However, the Duke of Jaxen took his wife to the Grand Theatre to see the opera and Aldebaran’s jewelry auction.
He also showed his love for his wife by attending a banquet to celebrate the crown prince’s birthday.

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The suspicious announcement made three years ago must have already been blown away from her memory.
So it wasn’t unreasonable to think that Marchioness Spencer would be in touch with Erit and Ezet.
Ever since her grandmother’s death, Erit and Ezet have been the only family.

“Only two of us…”

It’s just two.
Is it two?

She doesn’t even know where Erit fled to.
She didn’t contact me for three years, came to grandmother’s funeral, prayed in tears, and ran away barefoot.

‘What do I do? How do I answer that?’

She doesn’t know where her sister went.
They don’t even exchange calls.
It would be best to answer that.
However, if the image of a cold-hearted sister who doesn’t even take care of her younger sister is created, there may be nasty rumors about the Duchess of Jaxen.
Then it would be a nuisance to Edmond.

Pretending to know, however, there is no way to call herself up at tea time.
It was close to impossible to catch Erit, who had fled.
She was a freak who could soar into the sky or blow to the ground.
Maybe she spent all her money and flew into space in a rocket.
She was just as unpredictable.

It also bothered her to bring out someone who looks like her.
The sharp Marquis of Spencer would find out if Ezet’s replacement were really Marianne Harriet’s granddaughter.
What the hell should I do? But you can’t ask Edmond for help.
Ezet is in a bind.

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And precisely as she was embarrassed, so was Edmond.

‘What the hell is going on…’

Edmond didn’t tell her he had noticed Ezet’s identity.
Because she was still acting as ‘Erit Jaxen.’

Edmond wasn’t the type to dwell on paper titles, and he didn’t really show off because he enjoyed seeing Ezet fretting about being caught pretending to be her sister.

‘But don’t tell me you’re going to get caught like this.’

It is unknown when and where his wife disappeared on paper, but it was not difficult to find someone on this continent and across the sea if he used Jaxen’s money and power.
But it wasn’t all about Erit visiting.

‘I’m in trouble.
She’d be angry if I changed my family register without her consent.’

The plan to bring Erit was shelved.
Building a stand-in was a matter of consultation with his wife.

He suddenly imagined putting the hologram in the tea party’s chair through the Jaxen family’s particular horsepower projector but soon stopped.

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There is no problem with floating holograms, but it takes a high skill level to make them move like real people.
Jaxen’s technology was the best in the world, but there were still areas lacking.

‘Damn it.
I should have developed more hologram control technology.’

Of course, if developed, it would have been a useless technique.
The Marchioness of Spencer had a strange look on her face when she saw the couple agonizing for different reasons.

“Duchess of Jaxen, by any chance…”


All of a sudden.

The door of the parlor opened, and a high, clear voice of a child was heard.
It was Crown Prince Philip.

“Oh, my God, Your Royal Highness.”

“Philip, you can’t open the door like that.”

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It was Daniel who followed Daniel into the parlor.
Philip sprang up at the Marchioness of Spencer when he saw Ezet and Edmond.

“The Duke of Jaxen I saw yesterday!”

“Good afternoon, Your Royal Highness.”

Edmond tilted his head still and said hello with his eyes.
Ezet also gave a light salute.
When Prince Philip saw Edmond, he clenched his fist over the shoulder with nothing, as if he remembered the golden cape he received yesterday.

“You said I could use it after a day, but no matter how much I swing, my clothes won’t change! I don’t know what’s wrong.”

“Oh, my God, did you?”

Yesterday he used a magic cloak that transformed Ezet’s clothes into a large dessert cake on the spot at the banquet.
Having offered it, Philip will not know how to use it.

Still, he planned to replace it with a magic cloak that changes the authentic costume when he comes in the afternoon.
Edmond thought it was all right.

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“It seems that the cloak has changed its owner, so it doesn’t fit in and is shy.”

“Is the cloak shy, too?”

“The magic cloak is shy of strangers.”

“What should I do?”

As Philip rolled his round eyes and twisted his belly, Edmond grinned and rose from his seat.

When he thought about what caused Ezet to be in trouble yesterday, he felt like putting it upside down and brushing off his soul with a rainbow-colored duster.

Edmond, who never missed a chance, asked the old lady to excuse him and stood up.

“I’ll take a look at your cloak.”

“Sure, Duke of Jaxen.”

When Edmond got up and reached out, Philip swung his hand at the Marchioness of Spencer and left the drawing-room with him.

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