ll Ji Wei in the cell.


    Ji Wei didn’t bother with them, anyway, there were prison guards watching from outside the prison door.
Even if they want to kill him, they need the ability and the courage.


    He was tired from the morning’s event, and he had to rush to the county office in the  afternoon, and he felt his whole body aching.


    Ji Wei lay down on the bed and fell asleep shortly.
Don’t know how long it took when he heard a low sobbing sound in his ear, he opened his eyes in a daze, and saw a familiar little face.


    Ji Wei suddenly sat up from the bed, rubbed his eyes and stared at Liu Yimian outside the prison door, and said in shock, “Mianmian, why are you here?”


    Didn’t he ask that person not to tell Mianmian?


    Ji Wei was annoyed, he shouldn’t have let people send the cart back.
He should just store it somewhere first, it’s really sad to see him cry like this.


    Across the prison door, Ji Wei couldn’t comfort him, so he stretched out his arm, rubbed Liu Yimian’s head, and said softly, “Be good, Mianmian, don’t cry, Brother Ji has done nothing wrong, I will be released tomorrow, You should go back, don’t stay here.”


    Liu Yimian cried and shook her head, his eyes were wet and red, looking very pitiful, “Brother Ji, I’m not leaving.
I’ll wait for you till tomorrow, I know you have done nothing wrong, I believe you…”


    As soon as he grasped Ji Wei’s broad palm, he held it in front of his chest, as if he could feel a sense of security in this way.


    Liu Qing who was looking from the cell next door, tutted his tongue, and mocked: “Is this your lover? I heard that he is a “brother” who hasn’t been married into your house yet? He looks kind of pretty, wonder how is his bedroom performance?”


    Liu Qing licked his lower lip, and his eyes showed a bit of kinky evil.


    Seeing this, Liu Yimian shrank for a moment, grabbing Ji Wei’s palm harder.


    Ji Wei stretched out his other hand and patted his shoulder: “You came alone? How did you know I was here?”


    Liu Yimian shook his head and whispered, “Aunt Zhou came with me, Brother Ji, you forgot I’m from Daxi Town.” It’s just that he is on the other side of Daxi Town, far away from Changliu Town.
By walking, you have to walk for two or three hours.


    “Where did Aunt Zhou go?”


    “She heard that you haven’t eaten yet, so she ask to wait here for you to wake up and went to buy something to eat for you.” Liu Yimian choked up again and again.


    Over there, Liu Qing couldn’t stand the appearance of their relationship anymore, and his words became more and more unpleasant, “Little “brother”, look at your brother Qing, my performance in bed is definitely better than this useless guy! Come here, brother Qing will show you my manhood.”


    Ji Wei couldn’t bear it any longer, and pulled out his hand from Liu Yimian’s palm.
When Liu Qing was talking to Li Erba in the next cell, he rushed behind him, grabbed him by the collar, and slammed Liu Qing between the wooden posts.


   His head was stuck between the wooden pillars regardless of how Liu Qing struggled.
With his back turned to Ji Wei, he couldn’t break free.
He could only curse in a wicked voice.


    Ji Wei used his toes to kick Liu Qing’s ass, and said viciously: “Don’t you want to feel good? Brother Ji will let you feel good!” His toes drilled deeper and deeper, making Liu Qing just want to flee forward, The two pulled hard at each other.


    In the end, the force was too strong, and Ji Wei’s hand was loosened for a moment.
Driven by the force of his body’s fall, he slid hard from top to bottom.
The whole person sat on the ground suddenly.


    Although the head was finally freed from the wooden post, there were many splinters on the wooden post, nobody knew how many were stuck on Liu Qing’s head.


    The pain made his face twist, covering his head and moaning wildly, cursing Ji Wei.


    Liu Yimian looked at Liu Qing timidly, and was so frightened that he forgot to cry, “Brother Ji, is he, is he all right?”


    “It’s okay, just let him howl for a while.”


    Li Erba and Lin Qing were both frightened by Ji Wei’s ruthlessness and didn’t dare to say a word for a long time.


    There was only Ji Wei’s soft voice left in the cell, which was very different from the one who was ruthless earlier, as if they were two different people.


    When Aunt Zhou finally came in with her things, Liu Yimian had stopped crying, except for the redness at the corners of his eyes, he looked quite normal.


    “It’s not easy to buy food around this time, so I went to the shop and bought two vegetable buns and a bowl of vegetable porridge.
Let’s see if it’s enough.
If it’s not enough, I will go buy some more.” Looking at Ji Wei’s embarrassing appearance, the corners of her eyes were also wet.


    “Look at you, messing with these people.
What happens now? They won’t let you go even if you just wanted to be a normal person.
If your mother is still here, I’m afraid she will faint from crying.”


    Ji Wei admitted his mistake in a low voice and listened to Aunt Zhou’s remarks while eating.


    He was hungry and his stomach was empty.
A bowl of ordinary vegetable porridge and vegetable buns felt like a gourmet dish, and he couldn’t stop eating.


    The three people next door smelled the food and felt hungry too.
They stretched their necks and shouted: “Constable, when is dinner, we are hungry!”


    The constables were gambling happily and said impatiently: “What’s for dinner! You scumbags, you are lucky to have one meal a day, dream on!”


    “Then why can Ji Wei eat!” Li Erba roared.


    The head constable smiled, “People have lovers to deliver the food, what do you have? You can eat too if you have them.”


    This remark made Liu Qing furious, and when he thought of Baozi Xishi, he wanted to strangle her on the bed.


    Ji Wei ate all his food and persuaded Aunt Zhou to take Liu Yimian home.
As soon as the words started, Liu Yimian started crying.
As Aunt Zhou pull him, he held on to the prison door for life and refused to leave.


    This causes a lot of movement, the constable head threw the dice and came in to check, and when they saw this, they all laughed.


    “I didn’t expect that this little “brother” is so infatuated and insist to stay with his sweetheart.
Why don’t we grant him his wish, open the cell door, and let him inside?”


    One of the constables made a suggestion, and the other had no objection.


    It was also because Ji Wei and others were temporarily imprisoned and they were not convicted of any crimes yet.
After the sheriff brought them in, he had told the constable head that only verbal threats were required, and no heavy punishment was required.


    The person who suggested carried the key and walk over with a smile, “Little “brother”, do you really want to stay?”


    Liu Yimian’s long eyelashes were still in tears, but he nodded his head, and said firmly in a hoarse voice, “I want to stay with Brother Ji.”


    The constable head of the cell was quite envious, looked at Ji Wei, reached out and opened the lock, pushed Liu Yimian in, and then locked it again.


    Aunt Zhou grabbed the prisoner’s arm and shouted, “How can you do that! Mianmian didn’t commit any crime, please let him out!”


    The jailer’s face was cold, “He said he wanted to go in, so I let him in.
If you make trouble again, I’ll lock you in too.”


    Seeing that the constable head of the cell had left, Ji Weicai put his arms around Liu Yimian and comforted him a few words, and said to Aunt Zhou, “Auntie, I’m really sorry to bother you today, I think you should go back.
With Mianmian like this, I’m not at ease leaving him home alone.
Let him stay here for now.
I’ll take care of him.”


    Aunt Zhou thought for a second, since both of them didn’t have any objections, and she was an outsider talking here, she should let it be.


    After thinking about it, she said, “I’ll go back and ask who is willing to testify for you.”


    Before leaving, Liu Qing finally got used to the unrelenting pain, gritted his teeth, and shouted at Aunt Zhou’s back: “Tell Baozi Xi Shi, that bitch, if she doesn’t come here today, I will strangle her to death when I get out!”


    Aunt Zhou’s back froze, and she ran away quickly.

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