etween NPCs, so how can you badmouth the other.
What if the two of them have a relationship that you don’t know?]

[Even the rookies played well.
Where did you think the screams just now came from? It wasn’t that other players also encountered female ghosts.
Old players are dead, newcomers are alive, tsk tsk tsk this comparison.]

Xiao Jia, who was declared dead, was an old player.
When he died, he was looking for the secret room of the Ma family couple in the mansion.

After Chi Yiyin left, the players also dispersed, some went to check the escape route, and some went to find the treasure.

Xiao Jia was the latter.

He entered the instance because he heard from the black market that the boss of the instance will take out the most valuable things as customs clearance rewards.

Do you still need to think about it? It must be the gold, silver, and jewels that the master of the Ma family brought out from the palace during the chaos in the legend, hidden in the instance!

The money obtained in the instance could also be spent outside of it.
If he gets that huge amount of wealth, he didn’t have to risk death to pass an instance.
He could live a rich life in the rest area, hehehe…

Thinking about the future, Xiao Jia couldn’t help but laugh strangely.

Therefore, he failed to notice that when he walked under the porch, a strand of long black hair that was as smooth as water slipped down from the porch and fluttered in the wind.

The long hair quickly spread on the ground like a snake, and it slid towards Xiao Jia from behind silently, and then… grabbed his ankle violently.

Xiao Jia froze instantly.

He felt a hand grabbing his foot, the touch was icy and soft, like a creature without bones, with a slightly sticky feeling, which made his skin crawl all over in an instant.

He tried to calm his breathing, and slowly looked down.

Xiao Jia thought that the ghost was behind him or on the ground, but as soon as he lowered his head, before he had time to see what was pulling his ankle, he suddenly met a pale, cold, dead face.

A woman should have a good face, but her bloodshot eyes made her look extremely terrifying, and only her lips were bright red on her pale face.
She stared at Xiao Jia with hatred in her eyes.

The most important thing was… that dead face actually grew on Xiao Jia’s own clothes!

Xiao Jia was quite frightened, but the woman’s face stretched from the clothes like a soft snake and slithered towards him.

Under that face was not a neck, but a long strip of skin-colored flesh, as if Xiao Jia’s own flesh had turned into this fleshy snake.

A tearing pain came from his chest, and Xiao Jia felt that someone had torn him in half, and his heart was gripped by cold hands.

At the same time, a cold breath came from his ears, and a palm with bright red nails touched his shoulder.
A dense sense of touch came, as if thousands of ants were gnawing at his skin.

Just when Xiao Jia instinctively opened his mouth and yelled out of fear, the dead face found the right moment and quickly rushed towards Xiao Jia’s mouth and even his throat.

The pain of suffocation came, and he was so choked that he rolled his eyes and wept, but in the blur, he still saw clearly what rushed into his mouth.

…It was clearly long hair that had been stuffed into his stomach.

Immediately, Xiao Jia was completely rolled into a ball by the long hair, and fell to the ground without moving.

In the dead silence, the bamboo forest beside the veranda swayed, and a slender figure in a long gown walked out of the darkness slowly.

The housekeeper looked at the ball made of long hair, and snorted indifferently: “A miss from Ma family, how can you have disheveled hair.
Be careful, or you won’t be able to get married.”

He raised his head, looked at the sky and muttered to himself: “Are you so impatient to see the madam? That’s right, it’s been a while since I last saw her.”

As he said that, the housekeeper let out a strange laugh, which was especially piercing in the dead silence: “It’s time to call the eldest miss and the younger miss and masters.
Oh yes, the kitchen has to start preparing.
5 o’clock, 5 o’clock on time for dinner.”

The huge mass of black hair suddenly collapsed, turning into black water as thick as asphalt, slowly spreading on the ground.

A complete face fell into the black water, hollow and lifeless.

… It was Xiao Jia’s face.

When the housekeeper spoke of the kitchen, a few servants in aprons came out of the darkness with buckets in hand, silently and quickly cleaned up the pool of black water.

And one of the servants saw the face, he bent down, and grabbed the face with his big hand.

Flesh surged on the servant’s face without facial features.

[The housekeeper invites the young misses and masters to a banquet to reunite with the master and his wife.
Survivors are requested to arrive at the banquet hall on time at 5 o’clock, and they will not wait after the time.]

5 o’clock?

Chi Yiyin immediately lowered his head and glanced at his watch.
It is now 4:54, which meant there were only 6 minutes left to reach the banquet hall?

The strict time requirements in the instance were witnessed by all players.
The tragic situation of the two people who didn’t get off the train in time were deeply imprinted in everyone’s heart.
This was the consequence of overtime.

What Tong Yao said was right, even if the system was insidious and cunning, it is best to follow the rules in the instance.
Although there was a risk of death if you follow the rules, but if you don’t follow the rules… you will definitely die.

But the problem was that the notice only mentioned the name, but didn’t mention the specific location at all, and there was no map.
This was extremely unfriendly to Chi Yiyin who was not yet familiar with the mansion.

Especially now that he is in the eldest miss’ boudoir, in the most remote corner of the mansion, even if he knew the exact location, he was very unsure about the time.
Running at the fastest speed, 6 minutes may be enough.

Chi Yiyin’s heartstrings tensed immediately, and he immediately walked towards the gate of the courtyard with his long legs.

But with a “bang!” the gate slammed shut in front of him, and the sound of locking the gate sounded from outside.

At the same time, a cold and strange voice sounded from behind Chi Yiyin.

“Miss, where are you going in such a hurry?”

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