My Wife is You

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The Emperor’s business was not long.
Even after being thanked for coming to the crown prince’s celebration, Ezet was not happy or grateful.
She just wanted to go back to her room soon.

Coincidentally, however, after returning to the room, her mind was not at all calmed down.
Ezet chatted loudly for no reason without making eye contact with Edmond on purpose.

“Edmond, what should I wear to the banquet tonight? I haven’t shown the diamond necklace you bought me yet.
It’s better to dress up and go out, right?”


“Oh, but it’s a celebration of His Majesty’s ascension, and if I stand out more than the main character of the banquet, that’s something to be looked at.
Then should I dress casually so that it doesn’t stand out? Where’s the dress I brought…”

“Calm down, Milady.”

A large hand seized Ezet’s shoulder, which was walking toward the dressing room.
Her slender shoulders only flinched once and did not look back.

“Calm down; it’s all right now.”

“…what do you want me to calm down? I’ve been calming down for a while now.”

“No, you’re not calming down.”

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Warm hands were also placed on the opposite shoulder.
Then a muscular arm wrapped around her body and pulled.
Embracing her from behind, Edmond whispered silently, rubbing her cheeks under her slightly sweaty ears.

“It’s okay because I’m here.
Please calm down.”

“…… ”

She still feels like her heart is pounding, and her whole body’s hair is on edge.
The unpleasant excitement caused by tension and excitement barely disappeared even when they were left alone in the room.

“It’s all right now, Milady.”

The relief and warm body temperature that strong arms give.
Soft voice.
It was nothing, but tears fell in her eyes, and Ezet blinked and shed tears around her eyes.

“You noticed I was acting.”

It was far-fetched to think for herself.
Until yesterday, it was strange to suddenly get close to Countess Devon, who was looking down on her in front of everyone at the banquet hall.

Furthermore, aristocratic societies do not move by recognition and friendship but by justification and practicality.

Red fox fur is the primary source of income at the top of Count Devon’s list, and it cannot be supplied cheaply simply because Ezet is friendly.
Come to think of it, it’s a simple thing, but at the time, she was thinking about breaking it somehow.

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She had made a wrong move.
Although it’s not a bad thing to keep Countess Devon stuck in front of the Emperor.

“That, fur.
Let’s just pretend it didn’t happen.”

“It’s your hard work, isn’t it? We can’t just let that go.”

“If I accept it, I’ll be criticized.
The Duchy of Jaxen has a lot of money and wants to buy specialty products at low prices.”

That’s the way it’s supposed to be a gift.
If you just receive a burdensome gift from the other person, it will become something to curse at.

Some may say that it wasn’t robbed, but the one who gave it was stupid, but that was the logic of the merchant, and the evaluation was different in the noble society again.

The Countess of Devon, who already feels sorry for the Jaxen duchess, will somehow make an excuse to pick on the two and try to bring their reputation to the ground.

She said she’d give a courtesy offer, but she wants it, she doesn’t know how to refuse, she doesn’t care… It only adds strength to the gossip that must have been done a lot.

Edmond, who doesn’t care about his reputation, would listen to something and let it slide, but Ezet didn’t want to let it go because she didn’t want to be blamed and didn’t want Edmond to be accused.

“You know that.
If you receive a gift among nobles, the person who gave it will increase, but if you refuse, the person who didn’t accept it will increase.”

“It’s a gossip if you say yes, but it’s a good story if you say no three times.”

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“Yes, so if you meet Countess Devon at the banquet today, you say no.”

“Thanks for your heart, but I don’t think it’s the case to receive the Countess Devon’s main specialties.’

…it is the most aristocratic response to make such an excuse and receive it at the right price.

Even so, there was nothing to lose.

No, it was rather a gain.

The first benefit is to prevent Countess Devon from being reckless with Ezet in the Imperial Palace, the second to show off her friendship with influential people in society, and the third to make the Duke look like a noble who knows the virtue of modesty by refusing excessive gifts.

In the long run, it’s better to instill the perception that you can’t do it and improve your image than to accept gifts and give financial damage to Count Devon and leave behind the fur.

“I think you have a better sense of business than I do.”

“No, I just saw it in a book.
It’s crude knowledge.”

“That crude knowledge changed a man’s life.”

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Edmond risked his life believing that a child might dismiss as a load of bollocks.

He gained strength, wisdom, treasure, and honor by crossing the fiery mountain and the lava-flowing lake.

He has acquired a lovely woman who can’t change anything just by maintaining a contractual relationship without abandoning his abnormal wife for three years.

A person’s life may not be a big deal in that sense.
Who knew that a child’s words could change quickly?

“…I, did I make a mistake?”

“I made a mistake.”

“You’ve made some mistake.”

“Because I gave you a hard time.
It’s my bad.”

A natural yet straightforward apology, with neither outright pressure nor covert temptation gone.
How come he’s only said such mean things when he could speak so kindly?

Ezet bit her lower lip several times, stroking the back of Edmond’s hand.
There are many words in her mouth, but she couldn’t decide what to say first or whether to say it or not.

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