On the way, Lu Jianhua’s heart palpitated like a drum.
He felt both surprised and happy, as if in a trance, like he was dreaming.

Heavens, I found Captain Qin, and it was that cat who took me along to find him.

Lu Jianhua did not dare to stop his steps, and when he was almost at the entrance of the base, he practically collided into it.

His comrade Wang De Zhu, who had substituted him, looked at him expressionlessly with a gun on his shoulders.

“Fast, fast… call the medical team…” Soldiers on duty could not arbitrarily converse with other people.
Their discipline was strict and serious.

Lu Jianhua’s face, who had run here wildly, was red like a soldering iron, so he did not have the time to care about other things.
Holding on to Wang De Zhu, he said while panting: “Hurry up, call people, I’ve found Captain Qin…”

“Captain Qin was injured severely, he’s in a dangerous state, it must be fast.”

Wang De Zhu was stunned.
Everybody was in the mountains searching for Captain Qin like crazy.
The colonel[1] gave orders one by one, hundreds of people entered the mountain, as if they were drops flowing into the big sea, but no news came back.

Their comrades were only able to find two corpses of outlaws and traces of shooting and chasing.
The remaining outlaws and Captain Qin were nowhere to be found, as if they had disappeared.

Not a person seen from the living, and no corpse found from the dead.

Right now, everybody was continuing the search, but the truth was that they had already given up on all hopes.
They were afraid that they would only be able to find Captain Qin’s corpse.

The climate was hot, and wounds would easily become inflamed.
Captain Qin held on with his gravely injured body and killed two outlaws.
Now, he had no support, adding on that it was in a mountain forest were beasts came and went, if he were to live on, only a miracle would make it possible.

Wang De Zhu had endless doubts in his heart. Everybody has been searching in the mountain for so many days, almost enough to flip the mountain, but still wasn’t able to find even a shadow of Captain Qin.
Lu Jianhua, this kid, just went out to walk a round, spent at most ten or something minutes for the roundtrip, and yet found Captain Qin?

Does he have such incredible luck?

Currently, it was not the right time to be talking about that, so Wang De Zhu hurriedly ran into the base: “Report to the superiors, I’ll go to call the medical team.”

In the span of two or three minutes, two military SUVs rushed out of the base like lightning.

Colonel Song Bei personally followed in a car, and in the base, Political Commissar[2] He Dong Mou excitedly communicated once again with the military district hospital and experts: “…yes, yes, yes, we’ve found the person, send people and let them be prepared fast, you must treat our comrade with the fastest speed possible!”

Lu Jianhua sat on the front passenger seat, guiding the way with his heart burning in anxiousness and occasionally responding to Song Bei’s interrogation.

Everybody was restless and worried, but they were also hoping to find Qin Xiao as fast as possible.

“Little comrade, you left the fainted Captain Qin on the road by himself?” In the end, Song Bei was someone who had seen many things in his life, and after carefully asking about the details of Qin Xiao’s situation, his heart immediately strung high, the excitement and joy almost fading completely.

Their base was stationed deep in the mountains.

The deeper someone went into the jungle, the more often beast would be wandering about.
The soldiers moved in groups and had guns in their hands, and it was only out of fear for the crowd that the beasts did not dare to get close.
But recently, the troops had been going into the mountain to do searches and had disturbed many beasts in the area.

All types of beasts are scrambling in all four directions.
Qin Xiao is in a dead faint, unconscious, and is by himself with a gravely injured body…

Those tigers, leopards, and wolves are extremely sensitive to the smell of blood, and there’s also those outlaws whom we still haven’t found traces of…

“Aiyah!” Song Bei’s whole body was covered in goosebumps, his forehead started to sweat, and he slapped his thigh in exasperation, madly urging the driver: “Faster! Hurry up!”

The people who followed them started to become nervous because of Colonel Song’s words, and the atmosphere became so suffocating that they could hardly breath.

They had lost their reasoning after hearing the good news that Captain Qin was found.
They had been so pleasantly surprised that they had forgotten other matters.

Now, after they were reminded by the colonel, everybody’s heart went into their throats.

The driver was also anxious, but he also did not dare to press on the accelerator until the end.
The mountain road was rugged, so he could only try his best to increase their speed.

This road was also one that went deep into the mountain, and at most, only troops that went to train would run on it.

Occasionally, when cars followed, they would not go too fast either.
Cars could pass, but the road’s state was rugged and uneven, and it was difficult to travel in high speeds.

During normal days, when people went into the mountain, there were other roads that could be taken too.

The people in the car bumped and wobbled all around.
The driver’s forehead was filled with cold sweat.

Captain Qin was just ahead of them, by being faster one second, it could probably save him.

Song Bei saw that Lu Jianhua was hesitating, wanting to say something.
He sighed and covered his forehead, feeling that he should not have rebuked the hero that had found Qin Xiao, so he added another sentence: “You were also afraid that the bumping from the trip would worsen little Qin’s wounds, I understand, it’s just that you did not consider things properly.”

In the end, he’s young and can’t handle things calmly.

Translator’s comments:

Light spoiler: Song Bei and others are in for a surprise.
Lu Jianhua’s decision was 100% right~

Translator’s notes:

[1] If there is anyone who knows what ‘团长 (tuán zhǎng)’ translates as, please leave a comment about it.
We have no idea about the titles in the military, and we were not able to find a clear translation on Internet.
For now, we’ll be leaving it as ‘colonel’, but it may be subject to change.

[2] ‘政委 (zhèng wěi)’: Another military title.

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