Before the players got off the carriage, the old Hui style mansion in front of them had slowly opened its gate.

A couple of small figures appeared and dashed towards the carriage like bullets.

Chi Yiyin, who had just got up and was about to get out of the carriage, felt a blur in front of his eyes.
In the blink of an eye, a small figure had already approached him, and her cold little hand grabbed his own involuntarily.

“Elder sister is finally home.
I haven’t seen sister for a long time.”

“We all miss elder sister, does sister miss us?”

“Elder sister, don’t leave when you come home this time, okay?”

The children’s smiling words were innocent and clean, but Chi Yiyin still felt an inexplicable maliciousness within their laughter.

He lowered his eyes and looked around himself.

Only a second had passed since the gate opened, but the three children have teleported over and surrounded him, holding his hand, which seemed to be intimate, but was actually more like a wall.

Among them, an older boy and girl about the age of teenagers, and the other was a little boy who was only five or six years old.

Chi Yiyin knew that these were the younger siblings in this instance.

But he began to doubt the reminder in the red letter before, because he found that although his younger sister was smiling, she was holding his hand with great force.
Her fingernails were digging viciously into his skin through the suit.

When the pain came, Chi Yiyin frowned, lowered his eyes and looked calmly at this younger sister.

The younger sister was grinning in “lively and loveliness” like it said in the red letter, but in a place where no one else could see, she seemed to want to kill her “elder sister.”

The housekeeper turned his eyes coldly, and stared at Chi Yiyin akin to a poisonous snake, waiting maliciously for Chi Yiyin to be frightened or do something forbidden.

Even the random viewers in the live broadcast room became nervous.

[I remember, the housekeeper in this instance has the right to eliminate, right? Disheveled clothes will be eliminated, bad manners will be eliminated.
Last time, someone was making noise while eating, and was directly buried in the garden by the housekeeper… Could this newcomer be so unlucky?]

[I thought I could have some fun, but it looks like another one is going to die soon.
I’m leaving.]

[What is there to look forward to, a newcomer enters this instance, he can’t survive even if he thinks about it with his heels.]

[Disappointed, It’s over.]

The notification sound immediately rang in Chi Yiyin’s mind: [The current number of viewers is 8, and the number of followers is 1.]

[Warning! New anchor, please pay attention.
The number of followers is not allowed to reset to 0.
Once it is reset to 0, it will automatically be determined that the live broadcast room is worthless, and the system will recycle the live broadcast room.
Once it has been recycled, it will not be allowed to open again.]

Chi Yiyin’s slender body paused, and then under the gaze of the housekeeper, he showed a gentle and decent smile, and flexibly used his movements to free his own arm from the shackles of the younger sister.

Then, he bent down under the unknown gaze of his younger sister, lifted his sister up with his long arms, and smiled gently and happily.
As if he really was the elder sister who had just reunited with her own sibling after a long absence, and couldn’t help but hug his beloved younger sister.

“It’s been a long time since I saw you.
My younger sister has grown taller and all grown up.”

Chi Yiyin smiled.
His deliberately gentle voice was mellow and warm enough to make anyone let go of their guard: “Hurry up and let elder sister hug you.”

The housekeeper looked away in disappointment.

Looking at the gradually rising field of vision, the younger sister also grinned maliciously, and stretched her delicate fingers towards Chi Yiyin’s eyes.

It didn’t seem like she wanted to caress his sister’s face, but was so cruel and  wanted to poke his sister’s eyeballs.

But the next moment—


There was a sound of a heavy object falling to the ground.

The housekeeper turned his head for an instant, but immediately his eyes widened in shock.

The younger sister who was held high in Chi Yiyin’s arms just now fell heavily to the ground.

The younger sister obviously didn’t expect that Chi Yiyin would do such a thing, and she was thrown into a daze, sitting on the ground with a dazed face.

Chi Yiyin let out a small exclamation, looking more surprised than the other.
Then, he quickly squatted down to pull his sister: “It’s okay, sis.
I didn’t expect you to grow up so fast, and grew too heavy that I couldn’t hug you.
Did you fall?”

The younger sister was in pain and anger, her facial features were twisted ferociously, and she looked at Chi Yiyin with a sinister look as if saying: Can’t you see if I fell or not? Are you blind?

But in order to maintain the superficially close sisterly relationship, the younger sister could only endure the pain forcibly for a while, and held Chi Yiyin’s extended hand.

Chi Yiyin also pulled her sister up forcefully.

But halfway through, Chi Yiyin tilted his head and smiled brightly at this younger sister.

The younger sister who saw this smile suddenly felt bad, but before she could react, Chi Yiyin quickly let go of her hand.

Caught off guard, the younger sister fell heavily to the ground again.

“Bang!” The younger sister fell like a dog to the mud, and her beautiful skirt was also covered with dust.

“You!” The younger sister was furious, and looked up at Chi Yiyin viciously.

Chi Yiyin, however, interrupted her younger sister’s anger with an exclamation, and looked at her guiltily and said, “I’m really sorry, sis.
As you know, I have never been strong.
After all, the housekeeper said, our Ma family daughters don’t need to be strong.”

“I didn’t expect that, my younger sister would grow up much faster than I thought, and that’s why I didn’t use my strength.”

He squatted down, said sorry, and wanted to pull his sister up, but the movements of his hands were simply preventing her from getting up, and made her struggle on the ground for a long time.
Besides falling several times, she couldn’t get up either.



There was a sound that made the bystanders feel pain.

Chi Yiyin was smiling, but it seemed that he had predicted the younger sister’s trajectory.
He always stretched out his foot and tripped her again when she was about to get up, making her even slower and slower.

She was now in such a mess that she didn’t look like a rich miss, but rather like a down-and-out miss who was fleeing.

The bearded man on the carriage even deliberately counted.
This younger sister who made all players have a headache and even pain to their guts in the past had fallen down 9 times now, and even the housekeeper didn’t come forward to stop it.

After all, no matter how hard the younger sister fell, on the surface, it seemed that it was just a playful intimacy between two sisters.
What Chi Yiyin said was always like a good elder sister who cared for her younger sister but was powerless, and the housekeeper couldn’t intervene easily.

The bearded man looked at his companion in surprise, he didn’t expect such a thing.

But when the housekeeper finally couldn’t stand it anymore and was about to make a move, Chi Yiyin, who had been paying attention to the housekeeper, stopped immediately and looked at his younger sister with reproach in his eyes: “Sis, you too, you know that I am not in good health, why do you keep squirming?”

Chi Yiyin took a breath, stood up straight and sighed: “Forget it.
It’s all because of my doting.
It’s elder sister’s fault, not your problem.”

The younger sister: “???”

Wait, why didn’t I know that my elder sister was in poor health? You, take a look at your strong appearance, say this again!

Are you not sorry!

The younger sister was roaring in her heart, she could no longer care about her distorted expression, and no longer want to act like a sister getting close to each other anymore.

The two young masters, who wanted to do something next, were caught by the strange direction of what happened to the younger sister, were stunned and didn’t know how to react.

The hand that was raised to play a prank before, was obediently put down, and resolutely refused to take it out from his back, lest he would be loved by his “elder sister” once.

This love looks so painful…

However, Chi Yiyin wasn’t going to let it go just like that, but happily made another cut.

“Sis, how can you lie on the ground? It’s so inappropriate to see that your skirt is covered with dust.
How can our Ma family’s children do such a gaffe?”

Chi Yiyin looked surprised and anxious, as if he was really worried about the younger sister’s character.

At the end, he turned around and asked the housekeeper, “Housekeeper, you pay attention to etiquette the most.
What do you think? How can the young miss of Ma family be in such a mess that she will stain our gilded furniture.”

The younger sister was shocked by the countless fall, which made her react slowly.

After she heard Chi Yiyin’s words clearly, she immediately became anxious, and looked at the housekeeper hastily, as if she was afraid of the housekeeper’s methods.

But before she had time to defend herself, she saw the housekeeper frowned in disgust.
Her heart trembled immediately, and she had a bad premonition.

The next moment–

“Miss is right.
The Ma family is a prestigious family in Gushu Town.
How can their child be rolling in the mud?”

The housekeeper looked at the younger sister reproachfully: “It seems that the young miss needs more study about etiquette.”

After he said that, the housekeeper called out two servants with big arms and round waists, and ordered them to take the young miss to change clothes.

Although the servant girl has facial features compared to the people outside the house, her expression was still extremely rigid.

They obeyed the orders immediately, and with powerful arms picked up the younger sister on the left and right, and forcibly brought her back to the old mansion.

Younger sister: You fu-#%&**! ! !

The younger sister never expected that such a thing would happen to her.
When she was dragged away, she also stared at Chi Yiyin firmly, her eyes full of sinister hatred.

Looking at the chaotic scene he had created, Chi Yiyin nodded in satisfaction and smiled gracefully.

He is a person who doesn’t like to hold grudges.

He likes to take revenge immediately.

People have big brains to remember useful things, not to hold garbage.

Chi Yiyin moved his arm and felt that a small piece of his flesh, which had just been scratched by the younger sister, had become wet with warm liquid, making it sticky and uncomfortable.
It seemed that the blood that flowed out had stained his shirt.

This made his eyes darken instantly, and he pursed his lips unhappily.

Then he raised his voice, smiled, and said to the housekeeper: “It is a great fortune for the Ma family to have you, housekeeper.
With you here, the brothers and sister in the family will be well-educated.
I must tell my parents about this to commend the housekeeper.”

At this time, even the housekeeper’s face became distorted, looking at Chi Yiyin and wanted to get angry, but after hearing about the master and madam, he could only endure it silently.
He knew that Chi Yiyin was maliciously retaliating, but still had to eat this dark loss.

“Miss should really change her teacher.”

The housekeeper looked at Chi Yiyin with extremely cold eyes, and his chest heaved violently a few times, as if he wanted to kill him right now, but all he could say was: “I will definitely strengthen the education of young masters and miss.”

He gritted his teeth and said, syllable by syllable: “El-dest-miss.”

Chi Yiyin didn’t seem to hear the killing intent in the housekeeper’s voice, he simply nodded with a smile and replied, “I have to trouble the housekeeper.
Oh yes, has my room been cleaned? We, the prestigious Ma family, it’s impossible to not even be able to do such a small thing well, right? After all, the housekeeper is such a person who pays attention to etiquette, so he won’t let Gushu Town see our jokes, right?”

He asked the housekeeper three times in succession, one sentence at a time, and he returned all the words the housekeeper had said before, which almost made him spit out a mouthful of old blood.

But the housekeeper could only nod viciously, forcing himself to follow his own rules, and said, “Please rest assured, Miss, the room has already been cleaned up.”

But Chi Yiyin clearly saw that when the housekeeper said this, two servants behind the mansion door turned around instantly and walked in quickly.

I’m afraid it wasn’t cleaned at all, and was waiting to give “elder sister” a blow, right?

He only wanted to clean it after being pointed out, did he think he could fool around about it?

What the housekeeper thought was beautiful in his mind, was, in fact, ugly in reality.

Chi Yiyin sneered inwardly, but not even a trace of it was shown on his face.
He still smiled and said, “Of course, I don’t worry about the housekeeper’s work.
The housekeeper will definitely clean it spotlessly according to Ma’s standards, right? If there is a speck of dust, isn’t it equivalent to saying that the housekeeper’s ability is not good enough, so he is not worthy to stay in Ma’s house?”

The housekeeper felt that he now had the heart to tear this “eldest miss.”

He gritted his teeth bitterly, but could only hold back a mouthful of old blood, and nodded hurriedly to Chi Yiyin.
Then he flicked his gown and walked ahead into the mansion first.

“Miss, please come in.”

In the shocked eyes from all around, Chi Yiyin stood tall, his faint smile full of meaning.

Using his own spear to attack his own shield.
The housekeeper wanted to use the Ma family to suppress him with his manners? Then of course he will push back.

Chi Yiyin’s gaze passed over the two young masters standing blankly beside him with indifference.
But it made the two young masters tremble unconsciously, and they took several steps back as if in fear.

Then, unable to bear the pressure brought by Chi Yiyin’s gaze, the little boy took the other one and ran away in a hurry.

The entrance of Ma family’s mansion, which was still lively before, was now quiet with wind blowing leaves.

Only Chi Yiyin stood in the open space in front of the gate with calmness like the head of the family, controlling the overall situation.

But his smile was still elegant and harmless.
It was completely impossible to tell that he had tossed the housekeeper and his three younger siblings before entering the house.

Not only did the other players not expect it, but the jaws of the people before the live broadcast were also shocked.

[What’s this called? Defeating black magic with black magic?]

[Hey, that’s a good trick! How has no one thought of it before? I suddenly feel that I could also do this instance.]

[Come on, you can’t even afford to watch the paid live broadcast and have to come to the free zone.
What are you blowing about? Going in vertically and coming out horizontally?]

[Is this a newcomer? It’s too scary, hiss.

People were constantly being attracted into his live broadcast room, and the prompts sounded one after another: [Currently, the number of viewers is 1114, and the number of followers is 137]

[Current num…]


[The current number of viewers is 6504, and the number of followers is 1139]

[Congratulations to the anchor! In lieu of the fact that the growth rate of the anchor ranks 2nd in the history of newcomers, the anchor’s specially rewarded points are: 5 points.]

[Currently, the total points are 5 points.
When it reaches 100 points, it will automatically leave the newcomer period, and the authority will be upgraded, and the point exchange service will be opened, and the title wearing service will be opened.
Please keep up the good work.]

Successfully gone through the crisis.

Chi Yiyin was very satisfied with the effect.

As a professional novelist, Chi Yiyin had been on the top of the bestseller list ever since he entered the industry and published his first novel.

He knew exactly what readers wanted to see.

Ups and downs, thrills, and quick revenge were just that easy for him.

The stories written by Chi Yiyin were published as novels, which triggered several times of panic buying.
No matter if it’s in the subway, school or office building, you can see people reading eagerly with a book in their hands.
Scratching their hearts and livers, and wasting their sleep and food in order to know the plot behind them.

People were hung to death by the twists and turns of the thrilling story, they paid close attention to Chi Yiyin crazily, and enthusiastically.
Urging him to publish a new book as soon as possible, wishing Chi Yiyin could turn into an automatic typewriter.

——This is what’s it like to be crowded by people’s ardent love and regarded as a top horror and suspense novelist.

Chi Yiyin.

Although Chi Yiyin had never been an anchor.
As a novelist, he preferred to hide his name in the crowd, turn into a ghost amidst the praise, and live in seclusion behind his works, but he did not like to appear in front of the camera.

However, the live broadcast did not bother him.

In the final analysis, he knew what people want, he had seen through the good and evil of people’s hearts, and he is familiar with every kind of psychology that secretly breeds many kinds of minds.

For him, live-streaming was just another form of novel creation.

When he was in the carriage, he took advantage of this short time to figure out the rules of the live broadcast and get started quickly.

Even in the face of so many watching crowds, he still didn’t show any flaws.

Even now, the most heated topic of discussion in the live broadcast room was whether Chi Yiyin was a newcomer or not.

If so, how could it be possible to act in such a mature and steady manner? If not, how could there be so few followers with such an operation that was easily done in a dangerous instance?

The audience couldn’t figure it out.

Chi Yiyin noticed it, but was not ready to explain.

There was suspense to look forward to, let those people guess for themselves.
In order to know the result, they will pay attention to him, watch the live broadcast in real time, and send him points.

Chi Yiyin’s eyes flickered, and he turned to look at the people in the carriage who had already turned into sculptures, and asked with a light smile, “Aren’t you guys coming down?”

This sentence was like a switch.
Only then did the players react from the huge shock just now.
With a sense of unrealness, they got out of the carriage in a trance, and walked towards the mansion.

But this time, unlike on the train, no one dared to ignore Chi Yiyin’s existence.

The bearded man who had been paying attention to Chi Yiyin also had a complicated expression.
When he passed by Chi Yiyin, his mouth moved, as if he wanted to say something.

But in the end, under the gaze of Chi Yiyin with a polite smile, he didn’t say anything and simply nodded.

Tong Yao, on the other hand, seemed extraordinarily excited, with a feeling of exhilaration.
When she got out of the carriage, she ran to Chi Yiyin’s side, her cheeks flushed with excitement.

“Chi Yiyin, you’re really-! I’ve collected so much information, and I’ve never seen anyone who can beat the housekeeper to the point where he can’t even speak.
Even the three younger siblings have suffered a lot.”

Tong Yao excitedly said: “You don’t know, those players who left this instance have voted for the most hated NPC, and the housekeeper has been at the top of the list for 12 years! Most of them have suffered from the housekeeper.
Before, someone offered a reward with high points to kill the housekeeper before, and now it is still hanging in the live broadcast hall!”

“The three younger siblings are not good things either.”

Tong Yao curled her lips and said, “There have been cases where players gave up on clearing the level before, and they also died with the siblings.”

“Lively and lovely” younger siblings…

Chi Yiyin glanced at the gate of the old mansion meaningfully, and gained a new understanding of the hints from the game field.

Just when the two younger brothers turned and ran away, a bright light flashed from the corner of his eyes.

He clearly saw that the older brother had a sharp knife hidden in his waist.

Came to see his elder sister, but bringing a knife? How lively.

It seemed that this elder sister was truly surrounded by wolves, with danger everywhere.

The red letter may not be lying, it’s just another way of saying it.
Since the player didn’t comprehend it properly, and understood the meaning behind the words, they couldn’t blame it.

The art of speaking, tsk.

It seems that he should be more vigilant about the hints given in the game field and instance.

Thinking this way, Chi Yiyin nodded to Tong Yao: “Let’s go, let’s go in.
The housekeeper went in first, I don’t know if there will be any abnormalities outside.”

Tong Yao glanced back subconsciously, hesitating a little.

The player with the broken leg…

Chi Yiyin asked Tong Yao with his eyes, but she just smiled and shook her head: “It’s okay, let’s go.”

He glanced thoughtfully at the direction Tong Yao was looking at just now, guessing that she should be worried about the broken-legged player who has to come by other means.

However, although the housekeeper did not immediately kill the player with the broken leg at the station.
He directly threw the player in an unfamiliar place where there were faceless people everywhere in Gushu Town, which was no different from a death sentence.

Only Tong Yao still remembered the player crying for help before being dragged away.

The vivid humanity belonging to Tong Yao also made Chi Yiyin pay some attention to her.

If there was no stake, just help her if you can when she is in danger.
Just for this rare kindness.

Chi Yiyin thought casually and walked towards the mansion.

When stepping up the steps, Chi Yiyin felt a sudden chill behind his back, as if something was staring at him.

The smile on his lips slowly fell back, and he quickly turned to look back.

The dense fog covered the road where the carriage went through, and the white fog made it impossible to see the outside.

Everything in Gushu Town was submerged in thick fog, approaching the open space in front of the old mansion.
Only faceless people were still walking vaguely in the fog, appearing and disappearing from time to time.

When the fog touched the carriage, the horses paced back and forth restlessly, and then let out a tragic cry,

The mist was like concentrated sulfuric acid, quickly corroding the horses and carriage.

The bearded man was already ahead, and had crossed the threshold.

When he heard the voice, he turned around suddenly, only to see the remains of the horses’ bones and a pool of blood in the open space in front of the gate.
As well as the frame of the incomplete carriage.

The burnt and unpleasant smell mixed with the smell of blood slowly permeated.

The man’s expression was instantly serious, the unpleasant smell made him feel like he couldn’t breathe, and his heart was heavily depressed.

The other players who noticed the accident of the carriage also had ugly faces and fell silent.

The only known way to leave was destroyed, Gushu Town was wrapped in corrosive mist, and the situation behind the mist was unknown…

So the road to go back was destroyed?

It looks like if they couldn’t pass the instance, they could only stay in the mansion forever.

Chi Yiyin pursed his lips.

But the moment he turned around, the corner of his eye suddenly caught something.

He looked subconsciously.

He saw a figure flashing past in the thick fog.

Looking at it again, it had disappeared, leaving only a vast white mist.

As if it was just his illusion.

But Chi Yiyin calmly recalled the image that just flashed from memory, and played it slowly in his mind frame by frame.

Then he discovered that the figure…

It was a woman in a long dress with loose long hair.

Just like the female ghost in the rumors.

Chi Yiyin remembered that when he sat in the carriage and looked outside, he saw a newspaper unfolded in the hands of a faceless man.

There was a huge title on it.

[Gushu Town female ghost?]

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