His pen*s swept through her skin as if he were savoring dessert with his tongue.
Edmond groaned low at the touch of the moist yet chewy inner wall.

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“It’s sweltering inside of you.
Enough to melt.”


A thin groan came from her mouth, which shook as much as he did.

“All right, all right, Ed…”

She exhaled and shook her back, feeling good about rubbing against the wrinkled inner wall.
Every time, he could tell from the back that her breasts were bouncing, but just looking from the back is not enough.
Edmond, who thought so, lifted Ezet’s upper body.


“Milady, look this way.”

Inserting in her, Edmond swerved around Ezet.
The other side of the bathtub.
There was a big window there.



What she can saw through the window was the banquet hall where the banquet was being held.
The feast was still in full swing at the banquet hall.
Under the dazzlingly bright lights, people dressed in colorful dresses and suits were dancing gracefully.

“Eh, Edmond! Don’t do this! People are…!”

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“They’re dancing to the music.
Shall we dance too?”

“Hu huh!”

Ezet’s waist twitched from toe to head as if she had been electrocuted.

“Oh, my God, no!”

“Madam, shake your back a little more.
That’s how it fits the music.”

“What, stop… Angh!”

His long pen*s escaped to the point where it barely caught the entrance as he sat back with his hands wrapped around her thin waist.

As if the blunt end was about to escape, her entrance tickled and trembled as if begging him not to leave her inner walls.

“I can’t help it.”

Edmond pushed his back again and into the depths of her heart in response to an unspoken plea.


Her upper body was raised as her slender waist bent round.
The coveted chest was large and smooth enough to be grasped from the back.

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“Look at that, Milady.
The man and woman across from us are looking at us.
Was their gaze taken away by Milady’s lewd appearance?”

“Kyak, no!”

Ezet sobbed as she shook her head frantically, but underneath, her walls were steadily tightening.

The tight flesh clenched against his pen*s.
The flesh, which sucked the man’s pen*s desperately, as if holding on to a lifeline, stimulated the entire pillar while shaking.


“No, no… if they see me… Ha, haa!”

Perhaps too excited to be seen while having sex with her husband in front of people at the ballroom, Ezet, who hastily reached the peak alone, groaned and trembled.

Edmond grabbed her floundering wrist and pulled it back.
Her waist bent to the ground was lifted again.

To the point where the men outside the window see her wobbly breasts and their badly distorted, obscene expressions.

“Ed, Ed! No! They can see it!”

“That’s how you get more excited.”

“Ah, ahh! Angh!”

He shuddered at the chewy flesh twitching like crazy.
Edmond pulled Ezet’s elbow to lift herself further and then moved his back to a great extent.

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Thak, thak, their thighs hit, and her elastic hips were clearly seen swinging in a rebound.

“I can’t believe you came alone while having s*x with your husband.
It’s a breach of manners, Milady.”

“Ah, ah, ah… Don’t do this, huah!”

“I’m serving you like this.
Can you come alone?”

“Oh, no!”

“Yes, you can’t.
Then you should be punished because you did something wrong, right?”

“Ah, ah, ahh!”

Another man and woman at the ball looked at the two.
With his eyes staring at something as if he was observing something, Ezet seemed to be out of her mind.

‘Ha, people are watching! What we’re doing…!’

The large window with the ballroom and the waiting room next door was a mirror.
In the waiting room, the ballroom is a transparent window with a straight view, but you can only see the mirror on the wall in the ballroom.

‘Magic Mirror.
This is also my donation to the royal family.’

Edmond, who suddenly thought of a magic mirror when he saw the mirror room guided by the Empress, booked this lounge next to the banquet hall.

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After the music, the two men and women who were dancing approached not to see Edmond and Ezet having sex but just to look in the mirror and make sure their clothes and hair were not disturbed.

Edmond, of course, had no intention of telling Ezet this fact, and the guilt of behaving promiscuously in front of others constrained his heart and steadily increased his pleasure.

“Please, please, Edmond! People are watching!”

“You wanted to show them.
As you wish, Milady.”

“Waa, I didn’t want to… Anhha!”

Edmond did not stop the thrusting forcefully inside her.
Ezet wanted to cover her shaky chest, but he clasped his hands.

Ezet bowed her head, sobbing with shame.
The heat rising from the bottom was so intense that she couldn’t stand it even though she felt dizzy when her common sense and morality collapsed.
More intense.
More relentlessly.
He wants to make such a mess of her that she can’t think of anything more.

“Huh, Ang! Ed! Ed!”

Slap! Edmond’s palm hit her butt.
One arm was released from restraint, but Ezet floundered her slender arm rather than covering herself, calling for the next.

“Ed, Ed, I’m sorry!”

“Yes, I think we need bigger corporal punishment this time.”

“An! More, more…”

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