golden phoenix, and she shouldn’t stay in such a small place as Gushu Town.

The younger sister who was secretly delighted that she could monopolize her mother’s attention in this way became even more angry and astonished, jealous of her mother’s expectation and care for her elder sister.

She rushed back to her room angrily, and when the servant girl who cared about her asked, she said—”My sister has a wild heart.
She made friends at school, and won’t come back.”

Chi Yiyin’s eyes widened instantly, a chill in his heart.

No wonder, no wonder, there were rumors spreading in the Ma family… The source of the rumor that finally ruined Ma Yuze’s reputation turned out to be a lie fabricated by her younger sister.

When rumors started to spread in Ma’s house and Gushu Town, the younger sister was a little flustered at first, knowing that she had caused trouble.
She went to her mother’s room and wanted to confess, but she heard her mother’s crying and her father’s disappointed curses, saying that Yuze was not as sensible as Yulan.

This sentence hit her, she then retreated in front of the door, and smiled happily.

She realized that as long as her sister’s reputation was ruined, she could logically become the only young miss of Ma family.
The love of her parents, a great marriage, and even family wealth were all waiting for her.

The younger sister kept silent and stopped explaining the rumors, but followed the rumors and her parent’s disappointment about her sister with malice.
She thought proudly, now, her sister can finally disappear.

Chi Yiyin suddenly felt that he was actually Ma Yuze.
He was caught by countless cold hands.
The darkness that surrounded him was full of whispers and strange laughter with unclear meanings.
Eyes fell on him with malice, like a rabbit being watched by wolves

Grievance, anger, despair, helplessness, fear…

All kinds of emotions overlapped in his heart, as if all Ma Yuze’s emotions had reappeared within him.

Just as he was about to be engulfed by the whirlpool, Chi Yiyin took a sharp bite at the tip of his tongue and using its pain to hold on to clarity.
He hesitated for a moment, but his finger still extended to the swift bird brooch.

Ma Yuze, was that how you used to feel?

Chi Yiyin’s eyes became firm again.

Such a home, what’s to talk about forgiveness!

The moment such an idea appeared in his mind, behind his back, the air fluctuated and a red figure slowly emerged.

The female ghost looked at Chi Yiyin with a complicated expression, but when she looked up and saw her younger sister’s face, her eyes became angry again.

A howling sound filled in the air, and the invisible sound waves spread around.

The scene in front of Chi Yiyin was suddenly broken, the whirlpool disappeared, and his consciousness began to return to normal.

The younger sister looked at Chi Yiyin’s back in shocked and horror, her teeth clattered unconsciously: “El—, elder sister… how can you?”

In the blink of an eye, Chi Yiyin, who had regained his power after regaining his clarity, looked at the younger sister’s sharp claws that was stretched out towards his eyes, and immediately guessed that in just a short moment, she had lowered his alertness by confusing his mind and attacked him while he was immersed in the past scenes.

But what she didn’t expect was that her sister’s ghost was right behind Chi Yiyin.

At the critical moment, the female ghost chose to help Chi Yiyin.

After the younger sister lost her ability to confuse Chi Yiyin, the situation was suddenly reversed.

He neatly grabbed her palm that was about to stab him in the eye, and with a force, a crisp sound rang.

“Crack!” The sound of joints being broken that made one’s teeth ache.

Immediately, one of the younger sister’s arms fell to a limp, it was fractured in an instant.

The younger sister’s face was distorted with pain, mixed with the shock, it made her look as  hideous as a ghost.

Seeing that Chi Yiyin had made another move, the younger sister dared not try to be brave.
She looked behind Chi Yiyin in fear, and then gritted her teeth.
She forced herself to break her own arm to free herself from Chi Yiyin’s hold.

Blood splattered.

Chi Yiyin frowned, and took a step back in disgust, not wanting the blood to stain even a corner of his clothes.

The younger sister glanced at Chi Yiyin bitterly, then turned around and ran away.

The faceless servants around rushed over immediately, surrounded the younger sister, and escorted her away.

However, Chi Yiyin had no intention of catching up.

Don’t chase after the poor.
Besides, he still needed to keep her alive so that he could find more truths about the Ma family.

Chi Yiyin’s movements attracted the attention of all players, even the players who were fighting with the faceless servants stopped and looked at Chi Yiyin in astonishment.

In less than a dozen seconds, Chi Yiyin easily solved the most difficult younger sister?

The players who couldn’t see the female ghost were all suspicious and raised their guard against Chi Yiyin.
Only Li Li noticed the “elder sister” that the younger sister blurted out in a panic.

He rubbed his chin and looked thoughtfully at the air behind Chi Yiyin.

Chi Yiyin didn’t have time to deal with other people, he immediately walked towards Tong Yao quickly after getting rid of the younger sister.

The moment the boy and Chi Yiyin looked at each other, he was startled by the indifference in those eyes, and subconsciously relaxed his grip on Tong Yao, giving Tong Yao, who was already exhausted, a chance to breathe for a while.

Chi Yiyin didn’t leave much time for the young boy to react, he directly picked up a chair next to him with one hand, and threw it at the young boy.

The boy instinctively avoided, and let go of Tong Yao.

Watching this moment, with a quick glance and hand, Chi Yiyin pulled Tong Yao towards him, making her fall to the ground behind him, while he faced the young boy directly.

“Younger brother.”

Chi Yiyin slowly gave a warm smile to the boy, but his eyes were cold voice was low: “Ma Qing, long time no see—have you been well?”

Taking advantage of the moment when the boy didn’t react, he picked up a pair of chopsticks on the dining table.
The slender wooden sticks flipped flexibly in his hands, as if alive.
At this time, it was no longer a utensil for eating, but a weapon capable of killing people.

The next second, the chopsticks pointed straight at the boy’s throat.


The chopsticks pierced the boy’s throat with no mercy, blood splattered to a height of two meters, the entire ceiling was covered with splashes of blood.
There was blodd everywhere, messy and cruel.

The boy didn’t expect Chi Yiyin to be so decisive.
He covered his throat with both hands in disbelief, desperately trying to cover the wound, but blood still gushed out from between his fingers.

He opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something to Chi Yiyin, but he only made a breathy sound of “heh heh.”

Whether it be the players in the banquet hall or the audience before the live broadcast, everyone was stunned and couldn’t recover for a while.

Until a child’s sharp cry pierced with the dead silence of the room.

The youngest brother who was holding Tong Yao’s legs tightly cried and rushed towards Chi Yiyin, waving his fists and trying to hit him.

But Chi Yiyin swiftly took two steps to the side to avoid it.

[Warning! Survivor Chi Yiyin has triggered the “Quarrel Between Brothers,” and the current NPC’s comprehensive hatred value is 75/100!]

[There are eyes in the dark, watching you all the time.
Behind the walls you can’t see, on the corners you ignore, the moments when you let your guard down… Be careful, they’re going to kill you.]

Chi Yiyin was indifferent to the system’s piercing alarm.
He held the chopsticks that were still dripping with blood in one hand while quietly watching the boy clutching his throat and slowly kneeling on the ground, twitching and falling into a pool of blood.

The child cried and threw himself on his brother, looking at Chi Yiyin with hatred in his eyes.

But in the next second, the boy’s body disappeared out of thin air, and the child disappeared along with him.

A malicious gaze fell on Chi Yiyin, and he immediately raised his eyes to look directly at the source of that gaze.

Then he saw that on the window paper was slowly being stained by blood.
Behind the small hole that had been torn, an eye rolled and looked at him through that hole.

The shadow of the thing outside was cast on the window paper, and the moment Chi Yiyin looked over, it disappeared like smoke.

The three younger siblings all left the banquet hall, and the rest of the faceless servants also stopped stiffly, retreated slowly, and disappeared into the banquet hall like marionettes.

In the large hall, except for the blood and corpses left all over the floor, everything was silent.

Chi Yiyin slowly looked away, and casually threw the chopsticks in his hand back on the dining table.

He straightened the wrinkle on his suit’s cuffs and, once again, became an elegant gentleman.
As if the madness and ferocity of repelling the younger siblings in a short moment just now were but others’ illusion.

He was even smiling.

The audience before the live broadcast felt chills down their spines.

[This… is he really human? Not a demon?]

[Too decisive, even I would hesitate.
After all, this is an NPC that has blood relation to his character.]

[Just now, someone said that the anchor is Virgin Mary, you come out.
Is your Virgin Mary like this? Isn’t this Bloody Mary?]

Only a certain teenager crunched on his lollipop and laughed.

“I didn’t expect the one pretending to be me to be so interesting.
I didn’t expect that… the game of truth and falsehood to suddenly became interesting.”

He murmured and took out a mobile phone with rabbit doll hanging on it, and dialed someone: “When can I enter the instance?”


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