It may be due to fear, after Aunt Zhou returned home, and after thinking about it, she went over to Baozi Xi Shi’s place and told her about Liu Qing’s threats.


    Baozi Xishi, who was originally frightened and restless, immediately turned pale.
She ran out immediately to the street to buy food and even forgot to put on her gauze.
She then ran all the way to Daxi Town before it was completely dark.


    Baozi Xishi had never left Changliu Town before.
Although she knew the direction of Daxi Town, she had to ask people along the way to go to the county office.
When she finally arrived at the door of the cell, it was already dark, and more than two hours had passed since the four were imprisoned.


    Ji Wei was accompanied by Liu Yimian, so he was not bored.


    They sat on the cot and listened to Ji Wei telling the story of Xu Xian and Bai Niangzi.
Just as he was fascinated by the story, Baozi Xishi rushed in, calling Liu Qing’s name incessantly.


    “Brother Qing, Brother Qing, I’m here, where are you?”


    Their cells were in the back, and when Liu Qing heard Baozi Xishi’s voice, he got up from the ground, holding the pillar of the cell with both hands, and shook it vigorously, “Bitch! I’m here! Hurry up and get over here! “


    When Baozi Xishi came over, she looked like she had run a thousand miles.


    Her hair was messy, her forehead was sweaty, and she couldn’t stop panting.
Seeing Liu Qing, she shivered obviously, and then raised a few oil paper bags in her hand, and said timidly, “Brother Qing, I brought you some food along for Brother Qing and Brother Li.”


    “Good Xiufen, hurry up and bring it to me.
We are starving to death–” Li Erba stretched out his hand from the cell and waved at Baozi Xi Shi.


    When passing by Ji Wei’s cell, Baozi Xishi gave Ji Wei a disgusting look.


    Glancing over the hostile look from Liu Yimian, she paused, her face clearly flickering with shock, then withdrew her gaze and hurriedly knelt in front of Liu Qing’s prison door, unwrapping the oil-paper wraps in her hands one by one.


    She brought a lot of things, including freshly baked fried chicken, a whole box of pastries, and a pot of Chinese wine.


    She knew Liu Qing well enough that when he is in a bad temper, he had to drink.


    Even if he is more prone to violence after drinking, if he doesn’t drink, the end result will be even more miserable.


    Baozi Xishi first stuffed the oily chicken through the gap between the pillars.
Liu Qing tore off the two chicken legs, then stuffed the chicken next door to Lin Qing.
He sat on the ground and devoured the chicken legs.


    When he finished eating a chicken leg, he wiped his mouth with his greasy hand and reached out for the wine.


    Baozi Xishi handed it over, but unfortunately, the jug was too large to be stuffed between the pillars.
Liu Qing tried several times and failed.
In the end, he could only put his face against the cell door and drink it.


    However, due to the inconvenience of the posture, the wine poured down the throat into the neckline, soaking Liu Qing’s clothes.


    Liu Qing was very annoyed and embarrassed as he was only half full.
He reached out the gap, grabbed Baozi Xi Shi by the collar, and almost pulled her off the ground.
He said viciously, “When I was caught by that bastard named Zhu.
Why didn’t I see you walking with me? Where did you hide?”


    “I, I…” Tears rolled in Baozi Xishi’s eyes, but she didn’t know what to say.


    How could she tell him that she was terribly afraid and hid in the corner, for fear of being caught by sheriff Zhu too.
As the more she thinks about it at home, the more scared she became, so much so that she didn’t even dare to go out.


    I’m afraid she will die before she could finish speaking.


    “You? What you!” Liu Qing grinned, but he didn’t look at Baozi Xishi, but stared at Liu Yimian like a hungry wolf, and the big palm clutching Baozi Xishi’s neck kept tightening.


    “Look over there! What did you see?”


    Baozi Xishi choked and said, “Ji Wei, and his “brother”.”


    “A lowly “brother” knows to come to accompany his man.
When I’m down, where were you?” The sound of Liu Qing’s slap on Baozi Xi Shi’s face was very clear in the empty cell.


    Li Erba, who was on the other side, had motives for Baozi Xishi’s beauty from a long time ago, but seeing her pitiful appearance at this time, he couldn’t bear it and persuaded: “Brother, Xiufen may have been delayed by other things and couldn’t come? Why don’t you like take it easy?”


    Lin Qing glared at Li Erba, only then did Li Erba shut his mouth in embarrassment.


    “Brother Qing! Brother Qing, please forgive me.
I’ve never seen such a battle.
I was frightened and didn’t follow me because I was confused for a while.
I’ll definitely, definitely—”


    Baozi Xishi cried miserably, but Liu Qing was indifferent, staring at her coldly for a long time.
It was not until Baozi Xishi’s cry became softer and softer that he finally let go of her.


    The weak Baozi Xishi fell to the ground softly, her hands tightly covering her lips, not daring to let out a cry.


    Liu Yimian was stunned by the scene in front of him, and he felt more and more grateful for Ji Wei’s kindness in his heart.
Even when he was most brutal and vicious, he would never treat him like Liu Qing, let alone so considerate now.


    He held Ji Wei’s clothes tightly and whispered in his ear, “Brother Ji, that Baozi Xishi is so pitiful…”


    Ji Wei squeezed Liu Yimian’s palm and motioned him to keep quiet, “Now that Liu Qing’s anger has subsided, if we were to speak out again, Baozi Xishi will suffer again, let’s take a look first.”


    Liu Yimian covered his mouth and nodded.


    “If someone named Zhang asks you some questions tomorrow, how would you answer?”


    Baozi Xi Shi said, “Who is the person named Zhang?”


    Lin Qing warmly reminded: “It’s the county magistrate.”


    “County magistrate?” Baozi Xishi was so frightened that her face turned pale, “Why would the magistrate talk to me?”


    “You are a witness, and you will testify in court with the four of us tomorrow.”


    Baozi Xishi moved in Lin Qing’s direction, looked at him for help, and mourned, “Brother Qing, what should I say?”


    Lin Qing looked at Liu Qing and saw that he agreed before slowly saying, “Just tell the county magistrate what you told the big brother.”


    Baozi Xishi thought for a while, then shook her head.


    Lin Qing looked at Ji Wei’s cell and said softly, “Did you forget that you told the big brother that Ji Wei bullied and humiliated you, and the elder brother was angry and wanted justice for you?”


    Baozi Xishi glanced at Ji Wei, then nodded quickly, “I remember now!”


    “Then you just need to tell the magistrate that.”


    “That’s it?” Baozi Xishi looked at Liu Qing and confirmed with him.


    Liu Qing snorted, sat cross-legged near Lin Qing, and said firmly, “Just listen to him.”


    “It’s very simple, don’t be afraid.”


    Ji Wei noticed something was wrong over there and narrowed his eyes.


    Originally, the five people spoke loudly without any scruples, but now they gathered together and lowered their voices, obviously discussing something.
It must be a countermeasure related to tomorrow, is it possible that it is a testimonial?


    Ji Wei’s eyes gradually cooled down.


    He is not afraid at all.


    But if these people want to stab him in the back, then don’t blame him for being ruthless?


    Liu Yimian asked in a low voice, “Brother Ji, what are they talking about?”


    Ji Wei pondered, “Lin Qing is the think tank among the three of them.
In the court today, he said that I insulted Baozi Xi Shi, and then she asked Liu Qing to look for me for justice.
I think they are talking about this.”


    Ji Wei sighed, if things were as he guessed, it would be a little difficult.


    After all, in order to frighten Baozi Xi Shi, he really pushed her too far in front of others, and the vendors on West Street could testify to it.


    If they stick to this excuse, Ji Wei is afraid that he will be implicated, and then he may also need to share some of the faults.


    But he is clearly in the right, why should he bear this charge?


    The original owner’s fault has long since been written off with his death!


    Seeing that his brows were wrinkled, Liu Yimian couldn’t help but stretched out a small hand and gently stroke his brows, awakening Ji Wei, and asked sideways.


    “I don’t want to see Brother Ji being so troubled…” Liu Yimian bowed his head a little embarrassedly, and when he heard Ji Wei’s chuckle, he raised his head, only then did he realize that the two were very close, and wanted to move to the side.


    “Brother Ji, what are you worried about?”


    Ji Wei stretched out his long arms, put Liu Yimian in his arms, and said with a smile, “Mianmian still knows how to comfort people.
Brother Ji is fine.
I was just wondering how they would respond if they gave false evidence.”


    “What false evidence are they making?” Liu Yimian looked at the next door indignantly, his fists clenched tightly, as though he was about to rush over to fight for Ji Wei’s injustice, making Ji Wei look at it and laugh secretly.


    “The day I first went to the street to sell cakes, I was really rude to Baozi Xishi.” Ji Wei frowned, feeling a little irritable, “But if I didn’t threaten her with her adultery with Liu Qing, I’d be afraid It is difficult to deter, and there will be frequent disputes in the future.”


    “If they want to make a big fuss about it, I’m afraid it’s not good for me.”


    Liu Yimian was puzzled, “Adultery?”


    Ji Wei explained: “Liu Qing has a family, his wife has a strong temperament and very bad temper.
Even Liu Qing would not dare to offend her for fear that trouble would arise and he would not be able to keep his face.
So they kept their relationship in silent.”


    “This—” Liu Yimian hesitated, “How long has it been?”


    Ji Wei searched the memory of the original owner and guessed: “There are three or five years.”


    A few years ago, the original owner could not be taken seriously, and he has been kept in the outer circle.
It was only in the past two years that he became the core figure in Changliu Town of the Qinglong Gang, and he has been crashing with Liu Qing since then.


    To say a specific time, he really does not know.


    After listening, Liu Yimian took a deep breath and looked at Baozi Xi Shi in horror, “She’s so bold!”


    “Why do you say this?”


    “Brother Ji, although I don’t understand many things, I still know how to be a proper person.
My mother taught me since I was a child that as a “brother”, once we are married, we must be truthful to our husband.” Liu Yimian looked at Ji Yiyi carefully, and seeing that he was not impatient, he continued, “If we are not married yet, we must pay more attention to conduct.
If we have an affair with a married man, his wife can implement private punishment.
Not to mention, we could be brought to court, there will be even more terrible…”


    Liu Yimian shrank for a moment, and did not dare to say anymore.


    If a “Brother” needs to conduct himself like this, as a woman, it is even more necessary.


    The original owner was a bully and never cared about etiquette.
And Ji Wei is not a person of this era, it is difficult to know these.
Hearing Liu Yimian’s words, the troubled thoughts suddenly dissipated, and he suddenly became enlightened.


    He grabbed Liu Yimian’s arm and squeezed it tightly, bringing him to his side, holding Liu Yimian’s small face in both hands, looking left and right, the smile on his face could not be concealed.


    Looking at Liu Yimian, he was a little shy, his eyes dodged, and she didn’t dare to look at him, “Brother Ji, what are you looking at?”


    “Looking at you!”


    “There is nothing good to look at…”


    Liu Yimian muttered softly.


    Ji Wei pinched the soft flesh of his cheek and said with a smile: “Mianmian is cute, soft, and smart, and looks good everywhere.”


    Liu Yimian’s cheeks were flushed, and he turned around forcefully, “Brother Ji, you are teasing me, I will ignored you!”

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