Like she wants to die from complications such as malnutrition, lack of exercise, and others such as stabbing the carotid artery with a knife, hanging on a rope, eating out, and slowly ruining her health.

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“You know, actually, Edmond…”

“I don’t think the Herit’s can afford to carry out the penalty for breach of contract.”

What are you talking about? Penalty?

Ezet suddenly came to her senses.
Since it was a contract marriage in the first place, she thought there would be detailed provisions that Ezet did not know, but there was even a penalty?

With the cost of the grandmother’s medicine, nursing, and funeral expenses, the property warehouse of Herit has been emptied cleanly.

There couldn’t have been money to pay a penalty or something.
So if Erit had just left and Ezet had just stayed in Viscount Herit’s, she would have to pay a fine of an amount she would faint at instead of missing her sister and her late grandmother.

Of course, there is no money for it, so she had to drown with bills in the river of debt.

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“Or are you going to leave everything you have left for your family?”

“Oh, no! No!”

Ezet shook her head violently.
How violently she shook her long brown hair slapping her cheek. 

‘Oh, my God.
How do I reveal it?’

Initially, she wanted to reveal to the Duke of Jaxen that Erit had run away and intended to apologize and beg for forgiveness in place of her sister.
But a penalty? The fastidious Duke was sure not to let her sit in her shoes even if she begged with tears. 

They will be taken alive, naked, sold as slaves, or skinned, sold organs, peeled off bones, made human models, and left them out even if they hold an exhibition. 

‘No! I don’t want to die yet!’ 

Ezet trembled and noticed the Duke of Jaxen.
Edmond Jaxen, the husband of her sister and now her husband who is disguised as her sister. 

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“Then I understand you’ve said all the important things.” 

Edmond turned.
The vest’s cutting line from the broad back to the waist was as flexible and beautiful as the flowing water, but now is not the time to admire his back. 

If she misses this chance now, we won’t see each other again! 

“Wait a minute!” 

Ezet called Edmond up. 

Are you sure you need a wife?” 

“…I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

Edmond turned around and looked at Ezet.
The red eyes, which seemed to be condensed into the colors of the sunset, looked strangely cold.

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It is also a prejudice that ‘red is a warm color.’ Didn’t they say that the fire’s lowest temperature is red, and as it goes to the center, blue is the warmest? 

…This is probably good scientific common sense. 

“Until you hand over the title to your successor, I… You said the Duchess of Jaxen should stay with you alive, right? 

“Yes, I did.”

“You said you would spare no material and time support to do so.” 


She heard the sound of a beating heart sound from her chest.
No, it was more like boom boom. 

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It won’t work to appeal to this man who visits her like a ghost, makes her faint twice, and then leaves after saying his own words.

‘I can imagine how embarrassed she must have been to face this man.’

She was cheerful, playful, and good at jokes, and she must have been trying to be friendly to Edmond and gave him plausible jokes. 

But coming back must have been cold reactions and cold answers that could not be helped.

If logic could not compete, the only remaining means would be agitation and fabrication, so Erit lost her mind and made a headbanging song to refute the Duke’s words, but rather than winning the argument, the opponent caused her pupils to shake as if she were a crazy person step by step.

‘I can’t follow in her footsteps.’ 

As long as it became impossible for Ezet to tell Edmond the truth and return home, she had to find her own way to survive in the mansion.

The Duke Edmond Jaxen had captured the dragon, who had threatened the empire as a boy and had excellent management skills enough to run the vast estate under the title.
Since she is two years older than her sister, there is a four-year difference between him and Ezet.

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