Edmond is always seducing outside.
So crossing the line is always on the Ezet’s side.
As soon as the line is crossed, the relationship between the host and servant is reversed, and the owner who has to give him orders becomes a howling food under his feet.
The moment swallowed in its mouth is terrifyingly thrilling.
So she can’t stop.

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Would a moth jump into a fire be like this? Perhaps a moth is not mistaken for the light for the sun.
Maybe it is because the terrible pain of the moment the body burns, led by the tempting fire, has gone crazy enough to feel pleasure.

“I think I’m crazy.”

“You or me?”

“Both of us.”

The man’s hand was strained, which had been placed on the belt to peel off the decorative skirt.
Edmond, who untied the wine-colored ribbon, pulled the wide cloth straight.

“Then shall we do something even crazier?”

Ezet was utterly stripped of her upper body.
The long overskirt covers the lower body with its voluminous hem, slender shoulders, coveted breasts, and a slim waist without a thread.

Covering her chest with her hand, Ezet turned slightly.

“Well, I haven’t punished you yet.”

“Are there still punishments left? Can I put it off and get it later?”

“Do you know what kind of loan it is? I’ll make pay it to you back later.”

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“If we put it off, we’ll have more debt.
It’s nice to have a thrill.”

As expected, this man’s way of thinking cannot be matched.
So it’s thrilling.

“Tell me how good it would be.”

As soon as the answer of permission fell, the view was filled with darkness.
The long, wine-colored ribbon is a long way away from covering Ezet’s eyes.
Edmond turned her arm back and tied her wrist with the rest of the blindfolded cloth.
Ezet was a little embarrassed when her arms were tied back with her eyes covered.

“Edmond, what are you doing?”

“Didn’t you say you’d do something crazy?”

“So tell me what you’re going to do…”

“You can’t communicate with crazy people, Milady.”

So he can’t tell her… and Edmond poked his finger.
The Ezet has a thin belt around its neck.
It was an anti-theft harness that she wore when she came to Imperial Palace on the first day.
She didn’t like it at first because it was designed like a dog collar, but Edmond strangled her with it.

When he told her that he could do this, she expected a little bit.

Although the Marchioness of Spencer walked in with his daughters and failed to try.

‘Is that when he’s going to continue his work?’

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Edmond was suddenly pulling on the leash and wondering not to be surprised if she was strangled, but unexpectedly he pulled on the leash only enough to keep her from strangling and urged her to walk forward.

“Walk as you please, Milady.”

“Like this? You’re going to hit a wall…”

“I’ll open the door for you.”


Ezet moved a little awkwardly.
Maybe it was because she was blindfolded, but she stopped walking several times because she felt like she would bump into an obstacle in front of her.
Each time Edmond pulled the leash slightly and urged her to walk.

“It’s okay.
Keep walking.”


A woman walking on a leash with her eyes covered and arms tied behind her— rather than being a wife who plays dirty with her husband, it is more like livestock or criminal treatment.

Ezet’s lips poked out, a little offended.

“I feel like I’m being taken away.”

“Let’s change our minds.
For a walk.”

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“A walk?”

Ezet shook her shoulders when she heard the door open.

“Eh, Edmond?”

“Let’s go outside.
Walk forward, Milady.”

Now she had a grotesque look on her upper body, her hands tied with her eyes covered, and her collar fastened.
It would be a big deal if someone saw this.
Ezet hesitated but was forced to take a step as Edmond pulled the leash and urged her.

“Oh, there’s no one there, right? In the hallway?”

“I’ve been cautious.
They won’t walk around the hall until I call, maybe.”

“Maybe don’t say the same uncertainty…”

When it was just the two of them, she was so excited that she asked to do something crazy, but when they came out of the door, Ezet was intimidated again.
As the cold air touched her bare chest, her body trembled with chills.

“The nipples are standing.”

“Hey, don’t tell me!”

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Ezet walked forward, flinching.
The tension of walking in an invisible state and the anxiety that she might get caught gave her goosebumps, and the smooth skin stood up.

“If you go that way, it’s a wall, Milady.
Take a half step to the left.”


It was fortunate that Edmond directed the direction to avoid hitting the wall, but handling was no better.

This humiliating situation hurt Ezet’s pride.
At the same time, her heart tickled with strange emotions mixed with tension, anxiety, humiliation, and expectation.

“Really, what do we do when someone sees us? This is what I look like…”

It was then.

Flap, she heard something shaking.


“Oh, it’s okay.
The wind shook the curtains.”

“He, really?”

She can’t feel the wind.
But now that she’s looking at this absurdity, she might be more relieved to believe Edmond than to doubt him.

The drooling Ezet slowly stepped forward.
This time, she turned around without taking a few steps.
It looks like it was in the corner of the hallway.

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