bstitute, that’s not true.
Milady, you’re… ”

“If she is the wife, can you do this to anyone with the name of your wife?”

She has read it in a book.
A man can have sex with a woman he doesn’t love.

Edmond, in particular, was more sexually motivated than enough to hug her every day without a day off.
Unbelievable that there hasn’t been a marital relationship in three years.

Edmond would have spent the night if it wasn’t Ezet who sent the letter that day.
And just like Ezet, he would have whispered love to her, shown her all sorts of rare things, and shown himself as a loving couple in front of others.

She felt guilty while being loved by Edmond because she thought he didn’t know that she was a substitute.
At the same time, her heart fluttered at the fact that there was a man who loved his wife so violently.

Even if she cheated him and deceived others, she was ecstatic enough to think that she wanted to be loved by Edmond as Erit’s substitute forever.

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But she can’t believe it wasn’t.


“Let go of this!”

She knows it’s a red herring.
It doesn’t make sense to deceive him first and feel betrayed now.

And yet, Ezet is angry.

A beautiful man who gives all his love to only one woman.
But when she realized that one woman wasn’t really ‘one woman,’ her heart ached to pieces.

She couldn’t stand the pain.

“How could you do this?”


“I’m not your wife!”

Ezet shook Edmond’s hand and ran into the room.
However, she could not run properly due to her legs, which had been tense all the time, and her skirt curled up.
After a short jump, Ezet sank onto a large rug by the bed.

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“Milady, are you all right?”

“I’m not your Milady.
I’m a substitute! I’m a fake who cheated you!”

Would she have felt better if he was angry? Would it have been better if he had expressed his betrayal to Ezet, who deceived him? She accepted his relationship because she thought he was a man who loved his wife.
She had fun doing all sorts of obscene and irrational things.
She felt happy to make love with her husband.

But the base of happiness was shaken.

“Ezet, you’re not a fake.”

“Are you saying that anyone can be real? How generous of you, Duke of Jaxen.”

She realized she had inadvertently said sarcastic things, but she couldn’t pick up what he had already said.
She didn’t even want to correct it.
Anyway, she became a brazen woman who deceived her sister’s husband, so adding another spoon of rudeness wouldn’t make any difference.

“The real thing is you.”

“It was Erit, my sister, who signed the marriage vows.”

“If it’s the signature of the pledge, then so be it.
But Ezet, my wife is you.”

“Yeah, that’s right.
A substitute.”

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