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The man’s arm was wrapped around Ezet’s shoulders, who was sitting down.
Shuddering and trying to shake him off, Edmond wouldn’t let her go.

“You’re the one I love.”

“Are you saying that you can love a woman other than your wife? That’s not what a married man would say three years ago.”

“Didn’t I say my wife is you?”

“Isn’t an affair to have sex with a woman who’s not even your wife?”

It was rather fortunate that Edmond’s face was invisible as she turned her back.
She can say cruel things that she can’t bear to look at his face.

‘I guess I was the same woman as them.’

She hates hurting him, but words that hurt others come out so easily.
Human beings are such cunning beings.

Ezet bowed his head in self-help.

“I’ve done this.
How can I blame you?”


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She came to the Duke’s house to apologize after announcing that Erit’s escape.

She also sent a letter to the Duke saying she wanted to meet him while sitting in the Duchess’ bedroom.

She didn’t tell the truth because she was scared by the penalty.

Edmond, who said he would do his husband’s duty, mixed her body with Erit’s.

Even though he had several opportunities to reveal the truth, he kept his mouth shut and sought the privilege of the Duchess.

It’s all his own business.
All Edmond did was love his wife.
Although it was not the case that whoever sat in the wife’s seat would have had the same result.

No wonder Ezet, a fake wife, doesn’t deserve to be disappointed or hurt.

“Okay, I’ll stay as her substitute.”


“It was a non-divorce condition, right? I’ll stay with you forever.
I will continue the wife’s duties as I have done so far.
Do as you please in front of others, whether you commit a crime until I pass out.
Whether it’s dolls or livestock, whatever you do, I’ll follow you.”

Edmond’s arms flinched at the words.
Ezet leaned back comfortably in his arms.
It was a little cold because she had her top off, but the part that touched Edmond was warm, thanks to his body temperature.

“…are you serious?”

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“Yes, I mean it.”

“Okay, sir.”

With a short answer, the arm holding the Ezet relaxed.
As soon as she tried to look back in wonder, Ezet suddenly choked and groaned with scratches.


“You told me to do what I wanted, didn’t you?”

With a short answer, the arm that was holding Ezet was relieved.
The moment she looked back at her wonder, suddenly her jaw and choking suffocated, and a scratched groan shed.

Edmond, who stood up from his seat, grabbed the leash briefly, so the leash tightened.
Edmond commanded in a low voice as Ezet grabbed the leash and tried to pull it towards her.

“Get down on all fours.”

“Ugh, what are you…”

“Is it hard to understand? Lean on all fours like an animal.”

As he said that, Edmond stepped on Ezet’s skirt with shoes.
The dress was torn to the extent that the black shoes had been crushed.
Suddenly, embarrassed by Edmond’s change of attitude, she looked up and tried to look at his face, but her throat was drowsy, heckled, and she eventually fell to the floor.

“You said you’d do whatever I wanted to do, right?”

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Ezet’s white butt was revealed between the ripped, mop-cut skirts.

Edmond grabbed the leash with his left hand and pulled a red thread out of the jacket’s inner pocket with his right hand.
When he grabbed the size that came into his hand and swung it once, the thick thread wrapped around the skin stretched out.

“It’s called ‘The Dragon Beard.’ It’s lighter, stronger, easier to compress than a regular whip.”

Every time Edmond swung his hand, he heard a wedge of liquid and wind-blocking.
Is he trying to hit her with that whip? Edmond’s expression could not be seen as a lying Ezet.

He continued in a dry tone.

“But there’s another reason why it’s treated as a magical tool.”



When a sharp whip hit me in the butt, Ezet screamed and pulled her back up.
But when Edmond pulled the leash again, she was suffocated and forced to lie face down.

As the tip of the whip slapped her butt again, Ezet groaned in pain.

“The dragon beard is, say, a visualized mana circuit.
The root part has a substance to hold it like a handle, but the beard part only has a regular body without a substance.
If you get hit with this, you’ll feel the pain, but it won’t leave any scars.”

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“Well, that’s… ”

“It only works on the senses, but there’s no trace on the skin.
It’s neither swollen nor bruised.
It’s used a lot when you’re teaching someone who shouldn’t leave a trail of torture.”

He was slapping again, whipping her on the butt.

In Ezet’s situation, hitting her butt has nothing to do with whether it is real or not.
It was equally painful.

Every time Ezet shook her butt to avoid the whip, Edmond pulled a leash to restrain her from doing so.

“Didn’t you say it’s okay to be livestock? Hold out your butt.”

“Heuk, aut, Ed…!”

“The livestock does not speak.
It makes a cry.”

“Wait, hut!”

“What’s good about livestock.
Cow? Sheep? Horse? Hmm.
It’s like a donkey, not a horse.”

“You’re so mean…!”

“Wow, it’s amazing that a donkey can speak.”

This time, he whipped lightly over the hips.
Ezet moaned, lying face down on the floor.

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