Yeah, well, I’m going to do a real imitation.’

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Angry at the ladies’ comments is ‘Ezet.’

The Duchess of Jaxen has the right to raise her head in front of the Emperor and speak.

When she separated herself from others’ eyes, she quickly organized her thoughts on what to do.

Ezet, who has always read books, was used to separating the feelings of anger, fear, and joy that the main character in the book felt for himself.

Erit’s replacement, Ezet, cannot be a real Duchess Jaxen.
Still, she knew what the flow of the story was in favor of the main character in the plot of the novel, ‘The protagonist faces the emperor while enemies watch secretly.’

She turned the situation and judged it not by how she should behave but rather by how to lead this situation, and now she is incredibly calm even though the reason remains this time.

“I know.”

Ezet sighed nonchalantly.

“I’m glad that everyone wants to be close to me, but I’m worried that it’s hard to communicate with all the ladies because I have one body.”

The eyes of the six ladies were as big as the flame.

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“Oh, is that so? I was worried that you were going to have trouble adapting to socializing because you were late, but I was short-sighted.”

No, you saw it exactly.

…Ezet looked innocent and smiled, pretending not to know anything.

“I didn’t expect the ladies to welcome me so passionately.
Especially, the Countess of Devon loved me so much.”

“The Countess of Devon?”

As the Emperor’s eyes turned on the Countess of Devon, her expression hardened and quickly lifted.
She opened the fan with an elegant smile.

“It turns out that the Duchess of Jaxen’s family was close to the Devon estate.”

“…yes, Your Majesty.”

As soon as Countess Devon replied, Ezet added.

“Yes, that’s why I’m so close to my hometown that she feels as friendly as my sister, and she’s offering me red fox fur that she got on the west estate for 70 percent less than usual.”


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Countess Devon forgot that she was in front of the emperor and shouted with a straight face.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry.
If other people know you will feel relative deprivation, you asked me to keep it a secret… but I was so happy that I quit telling a secret.
I’m sorry, Countess Devon.”

“No, no, when did I…”

“But I’m sure the Emperor will keep it a secret.
Right, Your Majesty?”

“Hahaha, of course.
I’ll keep everything that happened here a secret.”

The Emperor smiled gently like a fairy, but Countess Devon’s face was pale.

Her red lips trembled, forgetting to hide them with a fan.

‘I cannot tell the truth.
That’s why I have to lie, right? Instead, I’ll decide what lies to tell.’

As she shot back with her eyes, Countess Devon’s eyebrows rose like a mountain.

Perhaps she expected that Ezet would eventually swallow tears and give up and lie, as she could not cling to Edmond to punish them for swearing at her in front of the Emperor.
They would have thought that she would just gloss over her answers or that she would be nice to everyone and leave their places quickly.

But that’s just how things work out for them.
Ezet had no intention of doing so.

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No, that’s not exactly the kind of situation she was happy about.

Many of the books read by Ezet were in such a frustrating situation.
Whenever the main character was in an embarrassing situation that could not be this way or that, Ezet turned the page by hitting her chest and cursing at the character.
She felt like she had eaten 100 pumpkin sweet potatoes without water, and her back bone was pulled, so she covered her book for a while and drank sparkling water with ice.

‘I thought about it every time.
If the main character did this, I wish he did that.’

Countess Devon suggested to Ezet ‘a situation in which she could not tell the truth to the Emperor, so she had no choice but to lie.’ In other words, it is a crisis for the main character.
She can’t let this crisis go away.

Then, how should she overcome the crisis? There’s one solution.
It’s digging into the blind spot of the crisis.

It was not voluntary but forced to choose the inevitable situation of ‘lying,’ but how to lead the situation was entirely her choice.

Ezet wouldn’t do this, but Ezet would want the ‘main character in the book’ to do this.

“The Countess of Devon was very interested in charity work, and she made a huge donation to the city library every year.”

“Wow, did you? I think I’ve heard such rumors…”

I knew you were generous, but I didn’t think you’d give me such a generous deal when I first met you yesterday.”

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There was not a speck of shade in the sparkling amber eyes.
Ezet’s hands were shaking and speechless when she lied, but strangely, she stopped shaking when she separated herself from her authentic self as a stand-in.

Ezet has watched Edmond lie to the side several times to get the better of the situation.
With the corners of her mouth pulled as Edmond did, she bowed slightly towards Countess Devon.

“Thank you very much, Countess Devon.”


The game is over.

The Countess of Devon, who was in a situation where she could not take out the red fox fur, a specialty of the Devon County, and was in a state of being ripped off, trembled with her lower lip slightly.

“You said that if I reveal the truth in front of his Majesty, I’m an illiterate woman.
That applies to you, too.’

It was a source of trouble that Ezet was faithfully prepared to prevent her from telling the truth.
Having been told to lie, Countess Devon could not deny her words were false.

To deny Ezet’s words, he has no choice but to reveal what she talked about before the emperor.
It must be told in detail what shameless language they have used to smear the Duke of Jaxen.
In front of the Duke of Jaxen!

“It’s like wool, wool, fur.
It’s like being friends with the Duchess of Jaxen.”

“Oh, my God, I’m so glad!”

Ezet smiled and clapped her hands.
Edmond, looking from the side at her figure, looked subtle and closed his eyes.

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