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“That’s not a question I can answer.”

When one’s mind goes out, one’s brain becomes simple.
And when it becomes simple, you don’t have to think complicatedly, so you get into the habit.

Ezet, calm and cool, continued.

“Daniel is a beautiful young man who anyone can like, and he is sincere.
But a good person and a good husband are different laws.
I don’t know what Ezet would think of Daniel.
I’m not like Ezet.”

The strange situation that she denied herself did not feel odd at all when her head was emptied clean.

Isn’t it how the empty cart is loud, and the check has a bold amount written on it?

So did the novel she read.
Multilevel and pseudo were well-dressed eloquent contrary to public perception.
The serial killer’s identity was a healthy young man who could live without a law that praised his neighbors for not having such a good person.

Would this have been the case with the criminals and detectives in front of them in remembrance of the dead man who died with a heartbreaking face? The slightly thickened lower lip was busy because of the hot ginger tea.

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“Sir Daniel Spencer.”


Suddenly, in a polite tone, Daniel blinked as if surprised and answered.
His turquoise eyes, like flowers blooming by the water, reflected her like a mirror.

If Ezet is a fragrant grass flower, Daniel was a fantasy flower that seduced the viewer.
However, even though Ezet looked fine, she was distraught because she was out of her mind.

“No matter how marriage is a combination of families, it’s not right to proceed against the will of the parties.
Sir Daniel Spencer, can you accept a woman who has never seen a face as a lifelong companion?”


Daniel’s eyes turned slightly red.

The Marchioness of Spencer had been thinking of connecting her sister with Daniel since she greeted Ezet at Aldebaran’s auction house.

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Granddaughter of a grandmother friend he’s never met—Ezet Harriet, who will travel abroad and not return for the next few years.
Daniel was a little embarrassed to see his grandmother put her on the list for his fiancée, but he didn’t resist.

Daniel, who could not reveal his birth and could not have a deep relationship with a friend of his age because he was traveling abroad, was not interested in dating.

The brunette he met at the big theatre left a deep impression on him, but that’s all.
He didn’t care for a woman who he barely knew the face and name of.
He was glad he didn’t have any lingering feelings because she was already the wife of the Duke of Jaxen, the imperial nobleman.

Daniel, who had learned to give up before being greedy, was used to crossing and breaking up with people, so he was not obsessed with marriage.

It is his grandfather and grandmother who wanted him to get married and receive the title.
Then, he just thought it would be fitting to marry in response to his grandparents’ expectations.

“I believe in your eyes.”

“Sir Daniel Spencer, you have to judge who she is with your own eyes.”

“…I’ve heard that the Duchess of Jaxen, certainly, visited the Duke of Jaxen first and proposed.”

“Yes, I did.”

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Ezet took ginger tea to her mouth as she tried to lie without even applying saliva to her mouth.
Ezet, which had only touched the tip of her tongue in the red tea water, slowly closed her eyes and raised the cup, pretending to savor the scent.
She thought the hotness might have cooled down now, but it was still hot.

“Wouldn’t it be a true gentleman not to try to marry someone your grandparents set but to bring someone you want to marry to meet?”

Ezet, who was embarrassed and shy when she was barely holding onto her mind, disappeared.

If you have something to rely on, you feel weak.
The fact that Edmond, who will patch things up, was away with Prince Philip has cooled Ezet’s head.

Daniel opened his eyes wide, and the Marchioness lifted a fan to cover her mouth again as she continued her speech with a calm face and a social smile.

‘She’s not that easy.
That’s Marianne’s granddaughter.’

The Marchioness of Spencer liked the increasingly small Duchess.
I don’t know what kind of woman her younger sister might be, but she inherited the same gene since she is a family member.

At first, she didn’t notice her relatively weak expression and attitude, but the gentle yet hard-witted Duchess resembles her friend Marianne very much.

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Marquis Spencer, who had seen Marianne since she was a child, smiled heavily behind the fan.

“That means you’re going to make room for Daniel to meet and greet Lady Harriet in person, right?

The words brought Ezet back to her senses.

“No, you know, she’s out of the country, so…”

“I wanted to see her when I could, but there’s a time for everything.
I’ll be waiting.”

The eyes of the Marchioness of Spencer turned on Daniel.
His eyes were in the air, perhaps a little shocked by what he heard from Ezet earlier.


“…Oh! Yes, Grandma.”

“Thank you for believing.
I’ll believe you, too.”

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