Such Marchioness of Spencer serves tea directly to the Duchess of Jaxen? Anyone would know that’s not normal.

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Edmond looked still at the red ginger tea rising into the teacup and thought.

“Certainly, there is a reason to be more polite than necessary.”

Usually, there is something to ask for when one is treated this warmly.
It is because the person wants the other person to be treated as much as they are polite.

However, even though he came to the hospital dressed up to understand the old lady’s feelings, she intentionally treated her friend’s granddaughter with a psychological fence that is hard to escape.

Aside from being affectionate, Edmond stroked the back of Ezet’s hand, thinking that Marchioness Spencer’s actions were not typical either.

‘It’s all right, Milady.’


He doesn’t know what the Marquis of Spencer has in mind, but it doesn’t matter what she asks.
There’s nothing in the world that Edmond can’t do with his powers.

A red ginger tea with white lemon on it was pushed out in front of Edmond and Ezet.
When he lifted the teacup, the pungent scent tickled the tip of his nose.

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“It smells great.”

“I don’t like to soak tea and drink it like water.
It’s better to drink some of it because it’s too thick to savor the scent.

“I’m sure you are.
This way, we can enjoy tea-flavoured very leisurely.”

Edmond responded with a smile with his eyes and savored the tea scent.
The deep red tea water seemed to mean the old lady’s insides, which could not be guessed at the depth.

“We couldn’t even treat you properly when you came before, and I’m so flattered by your hospitality.”

“Huhuhu, never mind.
Marianne’s granddaughter is like a granddaughter to me.
To me, the Duchess of Jaxen is a lovely granddaughter.”

Who is it that puts pressure on the lovely granddaughter so that she cannot refuse her future request?

Swallowing inside, what he wanted to ask was Edmond quietly sipping tea water.
Next to him, Ezet also drank tea, flinched her shoulder, and quietly lowered her glass.
The temperature must have been too high for her to handle.

“But I can’t help doing nothing with such precious treatment, Marchioness Spencer.
I’ll treat you to tea next time.”

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“Does that mean you’re going to send us an invitation to the tea party? Duchess of Jaxen.”

The old lady’s smile grew thick.
Ezet blinked and looked towards Edmond.
Under the contract terms, the Duchess seemed to ask for permission because she could not have outsiders in the Duke’s castle.

‘The purpose is to visit the Duke of Jaxen.’

The Duke’s inner-palace system was the most advanced concentration of technology in this Empire.
Don’t say you’re going to spy on it.
He could have made an exception for Ezet as the contract stipulates that no outsiders of intimate relationships are allowed.
But somehow, the old lady’s purpose didn’t seem to be that.

“I’ll invite you to my castle next time.
It’s a long way from Spencer’s estate, so we’ll take steps to make you use our family warp hall.
Come visit with your family.”

“Oh, thank you for that.”

Ezet was relieved when Edmond’s permission was dropped.
But the Marchioness of Spencer hasn’t even started yet.

The old lady, who drank ginger tea without a sound and put it down, smiled at the jet.

“The Duchess of Jaxen.
I have someone I’d like to join at the tea party, so could you send them an invitation?”

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“Of course, if the Marchioness wants to, I’ll invite your friends…”

I love family gatherings.”


Ezet tilted her head as if she didn’t understand anything.

“Ezet Harriet… Can you invite the Duchess of Jaxen’s sister to the tea party?”

When her name came out of the mouth of the Marquis of Spencer, Ezet hardened.

“The Marquis… Me?”

The Marquis of Spencer, the grandmother’s friend, seemed to have a thing for Ezet, or Erit.

Was it when she gave up the Ruby of Heaven to give Edmond a present? Strangely, the old lady was kind from the time she approached her and greeted her.
Even more, since she learned that the Duchess of Jaxen was the granddaughter of her own friend.
Since she heard that she has two granddaughters, she may have wanted to meet her younger sister, ‘Ezet.’

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But Ezet was embarrassed.
She’s sitting here pretending to be her sister, and she wants to invite herself to tea time.

“Well, Marquis Spencer.
Like I said before, Ezet… My younger sister is abroad now.

“Yes, I know.
You said she’d travel around the world.
But if you cross the continent, you’ll end up passing through this empire again.”

She guessed it wasn’t a joke.
Ezet held her hands together on her knees and was on high alert.
Perhaps the Marchioness of Spencer intended to wait, even if it took years instead of months.

“But I don’t know when it’s coming, and I….”

“Oh, my God.
Doesn’t the Duchess of Jaxen communicate with her only sister?”

My only younger sister.

It was.

The first bride recruitment notice from the Duke of Jaxen would be known to all aristocrats.
It is impossible to go out and cannot meet with relatives unless it is inevitable.

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