Da Hua was a round-headed beautiful male Amur tiger[1] that had just become an adult not long ago.
He was three and a half years old this year.

Amur tiger (photo taken from Wikipedia)

Usually, he was very playful, hot-tempered, and appeared to be a mature tiger with a big and muscular build.

His tigerish gaze and threatening aura made him look very scary, but the reality was that he was only a sad mommy’s tiger that had just been kicked out of his den by his mom and become independent for three months.

He was easily irritable and was a fellow with a gluttonous appetite.
It was truly only because Bai Xia Xia’s hand was forced and did not have any other way that she coerced the cub Da Hua, who only had the IQ of a four- to five-year-old, to guard the soldier gege.

The truth was that Bai Xia Xia preferred to personally stay behind to guard the gravely injured soldier gege.

However, Bai Xia Xia’s build was small, and she was not able to carry Qin Xiao.

Moreover, since Qin Xiao was heavily wounded, he had a strong smell of blood, and it was probable that it would attract other large beasts.

Da Hua staying back was better.
His aggressiveness was strong, and he could deter other beasts.

Also, the danger of telling Da Hua to get close to the base was too high, and she could not be sure if an accident would happen.
If he carried the person there, it would have simply been too intelligent and obvious.

Bai Xia Xia did not dare to make Da Hua take risks, so after considering many factors, she chose this plan.
Even though it was also very risky, and it would expose herself, she could not watch as someone died without rescuing them, and it was also better than exposing Da Hua.

On the way, Bai Xia Xia had worried that Da Hua would not be able to stand the hunger and was very afraid that this gluttonous one would devour Qin Xiao into his stomach in advance.

When Bai Xia Xia had obstructed Lu Jianhua from leaving, her heart had also been beating like a drum.
She was afraid that Da Hua’s animal instincts would take over and that he would eat up the soldier gege and then turn around and run.

All’s good, all’s good, my fool-a-tiger 【cross out】[2] education was extremely successful.

“Meow~” Da Hua, good job, you get to listen to a fairytale!

Bai Xia Xia’s cat claws waved around diligently, and her tail swung happily, raining praises on him[3].

Da Hua was so happy that he seemed to be surrounded by flowers[4], but he still only used his big furry head to reservedly and cheerfully nod twice.

His tail was swinging fervently at the back, left and right, up and down, shake it DJ.


I’m the greatest.

Xia Xia said so.
I’m known as the king of beasts by the two-legged beasts, a beast above other beasts, and will become the emperor of the mountain in the future.
Mom also said that when I grow up, I’ll become the most incredible hunting tiger.

Da Hua did not understand very well the meaning of ‘emperor of the mountain’.
It was too flashy and gaudy, making him feel uninterested.
However, knowing that he was the greatest was enough.

Stupid and ignorant two-legged beasts, even though they like to overcomplicate things, at least, on that point, they have a great discernment!

Solely because of the two-legged beasts’ praise, Da Hua reluctantly promised to carry the person over. After all, Xia Xia also said that the two-legged beasts are very realistic.
If I did not rescue, the two-legged beasts would turn their faces away and not acknowledge Tiger[5], and then immediately call the ugly pig next door the emperor of hundred beasts.

They’re very realistic!

Fat Tiger does not approve, Fat Tiger definitely cannot become a tiger below pigs.
I .
Emperor of Hundred Beasts .
Fat Tiger, is fated to crush the ugly pig old enemy for a lifetime!

Sigh, Xia Xia, for my precious throne, bore the humiliation and mixed with the two-legged beasts that have no fur, no claws.
It must’ve been very hard.
I can’t let her efforts be in vain~

In that moment, a certain gluttonous mommy’s tiger did not mention at all that he was tempted by the smell of blood many times, and that he had licked Qin Xiao’s whole face full of saliva at the beginning.



Bai Xia Xia did not forget to console the Lu Jianhua, who had been scared into transforming into a sculpture.

She lifted her paws, patted his legs, and then elegantly and calmly ran towards Da Hua.

Lu Jianhua knew since early on that Cuilian Mountain had beasts coming and going in it.
Normally, when he trained together with the big army, they were grouped in a giant, dark crowd, so there was no need at all to worry about a tiger appearing out of nowhere.

Right now, when he was alone, Lu Jianhua felt like crying, and his heart and liver trembled.
His legs became soft as marshmallows, and he did not know what he should do at all.

His mind was screamed loudly, and he maintained the stance of turning his body sideways to look back.
It was unknown if the emotions shown in his eyes were fright or panic, or if they had diluted out of fear.
In conclusion, he glared at the front without even daring to blink.

Under the extreme panic and fear, Bai Xia Xia had long been forgotten and sent to the back of his mind by him.

Lu Jianhua was full of regret, I should’ve listened to my comrade!

Eating the wrong medicine and taking a cat seriously, my brain must’ve malfunctioned, leading to such bad luck!

And now…

Translator’s comments:

So, cats educate tigers too… What would Da Hua’s mom have to say about that?

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Translator’s notes:

[1] Amur tigers, formerly known as Siberian tigers, are one of the largest cats in the world.
They can weigh up to 450 pounds and grow to be 10 feet long from head to tail.
They’re native to Russian Far East and Northeast China.

[2] We have no idea what ‘cross out’ is supposed to mean here, or in what context it’s used.
Probably something about fooling a tiger and crossing out its instincts through constant education to leave a reasonable tiger?

[3] The real phrase here was ‘拍彩虹屁 (pāi cǎi hóng pì)’, with its literal translation being ‘slapping the rainbow butt’.
However, it’s used to express giving over-the-top flattery and compliments to the other party to please and fawn on them.
And in this case, the author wrote that Bai Xia Xia used her tail to slap that butt.

[4] The literal translation here was ‘so happy that he was close to emitting bubbles’.

[5] Used in place of ‘me’.

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