Ezet, who decided to return to the northern outer castle first, came down the stairs, leaving a message to the guard guarding the hallway, saying that she had returned to their residence first when the Duke came.

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‘The stairs are vast.
This will require a lot of space, but it will be much more comfortable than an ordinary staircase for elderly people to walk around.’

Come to think of it, she remembers rolling down the stairs when she was young.
Erit, who likes to be active, had strong chutzpah and good motor skills.
Grandmother must have been surprised to see it because she went all the way down from the top floor to the first floor at once on the handle of a spiral staircase.

‘It’s not hard at all.
Ezet, you try it.’

‘Sister, I can’t… I’m scared…’

“Hey, it’s okay.
You just have to hold the center so that you don’t slip off the handle.’

Young Ezet sat shivering, with her hips on the handle, and as she slipped, she lay down toward the stairs, starting the game as if she were being sucked into the center of the spiral stairs.
She couldn’t move with a splint for a while.
After all, she broke her left arm because she was rolling the stairs with a thud.

Perhaps because of the shock of her childhood, Ezet used to feel a little dizzy when she looked at the stairs, even when she became an adult.

‘There were stairs to the Duke of Jaxen’s introduction.’

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Perhaps Erit enjoyed the wind-feeling sport as a Duchess, climbing down the handle of a spiral staircase.

‘The spiral stairs are dangerous, so we need to change the stairs wide.’

She should take a good look at the stair structure of the eastern outer wall and use it to construct inner space later.
Thinking so, Ezet stood with her back to the wall of the stairs and examined the structure.

It was then.

“Will the Duchess of Jaxen attend the banquet today?”

Talk about her was heard down the stairs, so Ezet quickly straightened up.
The shrill voice coming from downstairs was the voice of a group of Countess Devon who met yesterday.

‘What, are you talking about me?’

Even though she knew that stories coming out of the absence of parties could not be such a good thing, Ezet had no choice but to listen.

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Who doesn’t care when others put their stories on the topic? Ezet slipped back so that she could not be seen downstairs.

“The great husband saved her face yesterday, so she’d come to show off.”

“If you want to show off, you should do it in your own territory, but I don’t know why she’s doing this to the Palace banquet.”

“When I go outside, I have to see all the facilities of the Duke of Jaxen rolling around, and I wish I could have seen them less in the Palace.”

“Why are they so tactless when no one welcomes them anyway?”

Ezet seemed to freeze all over.
The legs were stiff as if they had hardened, so they could not move, and the lips did not fall off as if they had been at each other’ she didn’t even think to look at the faces of the wives talking downstairs.

“I… Was the Jaxen family being hated so much?”

Edmond said no one could blame her anyway, so she could do whatever she wanted, but Ezet was wary of her words and actions because she feared she would be looked at.

Of course, the accident happened even though she tried to be careful and not make a mistake.
Yesterday, she almost fell into a pond while walking around the back garden, but she met Countess Devon and attended a banquet in an indoor dress, which is inevitable.

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But Ezet has never harmed or bothered anyone.
Edmond has also not appeared in public for three years, so there will be no personal grudge.

Of course, the Jaxen Duchy monopolizes railways.
It has a massive impact on the nation’s major industries, including the magical tools, so it cannot help but ignore or pressure anyone.

But why.

“For three years, neglecting the aristocracy and wanting our attention because money and power alone are not enough?”

“I hate tactless people the most.”

“He’s a shameless man.”

“He’s so tactless and brazen.
I don’t know if I have to put my face in that position and show off.”

“I understand.
They’re uneducated.”

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Edmond was a commoner mercenary; Ezet came from an unnamed noble Viscount family.

Edmond and Ezet were not ‘the Duke and Duchess of Jaxen, the great nobleman of the Empire,’ to the aristocrats of the House noble enough to be allowed by the Emperor to stay outside the East.
They saw the two as “a commoner and a weak aristocrat who rolled down one day.”

“Why on earth did the Duke of Jaxen adopt the two…”

“He hadn’t had a successor in a long time, and he didn’t have a new wife since the Duchess died.
So I thought the lineage would be lost.”

“Then the West Railway would have belonged to the Devon family.”

The former Duke of Jaxen lost his wife early and continued to live alone.
Seeing him not having adopted a son, other nobles thought the Duke had decided to die as the last homeowner of the Jaxen family.

The Duke of Jaxen, the great nobleman of the Empire.
He monopolizes all railroads on this continent and is the actual owner of all kinds of facilities, the largest scale in the world under his command, and he owns more than 100 islands.

The great fortune floats in the air the moment the Duke of Jaxen dies.

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