“We shouldn’t have come to the Imperial Palace.”

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“Edmond, what are you talking about?”

“The nobles hate us.
Because they cannot speak openly in front of me, they reproach, are sarcastic, and make fun of me behind my back, so they cannot be understood.
Knowing that if I bring Milady, the blame arrow will be directed at you too… I was so comfortable.”

Edmond knew that.
He suddenly became a nobleman from a commoner and is not accepted as a proper nobleman in society.
The fact that the power of noblemen possessed by such a man acts as a fear to the aristocracy.

Edmond didn’t care about other people’s reputations and didn’t care about being hated at all.
So he left it at that.

But it wasn’t the same for Ezet.
If someone criticizes with a knife on their tongue, it hurts, and if they laugh, they feel insulted.
She was not considerate of that.

“It’s not Edmond’s fault.
They’re the bad ones.”

“That’s a given.”

The man’s voice was so desperate that Ezet laughed unconsciously.
The tingling tension surrounding the whole body seemed to have eased a little.

“It’s my fault that I brought you to the bad guy’s den and couldn’t protect you alone.
So get mad at me.”

“Always Edmond punished me, but suddenly it turned out against me.”

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Edmond was brutally persistent, cunning, and deft.
He shook her to the point where she was always so distraught that he made a mess of her.

There are times when he has a kind and gentle attitude, but it was just a sweet bait prepared by the devil to attract humans.
The moment she took the bait, he became a hungry predator and swallowed her.

But why? With such a control freak trying to sway Ezet at will, when she is in a terrible mood, he becomes so demure and gentle that he cannot be thought of as the same person he has ever been.

Like a big beast licking his cheeks with two paws on his master’s lap, the strange gap was both humorous and a little exciting.

“So, can I punish Edmond this time?”

“As much as you can.”

“You’re not going to get revenge later, are you?”

Edmond didn’t answer and kissed her in the ear.
As the wet sound tickled through her ears, Edmond loosened his arms a little, making it easier for Ezet to move.

In his arms, her slender body spun halfway.
The amber eyes that she encountered at a short distance received the light of the sky that started to turn yellow and turned into a deeper color.

“Kiss me.”

“…Is it a punishment?”

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“It’s a punishment.
I’m going to kiss you.”

With a small smile, Ezet closed her eyes.

Edmond rubbed the tip of her nose lightly and gently overlapped her lips.
At first, he gently caressed her lips as if soothing it and then licked her lips slightly with the tip of his tongue as if acting cute.

When he knocked on the tip of her tongue as if to open the closed door, her lips, which had been closed, widened a little.

When he pushed his tongue through the open gap, a small tongue dried inside.
Ezet sniffed as if she was happy as he chased her busy running tongue through her mouth.

“Yeah, haa….”

“Is this a punishment, too?”

“Yeah, well, I don’t know.”

When the kiss was finished just by brushing the tongue slightly without deeply intertwining it, the silver thread sagged between the two lips and cut off without a sound.
Her eyes were a bit red.

“There’s another punishment.”

Ezet headed for a partitioned dress room on one side of the bedroom.
There was a large closet on the wall, and a high partitioned simple dress room with black cloth for changing clothes had an ample dressing space for changing dresses.

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“I have to change into a dress for the dinner banquet.
I’ll leave it up to you.”

Saying so, Ezet raised her head and held out her chest.
Understanding her intentions, Edmond smiled bitterly as he unbuttoned her Caraco jacket one by one.

For Edmond, who wants to control everything that touches her, mask attendance was an award he would rather receive on his stomach.
Jealousy even to a maid who helps her take off her clothes was just a bad look and didn’t show up.

“I don’t think it’s a punishment, Milady.”

“It’s a punishment.”

Edmond punished her if Ezet made a mistake or made a blunder.

It was undoubtedly a punishment.

She doesn’t know what to do because she’s shy and embarrassed, but it’s a punishment that feels strangely thrilling and exciting.

Edmond clearly described it as a ‘punishment,’ which some might call a prize.
So Ezet thought Edmond’s punishment should be different from its usual form.


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“Oh, my God, I made a mistake.”

When the man’s hand, which came in between the unbuttoned blouse, tickled the nipple, Ezet trembled lightly and slapped his hand.

“Who told you to do this? I told you to change my clothes.”

“I see.
I’m sorry, Milady.”

Edmond’s expression was the same as usual, apologizing with a look of no apology.
Having fully grasped Ezet’s intentions, he looked like he had nothing more to mind.
It’s like asking for a compliment just by looking at the eyes.

He tried to soothe Ezet’s heart.
He didn’t even put her hair up.
He licked her lips like he was trying to heal her with gentle eyes.

As soon as he notices she’s relieved, he’s looking for a chance to devour her again.

“Stop apologizing that you don’t want to.”

“Then you have to punish me.
What kind of punishment will you give me?”

“Do you know what a punishment is for?”

“Anything you give me is a gift.”

He’s a beast—a bewitching beast at a glance.
At the same time, it was always a hungry predator.
At the same time, he was a sneaky beast who understood his master’s feelings because he was secretly quick-witted and never crossed the critical line while playing evil tricks.

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