Some will be attributed to the state, but some will be subject to local officials under Imperial law.
All the nobles looked forward to the Duke of Jaxen dying quickly and the right-handed over to them.
But the Duke of Jaxen suddenly accepted the adopted son.
That is also a hero of the country.
The nobles were on alert.
When they thought that the rights and facilities they had been eyeing would naturally be their share were returned to the original owner, they felt like they had lost their property.

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‘This is what happened; let’s marry our daughter to the new Duke of Jaxen!’

The new Duke of Jaxen has no background.
They will send their family’s women to marry him, and it will bring their family back to life by taking over a stupid commoner who knows nothing but wielding a sword.
That was the new aim of the aristocracy.

The aristocrats and deputies, who accurately counted the plots of the nobles seeking the property and rights of the Duke of Jaxen, were issued an unusual bride recruitment notice to prevent foreign influence from working at all.

So Erit, the eldest daughter of the unnamed Viscount of Harriet on the western outskirts, became the wife of the new Duke of Jaxen.

A relative of Jaxen’s family could live with a single facility for the rest of his life.
The nobles who were robbed with their eyes open ran wild.

But what can they do? Edmond, the adopted son, was heir to the Duke of Jaxen and married a woman, which provided a legitimate justification for succession to the title.

Originally belonging to the Jaxen family, they were wholly owned by Edmond.
It was perfectly natural that there was no problem legally or morally.

But the greed of the nobles did not accept the perfectly natural.
If he had adopted early, they wouldn’t have thought that he would die of old age and were waiting for their property to be reallocated to the state, but Edmond’s appearance and marriage made them feel as if they had suddenly lost their inheritance to him.

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A commoner who is not a hidden child, no other aristocrat of the land, no connection!

They were not interested in the fact that Edmond was a great hero who defeated the border-threatening dragon.
He is just a thief who took away a vast fortune that would have belonged to them if they waited a little longer.

People gossiping about Edmond and Ezet’s moved on to the other side.
There was not much to talk about because there was little information known because he did not show up in public for three years.
Naturally, rumors that have been around for three years have become a hot topic.

“I don’t know why the wise Duke made that decision.”

“There’s no answer to age.
Maybe he had dementia at the end of his life?”

“There’s a rumor that he might have been threatened to give it.”

“Oh, my God, a threat?”

“I heard he’s a swordmaster enough to defeat the Dragon.
Well, wouldn’t it be easy to intimidate people?”

Ezet’s reason was cut off by the remarks that Edmond was treated as a robber.
She strode along and held the handle of the stairs, and shouted.

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“Oh, my God!”

The ladies hid behind Countess Devon and Marchioness Barth, shivering in a fuss at Ezet’s shouting.

There are six people.
There was one more person than she saw yesterday.

“Oh, my God, Duchess of Jaxen.”

Unlike other blue ladies, Countess Devon opened her fan with her usual charming smile.

“I didn’t expect the noble Duchess to be rude to eavesdrop on other ladies’ secrets.
What a disappointment.”

“Who just did something rude to whom? What are you disappointed in?”

“I didn’t expect the noble Duchess to be rude to eavesdrop on other ladies’ secrets.
What a disappointment.”

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The Countess of Devon said the same thing over and over and over again.

“Do you think you can say anything if it’s a private talk? How can you put such a ridiculous rumor in your mouth without shame?”

“Oh, my God.
You overheard our private talk, and you didn’t apologize.”

The Countess of Devon folded the fan to crack.
Then the other ladies straightened up and opened their fans.

“Duchess of Jaxen, you’re so mean.”


Other ladies punctuated the Marchioness’s words.

“How can you eavesdrop on other ladies’ secrets? Didn’t you even get the basic education not to overhear other people’s stories?”

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“Oh, I would have apologized to my parents first, even if I was embarrassed.”

“That’s right, you don’t even think about what you’ve done wrong, and you’re angry.”

The words of nobles do not flow into logic and reason but into a competition of power.
If you press it with a knife shield, that’s it.
Just as Ezet stretched out the previous day, the ladies excluded all other facts and held on to ‘the Duchess of Jaxen overheard other ladies talking behind closed doors.’

The logic didn’t work.
No one has ever tried to hide injustice from the six ladies, no matter how angry Ezet was alone.

‘What the hell, aristocrats… Why are you fighting such a vulgar fight?’

Ezet was so angry that she bit her lips and trembled.

“The Duchess of Jaxen really doesn’t seem to want to apologize to the end.”

“Oh, my God, how…”

“If you’d just said sorry for the intrusion, we’d have apologized for the rash talk.”

The wives shook Ezet slowly, accusing Ezet of ridiculous logic.
The wind from the flailing fan hid the cold sweat on their foreheads.

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