“What are you talking about…”

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“Oh, that’s where we should start.
I understand.”

Edmond’s red eyes no longer had the sunset.
The reflection of herself in his eyes gave Ezet goosebumps.

This is the first time she has met a man so close to her eyes.
The gaze squeezed her body like a noose.

A beast caught in a trap would rebel at least, but Ezet could not struggle or scream, but she sighed with her mouth open.

“You said so to yourself, didn’t you?”

“Oh, no, that’s….”

The center of gravity of the man who leaned on the bed shifted with a squeaky sound.
Is this how it shakes when one is on a boat floating on the lake? She suddenly thought that even though she had never been on a boat.

Ezet looked at him, swallowing her saliva.
She thought her clothes reflected in his red eyes were messy.
The dress was dragged down slightly, revealing the left shoulder.

The man’s hand held her wrist as soon as she raised her hand to pull up the falling dress.
As the wrist was pointed at the head of the bed, Ezet raised her arm.
The hand of the man stroked her wrists.

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Ezet’s lips trembled.

‘What’s this?’

The hand that was stroking the wrist came slowly past the elbow and down to the armpit.
Now, she twitched her back.

“Eh, Edmond…”


The sound from his lips tickled her lips like a breeze and scattered.
Red eyes swept through the nervous expression of Ezet, who couldn’t turn her eyes with his eyes fixed on Edmond’s lips.

The hand that came forward by pushing the thumb lightly on the armpit went down and wrapped it around the chest.

“Oh, my!”

Ezet’s dress was designed with a black mesh lace on the chest, but it was not thick.
When the temperature of his hand felt the same, the Ezet swallowed a groan.

Both arms and shoulders were tense, and her waist lifted by itself.

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“Wh, what’s wrong with…”

“Are you pretending you don’t know? Or.”

Edmond whispered languidly with his lips close to the ear of Ezet.

“Are you excited because it’s your first time being touched by a real man?”

Erit said she did not spend the first night with her husband.
She said she bought all kinds of self-pleasure tools to solve her sexual desire.

All the money that Erit spends is to be paid by the Duke of Jaxen.
Edmond couldn’t help but check the purchase details.

Even though she has never had sex directly with a man, she is not ignorant towards sex because she has a lot of self-pleasure experience.
Edmond would have judged his wife that way.

But Ezet wasn’t Erit, and she was a virgin who had never even masturbated.

“Wait, wait, wait.

“Oh, you couldn’t have done this with a device.”

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The man’s hand covered Ezet’s cheek, rolling her eyes, still unable to grasp the situation.


Soft and elastic lips closed her mouth and his long tongue tangled.


What Sprouted Under Suspicion… What Could it Be?

“Eup, huh…!”

Whenever the angle of the flesh that suppresses her lips changed, the crumpled sheet sounded different.

With a startled rabbit’s eyes, Ezet scraped and twisted her body.
The man’s body pressed her body with his weight and changed his angle to kiss her.

The white chest fluttered as his hand that came down pulled the hem of the clothes.

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“Huh, ah!”

Ezet screamed, suppressed.
The man gently grasped the woman’s breast, stifling her struggling body.
A high moan leaked from Ezet’s nose as he tickled the pink nipple with the tip of his thumb.

“Huh! Hunh!”

Unknowingly, her back was shaking, and her thighs were strained.
The man’s lips, which were coveting inside her mouth as if he were going to suck all the groans, became distant, and black hair tickled her neck and collarbone.

“Eh, ha-ah!

The hot tongue on her nipple, which his thumb and index finger had twisted, soon disappeared into the mouth.
When the mouth of the man with the pink nipple sucked it in, Ezet turned white.his thumb and index finger had twisted

“Is it your preference, hand? Or sucking?”

“Ah, ha, what…”

“Or like this.”

The man bounced the nipples with his fingertips, and the coveted breast shook with a prickly sensation.

“Ugh, don’t…!”

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