Qin Xiao stumbled and powerlessly fell on the thick fallen leaves, not caring when he was dirtied by mud.

The cold feeling on his back somehow managed to make him regain some of his consciousness, but it still was not of much help.

The gunshot wound on his abdomen had not been treated yet and had only been hastily wrapped with some bandages by him.
Excessive fatigue and dizziness, as well as the sequelae brought by massive blood loss, had taken over him at the same time, and he had relied solely on his strong willpower to persist until now.

If it was changed to another person, they would have long fainted.

The right hand wearing a black fingerless glove was completely bloodstained, Qin Xiao did not care either and moved according to his habit to find a place below a rock to bury the things inside.

Bending his waist, digging, and then smoothing it out, these actions that were usually ordinary became overly slow and difficult.
Qin Xiao sat back up with trembling hands.

With loud and fast breathing, the man laid on the ground half-paralyzed, with his muscles relaxed.

Qin Xiao was about to die.

He did not have any excessive emotions.
Hypothermia brought by massive blood loss made him unresponsive, and his consciousness blurred.

Taking care of everything, making sure that his comrades in arms that would look for him later would be able to find the things.
He did not have anything to worry about anymore, and after relaxing, he felt even more that his whole body was exhausted.
The wound hurt so bad that he unstoppably bared his teeth out of pain, and the salty and metallic taste[1] in his mouth became increasingly strong.

On the verge of death, there was no fear and dread on Qin Xiao’s face.
He wiped the blood stains on his face and dully, but calmly, judged: Deep in the jungle, the roads are intricate like a maze.
Greenery is overgrown, roots are deep, and when people run by them, no trace can be left.
The mountain range stretches far away, my body has been heavily injured, and I will not be able to wait for support.

My comrades will probably be going crazy from anxiousness.
In a moment of hurry, I contended with that group of outlaws with an injured body, but they can also be considered unlucky, since I was able to corner them into the vicinity of the base station.

Qin Xiao’s chaotic thoughts were accompanied by shortness of breath, and even if he was on the verge of death, he saw, in the corner of his vision, the vigorous tiger that slowly paced out of the woods like a king.
His breathing stopped.

Qin Xiao felt his scalp go numb[2], his thoughts stagnated, and his muscles stiffened, unable to move.

An adult tiger with a body that was longer than two meters, fat and strong.
It walked with a majestic gaze, and the icy cruelty that belonged to carnivores was occasionally exposed through its sharp teeth.

So white that they were terrifying.

The gorgeous tiger looked at him from the top and got closer to his prey step by step.

When meeting the bright gaze of the beast, even with Qin Xiao’s willpower, his palms still unconsciously started to sweat, his back becoming taut.

His Adam’s apple rolled up and down uncontrollably, and under the biological reaction, drops of sweat dripped from his neck.
He kept his body stiff, not daring to move in the slightest.

The tiger paced closer; Qin Xiao’s lips formed into a wry smile.

When bad luck comes, even if you try to block it, you will not be able to.

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