The whispering voice in the ear was like deep water, and the tongue that licks my skin was like the fluttering of a bird’s wings.
Knowing that this shouldn’t be the case, Edmond stroked her body and kissed her; she was ecstatic enough to spread her legs regardless of where she was or in front of anyone.

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Ezet felt pleasure, not insult, while being violated in the arms of the devil, which is dangerous enough to blow away both common sense and morality.
She felt joy, not pain, at the sensation of a pen*s that was too big to accept, forcing her to widen the proposal.

He was a conqueror, and even though she was in a position to be conquered by him, it was always on her side to be filled with joy first and lose her reason.

Some people like to conquer, and others want to be conquered, which is ridiculous logic, but Ezet rationalized his strange acts, thinking so.

But it wasn’t.

As a strange man’s pen*s rubbed through the entrance as if he were about to come inside, Ezet was horrified and couldn’t stand it.

“Hey, go away! No!”

“It’s all right, Milady.
I’m going to soften it.”

“No, Edmond! Please stop me!”

She liked having sex with her husband.
It was like that when she first overlapped with Edmond.
The sense of fear and bewildering was so good that she fell in love with it like a drug addict.

She always fell asleep exhausted before Edmond because she couldn’t stand his physical strength, but she was so happy that she thought it would be okay to have sex all day with him.
No husband, no sex with him.

But she didn’t mean to do that with any other man.
She didn’t even think of the possibility of that in the first place.
She doesn’t know if she’s going to get this in front of her husband.

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“I hate it; I hate it!”


“Don’t put it in, don’t put it in! Argh!”

In a cry full of disgust and fear, Edmond swallowed his breath.
The man’s pen*s, which was rubbing Ezet’s entrance, fell and his hard arm wrapped around the Ezet’s body.

“Milady, calm down!”

“Edmond, Edmond!”

“It’s okay; it’s okay.
It’s me; it’s me, so calm down.”

“No, please kick him out…”

Ezet shuddered, sobbing.
Edmond seemed perplexed as he didn’t expect her to reject this obstinately.
His heartbeat was not as relaxed as usual.
Edmond clasped Ezet, swept her back down with his big hand, kissing her cheek and temples.

“I’m sorry, Milady.
It was my fault.”

“No, no… please, please, that person…”

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“It’s not a person.”

The Ezet’s movement, which was panting so violently that it did not know whether it was breathing in, exhaling, making a sound, or crying, stopped.
The knot in the cloth tying the wrist came loose, followed by the fabric covering the eyes.

Barely in sight of the light was her face, which was marred by tears, and Edmond’s face, which was at her side by side.

“Mi, Mirror…”

It was him and Edmond in front of the mirror.
The amber eyes, wandering to find the man who tried to commit the crime, caught a strange object falling on the floor.

It was a masturbation device modeled after the masculine form.

“It’s a new product that I haven’t opened yet, so I was going to test it.
It’s too much to set up a real stage.”

“Dear, test…”

“It was just the two of us from the start.
This is the bathroom.”

Only then did Edmond’s words catch her eye.
The two were in the bathroom where he washed her last night.
The pillar she was tied to was a shower post fixed to the wall so that she could stand and wash herself.

“Well, then…”

Only then did she realize.
Edmond opened the door to the bathroom, not to the hallway.

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Ezet’s room and Edmond’s room were symmetrical, with the bathroom between them.
Ezet went through the bathroom and into his room, led by Edmond, continued to spin around the partitioned space, and came back into the bathroom.

“The fluttering sound that I heard earlier…”

“It was the sound of the partition’s black cloth being lifted.”

“What about the clatter?”

“It was the sound of taking this out of the locker.”

Edmond picked up an imitation pen*s that had fallen on the floor.
Ezet turned her head, embarrassed to even look at it.

“Well, put that away!”

“Don’t you like it?”

“You don’t like it! Such obscene….”

“It’s the latest model, and it’s limited to a small amount, so I bought it at a premium price.
The main body alone is 500,000 Lund and 720,000 Lund, including a horsepower charger and washing machine.
The horsepower stone with automatic deformation is no longer excavated or reproduced, so it’s a rare item that costs more than a wagon.”

“Are you crazy? Why would you buy that!”

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“But, Milady bought it?”

Edmond’s answer left Ezet speechless.

The real Duchess of Jaxen, sister Erit, bought many m*sturbation tools.
Because Edmond didn’t have a marital relationship with her, she needed the means to satisfy her needs.

Of course, it also contained a plea to come to her because she was starving this much, but Edmond was a man who didn’t respond to that kind of expression.

When Ezet visited the Duke of Jaxen and entered the Duchess’ bedroom, the first thing she did was organize the m*sturbation tools piled up like mountains on the side table.
She never thought she’d use it.

She couldn’t even remember what form they were in because she wanted to remove the embarrassing and obscene adult goods from her eyes.

But she didn’t expect Edmond to bring it.

“Don’t you remember?”

“No, no.
It’s… you know, it’s… It”

“You don’t like ‘this’ tool.”

The red eyes curled gracefully.
His smile, which had always been criticized for being evil or beastly, unexpectedly looked so human that Ezet was a little embarrassed.

“Isn’t that right, Ezet?”

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