Li Erba was a hot-tempered bully.
When he saw Liu Qing’s order, he spits into his palms, bent over, and rushed at Ji Wei.


    Seeing this, Ji Wei took a rolling pin from the table and held it in the palm of his hand, he sidestep to the side and avoid Li Erba’s violent collision.


    At this moment, Ji Wei was facing Li Erba and Lin Qing, with two tigers in front and a wolf Liu Qing in the back.


    Apart from a rolling pin in his hand, he had nothing else to rely on.


    When the other vendors saw this, they couldn’t care less about their stalls and scattered away.
The whole place was emptied except for the four of them.


    Liu Qing took out a dagger from his belt, threw the scabbard away, and walked toward Ji Wei with a sinister smile.


    Seeing this, Li Erba rushed up again and was severely headshot by Ji Wei with the rolling pin.
However, he was well-built and thick-skinned, he just shook his head and proceed to firmly clamped Ji Wei’s waist with his two thick arms, making it difficult for Ji Wei to move.


    Lin Qing and Liu Qing quickly stepped forward, Liu Qing smiled and waved the dagger back and forth around Ji Wei’s ear.


    To commit violence in broad daylight, they have no such courage.
If something really happened to Ji Wei, they would have to go to prison.
Liu Qing and others still know their limit.


    But it’s always possible to scare Ji Wei.


    “Let’s see whether you still dare to disrespect us.” Liu Qing shook his hand lightly, and a bloodstain line appeared on Ji Wei’s neck, “Oh, my hand shook accidentally, see It’s bloody, sorry.”


    “If you are willing to kneel down, kowtow, and call me grandpa, I will spare you.”


    Ji Wei spitted out fiercely, “Dream on!”


    Liu Qing was hit by the spit, and became furious, “You just don’t learn your lesson! It seems that I have to cut off your ears before you can be good!”


    Seeing that Liu Qing was really going to be ruthless, Lin Qing hesitated, “Boss, do you really want to do it? If this escalates, it won’t end well.”


    When Ji Weiyi heard this, he knew that these three people were here to intimidate himself today, and they didn’t have the guts to hurt him.


    Taking advantage of Liu Qing’s hesitation, he tilted his head back, avoided the blade, and slammed his knee hard, hitting Li Erba’s groin!


    Regardless of how Li Erba is strongly built, this is where men are most vulnerable.
Immediately screaming in pain, he let go of his hands and covered his crotch.


    Ji Wei took advantage of this opportunity, bent over, lowered his head, and stepped on Liu Qing’s foot.
While he was in pain for a moment, grabbed his wrist and twisted it.


    With a clinking sound, the dagger fell to the ground.


    Ji Wei twisted Liu Qing’s arm behind him and pushed his head against the wall hard.


    This time, there was no mercy at all, Liu Qing was knocked into a mess, and lost consciousness.


    Ji Wei said coldly: “This is to pay back the savage kick you gave me in the head the previous time.”


    This was how the original owner died, thanks to that kick.


    After returning from the beating, the original owner lost consciousness, and it was Ji Wei who woke up in his body later.


    This time, it was paid back on behalf of the original owner.


    Then he let go of his hand, kicked Liu Qing aside with one foot, and concentrated on dealing with Li Erba and Lin Qing.


    Seeing that both Liu Qing and Ji Wei had blood on their bodies, the people around finally realized that the situation was not good, and someone shouted: “Oh No! Murder!”


    “Someone go get the Sheriff!”


    “Lao Lin, isn’t that Sheriff Zhu lives next door to your house? Go and get him!”


    The man known as Lao Lin immediately left his stall and ran home.


    When he arrived at the scene with Sheriff Zhu, Ji Wei, Lin Qing, and Li Erba were all gasping for breath and collapsed to the side.
They were either with bruised noses or bruised eyes and blood on their bodies.


    Li Erba had seen Sheriff Zhu before, and as soon as he saw him coming, he tugged at Lin Qing’s sleeve and whispered, “Brother Qing, the Sheriff is here, what should we do?”


    Even if they could run away, Liu Qing couldn’t.
If he wakes up, they would be in great trouble?


    Lin Qing glanced at Liu Qing, then at Li Erba, and finally narrowed his eyes, “There is no way we can get away with this matter, let’s pretend to be seriously injured.”


    After speaking, he fell to the ground with his arms folded, his painful facial features twisted, and he screamed out.


    Seeing this, Li Erba immediately follows suit.


    As soon as Sheriff Zhu arrived at the scene, he saw Ji Wei covering his neck with a calm face.


    “Greeting to Sheriff Zhu, forgive me for not being able to salute you cause of my injuries.”


    The wound on Ji Wei’s neck was not deep initially.
But during the fight with Lin Qing and Li Erba, he stretched it many times till it burst open.
At this time, the opening was large and there was a lot of blood, so even as he was pressing it with his fingers, there would still be blood coming out of the fingers.


    In Sheriff Zhu’s view, this is much more serious than what the other three have.


    The four people in front of him were the most troublesome bastards in the county.
And there is someone supporting them from behind.


    He didn’t remember how many of them he had arrested, however, in the end, they were always being released.


    In short, he was extremely disgusted, but he still couldn’t bear to see Ji Wei’s injury being so bad.


    “You two, pick him up, and follow me back to the yamen! If you dare try to escape halfway—” Sheriff Zhu unsheathed his saber, and the shining cold light fell on Li Erba’s face, frightening him.
He got up from the ground and nodded again and again.


    When Lin Qing saw Li Erba revealing the truth, a trace of disgust flashed in his eyes, and he too finally got up, hugged one of his arms, and said weakly: “Sheriff  Zhu, I sprained my hand during the scuffle with Ji Wei just now, I can’t carry anything now.
Can you just let Li Erba help him, he’s not hurt.”


    “Hurry up, don’t procrastinate.
I know where you live, don’t let me come to your door and arrest you when I get there!”


    When Li Erba saw Sheriff  Zhu, he was like a mouse seeing a cat, and he didn’t dare to delay for a moment.
He quickly ran to Liu Qing, carried him on his shoulders, and followed behind Sheriff Zhu.


    Ji Wei didn’t follow and explained: “Sheriff  Zhu, look at my neck.
After the wound is treated, I’ll report to the yamen, will it work? You see, I can run for a while, but I can’t run for the rest of my life, right?”


    Sheriff Zhu snorted coldly and kicked Lin Qing’s butt, “Hurry up! Look at your speed, you won’t be able to reach the county office even after dark!”


    The county government is indeed some distance away from West Street.


    Ji Wei took ten coins from the money pot and held someone by the roadside, “Aunt San, it’s not convenient for me to go back now.
Can you push the car back for me?” He spread his hands, revealing the money he was holding.


    The woman who was pulled wanted to refuse, but as soon as she saw the money, she changed her mind, saying that she would definitely deliver the things to his home, and nothing will go missing.


    Ji Wei also told her not to tell Liu Yimian what happened, and when she left, she held the money jar, went to a shop by the road, counted the copper coins, and exchanged them for broken silver.


    The county government was built in Daxi Town, and the journey from here was not short, and it will take more than half an hour.


    Ji Wei didn’t dare to delay, so he wiped the wound with a cloth dipped in water, washed the blood and water, and rushed to the county office while clutching his neck.




   After Ji Wei left, Liu Yimian went to the river to wash their clothes.
After hanging them up, he practiced calligraphy and read in his bedroom.


    Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door.
Thinking that Ji Wei might be home early today, he was happy and drop the book and trotted all the way to open the door.


    But after the door was opened, he saw an unfamiliar woman standing outside.
Liu Yimian was extremely disappointed, and the corners of his mouth drooped.


    “Who are you?” Liu Yimian asked, he looked over her thin body and saw the cart behind the woman.


    Isn’t this the cart that Ji Ge set up the stall with? Why is it in her hands?


    The woman parked the cart, wiped the sweat from her forehead, and said with relief: “Now it’s been delivered, I need to go home to cook, you can see that there is nothing missing.”


    Seeing that the woman was about to leave, Liu Yimian grabbed her arm, his heart was pounding, and he had an ominous premonition, “Aunt, why brother Ji didn’t come back?”


    The woman was in a dilemma.
She had taken Ji Wei’s money, and she should not tell Liu Yimian anything.
But she was panicking in her heart, and seeing Liu Yimian’s pitiful appearance, she felt a little soft-hearted.


    “Auntie, please tell me.
Brother Ji, did something happen?” Liu Yimian knew Ji Wei too well.
Even if he changed for the better, the impulsiveness within him could not be eliminated in a day or two.
What’s more, if there is really no big deal, he will let someone tell him, it should not be like this?


    After thinking about it, the woman said, “Brother”, you must not faint after listening to me.
Your husband, Ji Wei, is setting up a stall on the road today, and he has provoked someone he shouldn’t, and there is a dispute between the two sides.
They started fighting on the road.
How could he defeat the three of them all by himself? All of them have blood all over their body, and he was arrested and taken to the county government.”


    “Before he left, he asked me to bring the cart back.
Now I have sent the cart, and I have told you the story.
Don’t let him know that it was me who said it.
I will leave now.” The woman saw Liu Yimian, who looked like he was about to faint, she lowered her head and walk away quickly.


    It so happened that Aunt Zhou was coming out of her door holding a basin of mixed laundry.  She saw Liu Yimian standing at the door, holding the handle of the cart, his eyes were red, and he was about to cry.


    As soon as she saw this, her heart throbbed, she ran over, threw the basin on the ground, hugged Liu Yimian, and patted his shoulder to reassure him, “Mianmian, what’s wrong with you? Tell your aunt if you have something, Aunt will help you, don’t cry.”


    As soon as Liu Yimian was hugged by Aunt Zhou, as if he had support, he pulled the clothes on her shoulders and cried aloud, “Aunt, Aunt, Brother Ji, he was injured and is now in the yamen.”


    He cried so badly, that Aunt Zhou’s heart sank and was deeply saddened, so she said softly: “Don’t cry, Auntie will go to the county office with you, Ji Wei will be fine.”


    Liu Yimian came out of Aunt Zhou’s arms, wiped his face vigorously with his sleeve, causing his skin to flush, and choked up: “I can’t cry, I’m going to find Brother Ji.
They must have started it first, and then Brother Ji had to fight back…”


    Although he said that he couldn’t cry, his eyes still burst into tears involuntarily.


    Liu Yimian didn’t want to let Aunt Zhou see his weakness, so he lifted the handlebars, turned his back, and pushed the cart into the house.
Then he washed his face with water, and the two hurried to the county government office.

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