However, even if she tried to put her legs together, she couldn’t because Edmond held onto her thighs.
Edmond’s face was too close.
Fearing that it might smell, Ezet twisted her waist.

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“Edmond, please, don’t look.”

“Why do you tell me not to look at it on the bed?”

“Haa, I’m sorry… because it’s dirty there, please…”


His red eyes curled thin, and the corners of his mouth went up.

“Then I’ll have to find it and make it clean for you again.”

“Oh, no!”

As Edmond tried to bury his face between her legs, Ezet freaked out and grabbed his hair.

“No, Edmond! No, please, no!”

It’s enjoyable to see her face turning red and then blue again, but was it too much of a prank? It tickled his heart again to see Ezet shaking her head with tears on her desperate face.

“Please, Edmond.

You don’t like licking?”

Ezet nodded violently.

“Then can I wash you up?”

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“What? Again, again…?

It’s not the first time Edmond has cleaned up after an affair.
But as usual, he drove her to tears until she fainted.
Ezet rarely saw Edmond wash her body.

It is the first time she had experienced it adequately when he washed her body in the lounge next to the banquet hall.
No, it wasn’t cleaning; it was just rubbing their bodies in the bathtub.

“We have to make this place clean, right?”

As Edmond stroked his fingers through her vag*na, Ezet shrugged and trembled, and she grunted a small breath.

“Let me, let me wash up.

“Well… I see you keep rejecting me, so I lick it…”

“Oh, no, no! Mr.
Seed, wash up!”

“…is Milady asking me to wash her?”

Edmond, who had received ‘request’ rather than ‘permission’ from Ezet, smiled satisfactorily and hugged her body.

As he walked out of bed to the bathroom, Edmond held her in one arm and touched the recognizer by the door frame.
The light came on, and the bathroom brightened up.


With a restless look on his face, Ezet covered herself by putting her hands together on her chest and lower area.

“It’s not the first time you’ve been naked.”

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“Ha, but…”

It was embarrassing to be naked in such a bright space.
She wasn’t a shameless woman enough to show her messy hair and fluid-covered body.

Edmond sat Ezet in the bathtub and turned on the water.
Imperial Palace’s bathroom was equipped with mana stones to control the temperature, so the hot water flowing down the tap was the perfect temperature for bathing.

Edmond began to wipe Ezet’s body with his bare hands with his hands wet without using a towel.
Ashamed of making eye contact with him, Ezet closed her eyes and turned her head.
The palm wrapped around the shoulder gently patted the chest and slowly lowered to the belly.

“You’re putting yourself in good hands this time.”

“W, well…”

There’s something she already asked to be washed up, so she can’t help it.
Furthermore, resisting embarrassment only prolongs the bath time.
Ezet knew very well that this devilish persistent man would not quit just because she resisted.

“Ha, it’s better to wash than lick.”


Edmond, who burst into a small laugh, whispered close to Ezet’s ear.

“I suggest too much at first, draw rejection from the opponent, and then present what they really want.
It’s the basis of negotiations, Milady.”

“Yes, yes?”

“Door in the face technic, I want you to know.” {TN- Door in the face technique is basically when you follow up on an unrealistic demand with a realistic one.}

The purpose was washing up from the beginning.

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The man smiled harshly as Ezet opened his eyes wide in betrayal.
Did the snake that twisted Eve and fed her apples laughing like that?

“Y, you lied to me!”

“I didn’t cheat.”

He could’ve really licked her whole body to clean it up, he added.
…and Ezet had nothing more to say.

“Edmond, do you know you’re a real pervert?”

“Oh, my God.
I’m just listening to what you want.”

“When did I…!”

“You like it when it’s rough rather than soft, and you like to ignore your will, force it, and commit it.
Especially when you are touched in front of people, you don’t know what to do.”

“Oh, no!”


Seeing Edmond’s face with a face that seemed to know everything, Ezet had no choice but to quiver with her lips tightly bitten.

She doesn’t know how she got caught by this guy.
She was too shy to see other people.

“But earlier, that was… That’s too much…”

“What happened to the people at the banquet? That’s all right.
They wouldn’t have been able to see it because the waiting room was dark.”

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“It was so close that it couldn’t have been seen…”

“Wasn’t it a bit surprising to see us having sex naked?”

Come to think of it, it was.
She was obviously mixing herself with Edmond naked, and the ballroom people looking over the window looked at them for a while and went back to dance.

Of course, it was because between the banquet hall and the waiting room was not a window, but a glass wall that could only be seen as a mirror on one side.

‘Really… no one saw? They were so close.’

The situation that others might see was exciting, but afraid of what seemed real, Ezet took Edmond’s word for it.

“Well then… we won’t get caught next time.”


“No, it’s nothing!”

“You’re saying we’re going to have sex in the waiting room tomorrow, right?”

“No! You heard it wrong!”

“I can’t help it if you want to.
I’ll do whatever you want.”

“No, it’s not!”

The sound of laughter ate the voice of protest.

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