Lu Jianhua did not have Qin Xiao’s battle experience and strong willpower that was like steel.

His legs trembled, and because of panic, there was only a hideous and terrifying tiger in his vision, so he did not notice at all the Qin Xiao who was being carried on the back of Da Hua.

Da Hua lowly roared once, and Lu Jianhua resembled even more a frightened rabbit, his butt heavily falling on the floor to sit on it.

Adrenaline going on a frenzy, throat tightening, Lu Jianhua’s fingers trembled.
He did not know what he should do and could only continue swallowing his saliva unconsciously in vain.


Bai Xia Xia meowed many times.

Lu Jianhua did not hear her even once, his face was pale, and his head was covered in sweat.

His wide-eyed appearance made him look like he was going to horrifyingly faint in the next second.

Bai Xia Xia hurriedly ran back to his side, but even when she cried heartbreakingly, there was no use.

She distressingly lifted her paw— —so useless.
According to Da Hua, when the heavily wounded soldier gege was faced with Da Hua, he was still able to stand up and fight.

Surrounded by a bloodthirsty aura.

A cat’s sharp curved claws scratched Lu Jianhua’s skin.
The pain on his arm forcefully made him recover some of his sanity.

A mountain breeze brushed by.
Lu Jianhua’s clothes were soaked with sweat, coldness overcame, and he started to shiver.

Bai Xia Xia sat by Lu Jianhua’s legs, and the embarrassment on her furry cat face was covered by the fur.

Maybe it was because she had hung out with Da Hua for too long, but Bai Xia Xia had already become accustomed to interacting with Da Hua.

She underestimated a bit the fear and dread that would arise when ordinary people were faced with a big beast.

Physiological response could not be controlled at all.


Lu Jianhua regained his sanity.
His eyes remained in their diluted and confused state, but looking at them, the ability to think normally had been recovered.

Bai Xia Xia rushed to the side of Da Hua who was lying down.
A meat pad extended a claw that was like a hook and hooked onto Qin Xiao’s military uniform.

A beautiful small white face[1] difficultly stood up on its two hind legs with its front legs lifted.
This pose was very hard to maintain for a long time, so it was very difficult when Bai Xia Xia did it.

But she was not willing to open her mouth and bite.

After trying many times, Bai Xia Xia strenuously arched in her head and finally managed to raise Qin Xiao’s strengthless arm.

Da Hua’s half laid down sitting posture did not give Lu Jianhua any sense of security at all.
However, this tiger did not have the appearance of wanting to eat him.

Bai Xia Xia looked like she was conversing with the tiger.
The ‘meow~’ and ‘roar~’ that sounded one after another, when heard in his ears, somehow made Lu Jianhua feel that something was different.

With his heart still pounding, Lu Jianhua wiped off big drops of cold sweat and saw the Qin Xiao that was carried on the back of the tiger.

A familiar combat uniform, cloth edges that were full of bloodstains… Th-that’s… Captain Qin! Lu Jianhua’s heart that was pounding chaotically stopped in that instant.
He stood up in a flash, and out of anxiousness, stumbled once again.
He followed his inertia and slid to the front some more.
Lu Jianhua completely ignored the pain and even forgot about Da Hua’s existence in that moment.

He practically staggered and crawled to Da Hua’s side.

“Captain Qin!”

Suddenly seeing this familiar face, Lu Jianhua was so surprised that his throat trembled, and his voice uncontrollably cracked.

Lu Jianhua lifted Qin Xiao’s body that was in a terrible state in a hurry and carefully laid him straight on the ground.

After doing a simple inspection of Captain Qin’s wounds, Lu Jianhua moved to put Qin Xiao on his back to carry him back to the base without thinking about it.

Bai Xia Xia: “Meow~”

The snow-white Persian cat sat pressing on Qin Xiao’s slightly heaving chest.
With its head tilted, a soft paw with meat pads blocked Lu Jianhua’s hand that was extending over.

Lu Jianhua paused.

He tentatively moved past Bai Xia Xia to carry Qin Xiao, but the cat’s snow-white paw accurately pressed his hand.


Lu Jianhua looked at the Persian cat that was elegantly licking the fur on its paw, and then also looked suspiciously at the resting tiger that was close at hand.

In a flash of inspiration[2], Lu Jianhua blurted: “I’ll go call other people?”

Bai Xia Xia pretended to not hear anything, and like a real cat, she tilted her head.

Big, beautiful grapelike eyes that were bright and clear revealed confusion.

As if they were saying, What are you talking about?

Lu Jianhua clenched his fists: Right.
In a moment of elation, I forgot that Captain Qin is gravely injured.
If I carry him and run back to the base, it’ll worsen his wounds without a doubt.

I need to call the medical team here.

Lu Jianhua felt very conflicted, looking at Bai Xia Xia and then looking at Da Hua.
He felt that this cat looked very much like it understood humans, as if it was a human itself.

Otherwise, why else would it have called me over? Staring at it for a moment, he felt once again that he was thinking too much.
He carefully examined Bai Xia Xia.
The clean and cute cat was much more beautiful compared to other ordinary cats, but when he probed deeper, he felt once more that it was only a cat.

Being beautiful and cute is true, but as for other things… forget it.

What can a cat know? It’s also possible that this is a cat being raised by humans and has gone through training, causing it to become particularly intelligent?

There are pets that are extraordinarily smart, and occurrences where house cats and dogs who’ve saved their owners have happened before too.

Maybe the Persian cat in front has been trained before?

Just like how police dogs can do things according to oral commands but don’t understand anything.

It should be the case with this Persian cat.

Finally, his gaze stopped on the face of Captain Qin who was heavily wounded and had fainted.
He clenched his teeth and hesitated.

This cat was able to take me to find a person, so it’s particularly intelligent.
Should I believe in it?

He was extremely hesitant. Captain’s wound is very serious.
Thankfully, when the tiger carried him over, the trip was steady, and no secondary damage was done.
If I carry him back all the way, the bumping will instead harm Captain Qin.

Lu Jianhua did not dare to decide, handing Captain Qin’s life over to a cat… it’s madness!

However, he made eye contact with Bai Xia Xia’s transparent and calm vertical slitted pupils.
There, the lake-like reflection of Lu Jianhua’s anxious face that was sweating profusely was shown.

He watched Bai Xia Xia sitting, then at Da Hua at the side with its head placed in the middle of its big meaty paws, its chin swaying.

No matter how Lu Jianhua struggled, the tiger did not show any signs of caring about him, and its cold and overbearing air was in full display.

Lu Jianhua deeply breathed in, clenched his hands that were full of sweat, and decided to believe in this miracle.

A tiger was able to carry Captain Qin here, and it didn’t eat him on the way! Maybe it’s the heavens that have opened their eyes and decided that Captain Qin should not die!

In the countryside, there are always stories being spread about magical and unpredictable animals that are intelligent, so this cat must’ve come to save Captain Qin!

Once Lu Jianhua made his decision, he did not continue hesitating and stood up promptly.
He had seen trainers giving police dogs oral commands before, so he learned from the trainer’s pattern and worked hard to imitate them.

Lu Jianhua treated Bai Xia Xia as a cat that had been trained, and even though he did not know who had the free time to be able to train a pet cat, right now, he wanted to thank them.

“Kitty, help me guard Captain Qin for a moment.
I’ll come back soon, very soon! Don’t leave no matter what! Sit!”

While his voice still drifted by her ears, Lu Jianhua had already taken off running wildly like an arrow that was shot.

The Persian cat that was sitting: From where did this fool come from? Sit? This Emperor has been sitting all this time!

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