It means to meet face to face and decide.
Daniel could not be disobeyed.
When he answered that he knew, the old lady looked satisfied and folded the fan.

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“That’s it for today, and next time…”

“Duchess of Jaxen.”

Daniel interrupted the Marchioness of Spencer, who was about to leave.
Daniel had never cut off a laughing man’s horse before.

The old lady’s gaze shifted back to Daniel and back to Ezet, whom he was gazing passionately at.

“What do you think of me, Duchess of Jaxen?”


“I’ve just had my coming-of-age ceremony, so I’ve been talking about society, business… I know very little.”

Daniel said it was too early to be the owner of a family or the husband of a woman.

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“There are no young women around, so I haven’t learned how to treat women yet.
I’ve done that to the Duchess of Jaxen.”

“Oh, no, it’s not.”

Wasn’t it because he misplaced himself in the box seat of the big theatre and didn’t go out immediately, or because he was worried about her condition when he took off her shoes in the back garden.
It was embarrassing but not offensive.
Ezet was not uptight enough to regard a man’s pure kindness as an insult.

“So, if possible, I’d like you to guide me so that I don’t make such a mistake in the future.
Can you accept that?”


Ezet clapped inwardly for herself in the past, who had not been drinking ginger tea hot.
If she drank it, it would probably be red ginger tea, not words, that came out of her lips.

“I heard that Young men, who just made their debut in society, learns how to treat a young lady from a lady.”

“Well, well, there’s such a thing, but…”

The social world is fast in fashion.
And the behavior of young men and women is not bound by manners.
Tutors teach men and women manners as gentlemen and women, but it falls on the level of decency to the extent that.

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When they make their debut in society because they are older, they are educated on how to deal with reason by using a young lady who is slightly older than their peers as a social teacher.

Choosing a young lady rather than an old lady as a teacher is to empathize with the feelings of young people, and choosing a married woman rather than a virgin is to explain both the feelings of men and women.
The reason married men were not mentors was that they had nothing to learn from, so it was up to the married woman’s responsibility to teach both men and women looking for marriage.

“I just showed my face yesterday.
To teach someone…”

“So why don’t we learn together?”

Although the Empire’s laws do not officially recognize the existence of the government, an affair took place in public.

In particular, scandals involving a young noble and his teacher, a young lady, who had just made her debut in society were so common that it would not even be a compliment to talk about.
Counting was a waste of time, so if you didn’t deal with multiple people at once or get pregnant, your spouse wouldn’t be angry, and of course, there was no legal punishment.

Many women divorced their husbands and remarried to a young noble because they did not give birth to children were not born.
Even if divorced, the title won’t be recovered once, so men who were forced to marry or cheat on a political marriage even though they had a separate lover introduced their wives to a young noble to divorce.

That means that if Ezet becomes Daniel’s social teacher, the disturbing rumors between the two will likely roll around to the level of a street leaflet being kicked.

‘Daniel doesn’t know because he studied abroad? Or…’

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Ezet glanced toward the Marchioness of Spencer.
She had returned to a solemn and noble old lady when she first met.
It’s harder to know what’s going on when you’re keeping your poker face like that than when you’re covering your mouth with a fan.

Marchioness Spencer arranged a meeting between Daniel and her sister (although, of course, she is Ezet herself), and Daniel uses her as a social teacher.
What kind of genealogy is this?

That won’t happen, but among those who love to talk, Ezet’s affair with Daniel will become a fait accompli.
That sort of thing was unacceptable.

“I’m sorry, Daniel, that’s unacceptable.

“Duchess of Jaxen…”

Of course, it was never a flaw for a young lady who did not give birth to a child to teach a young noble, and it was not criticized for bringing her into the bedroom under the pretext of learning manners toward women unless her husband caught the scene.

But Ezet had no intention of sharing affection with any man other than Edmond.
She didn’t even want that rumor to go around or anyone looking at her like that.

‘Edmond was in a position like that, and he kept his fidelity even though he had had her older sister for three years.’

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He made it clear in front of Spencer’s ladies that there was no other woman but his wife.
Then Ezet was right to behave like Edmond.
She wasn’t hungry for affection enough to look away even after receiving such love.

‘I’ve already tricked Edmond by impersonating as his wife.
I don’t want to do him any more wrong.’

When he first promised to visit the city together, Edmond told Ezet not to make eye contact with other men and not to talk to them.

With that promise, Ezet met Daniel in the back garden and broke her promise.
So Edmond was angry because he was a controlling and monopolistic man.

Edmond didn’t put any pressure after crying out for injustice, but that’s it, and that’s it.
There was something wrong with yourself for saying yes and then going back on it.

She won’t give any man room, at least as long as she is his wife.

So determined, Ezet rose from her seat.

“I know that being a social teacher and accepting a young man as a disciple doesn’t hurt the Duke’s name.
But I think my name would be flawed.”

“Your name?”

“The name of the miracle woman who saved her husband with true love.”

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