“You don’t seem to want to make peace with us.
You’ll tell the Duke of Jaxen about this, right?”

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“Oh, my God.
So the Jaxen family is going to put pressure on our family now? For making you angry?”

“Don’t tell me.
Is that why you’re pulling out of business or penalizing the use of railways? It’s something that only the uneducated do.”

“Even if you want to believe that the Duke of Jaxen is not vile, I don’t know.
How do you manage not to trust your wife?”

As the ladies stepped up to the plate, they quickly laid the groundwork for Ezet to not inform Edmond of this and retaliate.
Other noble families could never go against the Jaxen family, as it was the continent’s wealthiest and most influential family.
Even the Emperor is wary.

Such a relationship would have continued if Ezet had not attended the Imperial banquet.
But Ezet had a crack yesterday.

It gave the ladies the impression that they could ‘push her down.’ Those who found the gap rushed in with their teeth exposed like jackals.

Those who realized that they would no longer have to be wary if they pressed down on the Duchess of Jaxen could not easily step down since they were the ones who cared about the commoners and the weak aristocrats sitting there.

“You guys are so….”

“Your Majesty!”

When Ezet, trembling with anger, tried to speak with her lips moving, a guard from across the hall loudly announced the emperor’s whereabouts.

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In the distance, the Emperor in a red cape was seen walking.
Next to him was a man in a black suit.
It was Edmond.

“I greet your Majesty.”

The ladies under the stairs all stepped aside and bowed their heads still.
Ezet was amazed at their graceful behavior of greeting the emperor as if nothing had happened.

But she can’t argue with them when the Emperor is coming.
Ezet, who was on the stairs, also had to go down the stairs to greet the emperor.


“Oh, Mom!”

Was it a problem that her legs were stiff when she tried to force herself to move after being tense? Ezet tripped over the stairs and fell straight on her butt.
It was fortunate that the stairs were wide, and she did not fall off.


She could hear Edmond’s voice from afar, and suddenly her body lifted.
Edmond, who ran like a fly, hugged Ezet.

“Are you in a lot of pain? I’ll get you treated quick.”

“Oh, no, no! It’s all right……”

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Ezet shook her head and quickly covered her face with her hands.
She thought she’d cry if she saw Edmond’s face now.

“Edmond, you.
It’s against the etiquette if we run out like this without greeting His Majesty.”

“What’s the point of manners when Milady fell down?”

She knew he’d say that.

Edmond has always been like that.
She enthusiastically supported the law, rules, common sense, and nothing is as important as her, and if she wishes, he would change the laws of the empire immediately.
Whatever it is.

So it was a problem.

“It doesn’t matter.
What are you talking about?”


He is a man who teased Ezet even in front of the Emperor when he knew she felt chilling pleasure when he misbehaved.
Ezet liked Edmond’s behavior, though she thought it was ignorant.

How many men in the world can throw away both reason and morality for the woman they love? Where else in the world would a woman receive such ridiculous love?

‘I was wrong to think so.
I shouldn’t have been happy.’

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Edmond got angry when she did immoral things and had to put up with desire even by whipping herself and help him to be an affable, elegant aristocrat.
Only then could they avoid this terrible stigma.

No matter how beautiful a fairy tale is, it is against the etiquette of the aristocracy to show passionate love.
Even if the first time was handed over like a heart-warming good story, it was easy for the couple to be criticized for having no common sense if repeated.

Especially in the presence of Countess Devon, who wasn’t fond of the existence of Edmond and Ezet.
We should not do anything that would be reprehensible.

“Please drop me off.
I have to greet His Majesty.”

Edmond gently dropped her off as Ezet spoke with a straight face.
Although her hips were throbbing, she was not seriously injured, so Ezet tightened her thighs, stood upright, and bowed her head toward the Emperor.

“I greet the Emperor.”

“Good afternoon, Duchess of Jaxen.
Did you get hurt?”

“…it’s all right.”

Ezet’s face was burning because she was seen falling down very properly.
But the Emperor smiled warmly to see if he didn’t mind her falling and greeted the other ladies lightly.

“I have something to say to the Duchess of Jaxen, I was on my way with the Duke, but I think we’re too late.
I’m sorry.”

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It’s been a long time since the Marchioness of Spencer’s business.
She didn’t want to stay long because she was only here to visit the sick.

But Ezet was appalled at the thought that if she had not waited for Edmond and had returned to the North earlier, she would have let the emperor walk in vain.

“No, I’m sorry I made a mistake because I didn’t immediately realize you were here because I was talking to the ladies.”

“Hahaha, I’m glad the Duchess of Jaxen has become acquainted with other ladies.”

Do you think we’ve become close?

It was impossible to hold the Emperor by the collar and bite him, so Ezet rolled her eyes quietly.
The eyes of the six ladies were on her in unison.

The eyes of the girls, dressed in colorful hair, beautiful dresses, and beautiful makeup, were as ferocious as a pack of hyenas surrounding their prey.

The eyes of the girls were talking.

If she tells them what they just talked about, she would be ashamed of herself as a nobleman, and her husband, who takes care of his wife, was also a vulgar mercenary who pretended to be a noble.

Ezet bit her teeth.

She will not succumb to their intimidation.
But it was also funny to tell the Emperor that they were gossiping about Edmond.
It was like telling the Emperor to punish those who damaged their names instead.

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