“Was the hallway this short?’

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It took a long time to walk from the end of the corridor to the other side because of its great size.
But somehow, the hallway felt short now.
Maybe it’s because she’s blindfolded and can’t tell the distance.

Ezet walked carefully, thinking so.
Flap again, she heard something shaking.

“Is this the wind again?”


Edmond did not answer.

This time, she heard a clatter, something small moving.

“Hey, Edmond?”

“…… ”

There was still no answer.
Ezet, sensing anxiety, shouted urgently.

“Eh, Edmond! Answer me!”

“No, thank you.
It’ll be all right, Milady.”

Ezet shuddered at the apparent hint of something.

“Who, who caught you? This look?”

“If you say you’re caught, you’re caught…”

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Edmond, who quickly hugged Ezet, who was trying to scream and fall down in one arm and supported her, calmed her down.

“It’s all right, Milady.
I told you.
No one will be able to say anything to you.”

“See, no! What they see is…!”

It was a good thing that someone might find out about it, not really.
Ezet’s face turned red and twisted.

“Oh, uh, what should I do… ..and if there’s a rumor going on!”

“It will be fine.
Because of a man with a heavy mouth.”


Ezet’s mind went blank when she heard that.

Did she just show this to a man? Showing off her breasts and being dragged around by a leash.
Not a woman, but a man.

“See, no! Edmond! What should I do? I don’t know…!”

“You’ll be fine.
He’s not going to spread the word.”

“How do you know that? The servants here are the Emperor’s people.
The Jaxen family would be a laughing stock if it were known that the North was doing this stupid thing.

Ezet’s eyes, which distorted his face, were moistened.
Edmond wrapped her shoulder around her and whispered in her ear.

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“I’ll have to shut him up because you’re nervous.”

“Ja, don’t kill him! An innocent man…!”

“Killing people in the Imperial Palace makes me lazy to clean up afterward.
Let’s make him an accomplice.”

“An accomplice?”

What did she hear? Before Ezet’s head could judge the meaning of the word, Edmond pulled the ribbon around her wrist and tied it somewhere.

“Yay, Edmond!”

Stay calm, Milady.”

“What, what are you trying to do?”

No matter how much she moved her body, the fabric felt tight and pulled, and she couldn’t escape.
Is it tied to something like a pillar? She can’t even cover her chest with her hands tied behind her back.
Even though she knew it was impossible, Ezet shrank and tried to cover herself up even a little bit.

“Edmond, Ed… Argh!”

The man rolled up the skirt with his hand, and Ezet screamed in dismay.
There must be a ‘man’ nearby who saw Edmond and Ezet, but he didn’t expose her chest and rolled up her skirt; what nonsense is this? Ezet wriggled her legs and pleaded.

“Ed, please, don’t do this…”

“Didn’t you say it’d be a problem if rumors spread? Show us more.
That’s how I seduce you.”

“Temptation, what nonsense is that… Mom!”

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The underwear fell off as the underpants on the pelvis loosened.
The cold wind touching the genital area gave me goosebumps again.

“Ed, Edmond! Don’t do this!”

“It’s all right, Milady.
Take it easy.”

Calm down.
What she needs is to calm down now.
She’s naked to a man she doesn’t even know.
Frustrated, she tried to close her legs but could not resist when Edmond’s hands wrapped around her inner thighs and spread them wide.
Edmond lifted Ezet’s one leg, exposing the genitals completely and licking it with his tongue.

“Oh, yeah, Ed, what are you… Haa!”

Her eyes are covered, her arms are tied, and she can’t escape because she’s tied to a pillar.
That alone is astonishing, but the chest and the underside are entirely exposed.
On top of that.

“Oh, no, Ed, no…!”

The pleasure of being completely bound and irresistible was more exhilarating than usual.
Ezet bit her lip because she thought she would groan casually.

“Huh, hhhhh…”

No matter how much she put up with the sound, she couldn’t stop the pleasure.
The moist tongue that touches the skin, which has become completely sensitive due to repeated tension and anxiety, gives a cooler feeling than when scratching the itchy spot.

another, another guy is watching, how……!’

Even in this absurd situation, she was amazed at her body, which was steadily feeling pleasure.
She thinks she’s gone crazy.
Before she knew it, Ezet bit her lips and forgot to hold back her groans, shaking her head and gasping for breath.

“Ahhhh! Oh, no… uh yeah……..”

“It’s not as good as usual, but I think it’s wet enough.”

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As Edmond’s body temperature, who had kept his tongue curled between the folds, drifted through her entrance and Ezet tried to twist her legs again.

But Edmond grabbed her thigh again and opened her legs wide.

“Now, he’s an accomplice, Milady.”


Whether it was because he couldn’t see or because the situation was so absurd, Ezet couldn’t even grasp what she was going through right now and asked again.

However, it was not her beautiful and sexy husband’s answer but a strange touch to the genital region.


“It’s all right, Milady.
It’s okay.”

“Si, no! What are you doing!”

The touch of something firm and blunt that touched the genital area.
It was obviously a man’s pen*s.
But it wasn’t the reason Ezet was astounded.
This is because she realized that the man’s genitalia, which is rubbed on the moistened petals with fluids, was not her husband’s.

“Ed, Ed! No way!”

“Think of it as a fresh experience.
It’ll feel good.”

“No, no, no, no!”

Ezet loved Edmond touching her body.
When the big hand grabbed her chest, she felt as if he had caught her heart, and when he swept down the line from the waist to the pelvis with my fingertips, a strange groan burst out.

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