings locked up disappeared, and she felt liberated.
What a dangerous right to be free to do what you shouldn’t do.

“Edmond, touch me…”


“I want to see your face…”

As she cried and begged, the tension that was flowing in the room became easier to breathe.
Realizing that this was due to the loosening of the collar pressing on her neck, she lifted her head with a flutter.

There was a loving man in front of her.

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“You can be fickle.”


“Do as you please, whether you go back on your word, behave yourself, or make ridiculous demands.
You can do anything.”

By my side.

Edmond’s expression adding so was desperate.

Ezet was strangled and whipped, and Edmond had a look of all kinds of torture and suffering on his face.

“Didn’t I tell you? I’m a principled person.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“My principle is you.”

At the unexpected word, Ezet blinked amber.
Tears that could not be shed fell down.

“If she hadn’t run away, it wouldn’t be me in the bedroom that day; it would have been her.
Then you would have spent the first night with my sister.”

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“Ezet, it’s home anyway.
It didn’t happen.”

“Then you’d whisper love to my sister, not me, and go shopping and listening to the opera together? I’m sure you gave her a name and kissed her in front of people.”


Edmond was vehemently in denial.

It’s his husband’s duty to have a marital relationship, so she may have had her first night.

But that’s all.
Edmond was not originally obsessed with or desiring anything.
He tried to control everything because it was convenient.
He didn’t like to be bothered.
Moreover, he hated to adjust to other people’s feelings that might change at any time.

It was Ezet that turned the loathing into a pleasant hobby.

“It’s your sister who married me.
But the one I loved is you.”

“So if you had spent your first night with my sister…”

“No assumption is meaningful.
If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have loved anyone.”

It was simple why Edmond thought Erit was insane but didn’t let her go.
Because it was no more or less necessary for him to receive her and retain the title ‘Madam.’

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It didn’t matter to anyone.
The non-divorce condition was made because he didn’t want to go to the trouble of preparing a “wife” who was just a chess piece for making his life plan anyway.

Edmond disliked being bothered to make corrections to what had been done and hated to go back on what had been said.
In a way, he might have been more of a slob than a self-righteous man.

Even if Erit ran away and put a woman in place as a substitute, he would have accepted it.
To Edmond Jaxen, the Duchess of Jaxen was just a word on paper.

Such Edmond held her the first time and caught her.
She was taken outside, confined to the inner circle, and living a doll-like life for the first time.

Ezet is Erit’s substitute?

You’re welcome.

It was Ezet who brought his wife, who existed only with paper and ink, to reality.
Holding her, Edmond heard her call his name in that lovely voice; Edmond first realized the existence of his wife.

“People often praise fateful love.
Like an absolutely immutable law, love, no matter what hardship or adversity, may be from beginning to end.
But I don’t like that kind of insuperable fate.”

Erit took out the real doll thread, and Ezet replaced it with a fake line.
What’s wrong with that?

At the end of the thread that Edmond pulled was an Ezet.

What is visible, what is held in hand, what is chosen by one’s will.
Isn’t that the absolute truth?

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