The gruesome yet dizzying pleasure penetrating the bottom and the stinging shock on the hips.
And the guilt of committing promiscuous acts with her husband just beyond the ballroom where people dance burned her body red.

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Her gasping breath almost smelled sweet.
Losing her mind before she knew it, she tightened and loosened her vag*na to Edmond’s phall*s, chasing pleasure.

A waiting room next door to a ballroom where millions of people danced and chatted.
The feeling of being naked in front of people with a thick window between them and being shamefully pleasured by her husband was ridiculously thrilling.

There is a great deal of sensuality in herself.
Such self-loathing did occur, but Ezet did not dwell.

It was always arrogant, self-righteous, and forceful Edmond who led the act so Ezet could sneak the blame on his wrongdoing while engaging in promiscuity.

So there is only joy left in the place where the guilt has disappeared.

She has become too addicted to the pleasure of erring and shirking responsibility.

Maybe the human mind is the most cunning.

I can’t… I like it……….!’

Reason and desire are constantly at odds in her head.
She knows she shouldn’t do this shameless and senseless act, but she can’t stop it.

She didn’t want to stop.

“Yah, good… Edmond, huaa!”

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When she closes her eyes, she felt that the rays of the light pouring toward herself were people’s eyes.

Ezet, who gasped for Edmond’s name in violent thrashing, Ezet reached the climax again with her screams.

She doesn’t even remember how she got back to the room.

Edmonds did not let Ezet go until the cloud-concealed moon crossed the black night sky and disappeared to the other side.
 Every time a man and a woman intertwined without a cloth on like animals and rubbed each other’s bodies, gasping sounds flowed down.

“Oh, oh, Edmond…”

“Milady, breathe out loud.
Don’t put up with it.”

Edmond grabbed Ezet ankle of who was lying down, lifted it, and let her sleek legs rest on his shoulders.
When he inserted her in a position as if her body folded in half, the angle of stabbing inside changed, causing Ezet’s back to bend significantly.

“Ah, aang! It’s deep…!”

“ …….”

Fairy tales are also different from reality.

The act of rubbing wet skin together and pressing violently to become one through connected genitals was more like depravity than sensuality.

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Ezet realized it later.
Why human morality and discipline emphasized on refrain from pleasure.

It was as if she was crumbling a delicate clay dough in his hand, rolling her whole body in his hand.

“Okay, ah, ah, good…….

The body, addicted to sex, was not satisfied even after spilling enough liquid to make the bottom swollen red, and the front of her eyes was dizzy.
She couldn’t stop shaking her waist even though it was so hot that her whole body was melting.

Deepest penetrated, Ezet struggled like a trapped beast yet shed a sweet nasal sound.
Hunting traps must be the act knowing that the more intense the resistance, the tighter it gets.

The bed, big enough for three or four adult men to lie down, was fluffy enough to make no sound even if children were running around.
And yet, every time Edmond hugged her body and puckered, the bed squeaked.

“Milady, call my name.”

“Hoot, Ed! Edmond!”

Edmond sped up his waist as he poured kisses on his face.
The squeaking sound from the connected genitals grew louder and shorter, turning into a loud splash of water.

“Ha-ha! Ah! Ah!”

As the thick pen*s dug deep into her stomach and pressed hard down, Ezet felt something vigorously sucked away as his lower stomach procrastinated.
Felling the orgasm coming, Ezet grabbed Edmond by the arm and shook her head.

“Eh, Ed, wait! I’m, uh, I’m… It’s weird!”

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“Huh, how, is that weird?”

“I’m climaxing, cli… Haa, stop!”

“If you want to climax, then climax.
I’ll do the same.”

“No, no, no! Oh, yeah!”

The lower abdomen was barely holding on to the flinching of itself, and when Edmond pulled up her waist and pressed down on the clitor*s, her legs twitching reflexively, and clear liquid shot up like a fountain.

“Oh, huh…!”


At the same time, hot liquid spewed out from the center of Ezet’s legs, Edmond poured semen into her.

Both slim legs toward the air were stiff.
The two of them stopped and trembled in the same position he had inserted.


It was Ezet’s side who let out a rough breath and relaxed first.
Her legs, which had been throbbing enough to cramp, fell out of the air onto the bed.

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Edmond looked down at Ezet’s liquid-soaked thighs and smiled proudly.
The moonlight fell on the thighs, which were wet with fluid from their liquid.

“Milady, you must have liked it a lot.”

“Huh, uh, yeah…?

Ezet, gasping for breath, raised her upper body in surprise when Edmond rubbed her thigh.
However, Edmond’s knees supported her under her thighs, causing her body to lean and fall back.

“Eh, Edmond! Don’t touch it!”

“Why? Isn’t Milady shedding it with joy?”

Edmond’s fingertips turned round the red clitoris and pressed the urethra below him.


“It was quite spectacular to see clear liquids rising here.
It doesn’t come out again if I press it.”

“Huh, please, don’t say…”

She can’t believe she’s having sex with her husband.
Ezet’s cheeks turned red with disgraceful emotions different from the excitement of sex.

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