onely, or sick and doesn’t even visit her?” 


Looking at Edmond’s lips in a straight line, Ezet cheered a little inside.
This blow worked.
Her dart hit the nail on the head.

“If you had the awareness that we were truly a couple, your wife wouldn’t have taken a step until and became depressed until her mind was exhausted enough to think of suicide.” 

“…you really thought about dying.” 

Not really, but Ezet decided to pretend.
It was not Ezet’s responsibility to correct the misled Edmond, so she didn’t answer. 

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The pins of the darts are still valid. 

Edmond asked, looking down at the Ezet, who measured the angle in her mind where to fly the next dart. 

“My husband’s duty.
It’s a duty.
Do you really want it?” 

“Of course I do.
No one can live alone.”

“Is that so?” 

Edmond’s words were sharpened.
The sharp-edged spear had a swift and robust thrust that could not be compared to Ezet’s dart, threatening her. 

Her view was overturned, and a soft bed touched her back.

“If I do my husband’s duty, will you promise not to think of death again?”

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Ezet couldn’t understand why the man’s face, who had just had to look up with a sore throat, was so close.
No matter how beautiful things are, they should be seen from up close, but there is a limit.
When their eyes met, a handsome man with a broad chest climbed onto the bed and took a position to attack her, so Ezet heart began to flutter in a different sense. 

Edmond? It’s too close…….” 

“I’ll order them to remake the meal later.”

The table on the bed was lying on the floor before she knew it. 

Ezet’s poor heart was shaken for a moment by the fact that the food she had never eaten was on the floor.
That’s a waste.
However, it was not enough to feel sorry for discarded food. 

“Do you need time to think?” 

Thinking what? 

Edmond was just leaning over her body, and she felt pressure as if he was hitting her with a thick, heavy shield.
Feeling as if he was aiming a sharp spear at her neck, Ezet rolled her eyes several times to make sure there was nothing around her neck.

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