A Friendly Interrupter 

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A little past noon the next day, Ezet headed with Edmond to the East Outer Palace.
It was to visit the Marchioness of Spencer.

The northern exterior where the imperial families stayed was spacious and colorful, but the eastern exterior had a bright and colorful atmosphere like a ballroom at a banquet.
As a noble of high status stayed, a family used the entire floor, and the place where Marchioness Spencer and his daughters and Daniel stayed was on the fifth floor, the top floor.

Thanks to the announcement, there were no conflicts or encounters with other guests.
When Edmond spoke to his servant, the door opened inside, and Marchioness Spencer and her daughters greeted the two.

“Are you feeling well? Marchioness Spencer.”

“There’s no problem now.
Thank you for your concern, Duchess of Jaxen.”

Unlike a person who suddenly collapsed last night, the old lady greeted her with her usual grace.

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A black dress wrapped tightly around the body and a fan made of silk embroidered with a peacock on lacquered wooden flesh.
Even though she was quite old, she felt stable in walking with her waist upright.
Ezet smiled with a much more relieved look on her face, apparently aware of her improvement.

“I should have come earlier, but I couldn’t last night because I thought your family would be busy.
I’m sorry.”

“What do you mean.
I’m just glad you came to see me like this.”

Marchioness Spencer’s grey eyes scanned the image of Ezet.
Initially, she wanted to wear a decent grey dress to match her visit, but Edmond said, ‘Old people don’t like to be treated as sick people,’ suggesting a bright purple dress for Ezet.

Wearing a white faintly blue silk blouse and a tight Caraco jacket with a wide flounce, the delicate light purple, and dark lavender overskirt wrinkled the skirt in the style of a bustle, puffing out only the back.
The ornamental skirt over the waist was loosely tied with a wine ribbon and decorated with pumpkins resembling Ezet’s eye color.

Standing somewhat indifferently in a lavender-colored dress that gave a calm and bright impression at the same time, Ezet was as lovely as if she would smell flowers just by approaching.

A gentle smile came to the old lady’s lips.

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“I’m not hurt, but everyone made a fuss, and the bedroom was as gloomy as the hospital room, and now that the young couple is in here, I’m glad it’s blooming.”

“Oh, my God, Mother.
We’re just worried…”

“Didn’t you say it’s okay now?”

Even if she suddenly collapsed, her condition was stable, but the Marchioness of Spencer was not satisfied that her daughters were still worried and treated her like a patient.

While she was confused inside because she couldn’t say anything to her worried daughters, it is natural to feel good when she sees a bright-clad Ezet that seems to have visited to enjoy tea time.

Knowing that Ezet wanted to get acquainted with the Marchioness of Spencer, Edmond paid attention to his outfit.

‘It’s hard to notice because of her strict and stern attitude, but after her long-lost friend died, she deliberately visits her granddaughter and introduces her daughters.’

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The characteristic of such a person is that they are worried and worried about minor things, but they don’t like it when others worry about them.
The desire to worry about a precious person appears to be a perfect attitude, and it becomes severe because they are nervous not to allow themselves to make a slight mistake.

Marchioness Spencer was the type of person who wanted her opponent to treat her as usual rather than worry and comfort her when she had a hard time or something terrible happened.

And Edmond’s predictions were precisely correct.

“Sit down.
I’ll treat you to tea.”

“Thank you.”

The Marchioness of Spencer led the two to the tea table.
There was a primary setting, but the teapot was empty.
The Marchioness of Spencer did not call the maid but took the tea leaves from the cupboard herself.

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“Oh, my God, Mother! We’ll do it.”

“All right, I’ll do it, and you’ll bring the refreshments.”

“Marchioness of Spencer, how could you make the tea yourself…”

“My taste buds were so picky that the court maids couldn’t mix the water well.”

The Marchioness of Spencer insisted that she made it herself because it was not good enough to order the maid, but for that reason, the old Marchioness could not have refused to serve tea to the young couple.

Ezet looked at Edmond, bewildered and restless.
He was still leaning back against the back with a relaxed look on his face.

Only when the owner treats a higher partner or a valuable benefactor to make tea himself without ordering a maid.
Even if the emperor was treated, the owner only gave instructions, but the tea was close to the culture of being sold out.
Perhaps it is the Marchioness of Spencer who prides herself on tradition and manners in this day and age.

Ezet was almost the age of Marchioness Spencer’s granddaughter, and the Marquis of Spencer was a noble family who did not lose to Jaxen, who was called the supreme aristocrat.
Even though it is thanks to a family tradition that keeps the practice, the Duke of Jaxen has the oldest history.
Ordinary people think of the Marquis of Spencer first when they say ‘the oldest noble family.’

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