In front of the screen, a man raised his slender eyelashes lazily with a little surprise, his bored expression finally changed.

“Did he pay attention to the female ghost instead of Master Ma?”

Under the light of the screen, that handsome face could be said to be the limit of what human beings could achieve.
Even the creator himself could not create such an elegant but sharp beauty.

But his brows and eyes were painted with coldness and cruelty, as if he had no emotion for the world.
Even if someone were to die in front of him, it would not be able to arouse the slightest fluctuation.

The man was draped in a gorgeous robe that was long enough to reach the ground, revealing a well-defined neck and collarbone.
Under the firm and smooth muscle lines, there was an absolute sense of strength.
The powerful aura around him made no one dared to offend him.


The system gave a straight answer, but the tone of voice revealed the respect in it: [Survivor’s name, Chi Yiyin.
Because he died in the Ma family’s old mansion, he was automatically judged as a survivor and logged into the game field normally.
Estimated probability of instance’s custom clearance: 0.7%]

“Do you need maintenance? 0.7%? The probability of failing to pass the instance is 0.7%.”

The man smiled, and a low magnetic laughter evoked a vibration in his chest.

His slender and bony fingers outlined Chi Yiyin’s figure in the air, and as he watched Chi Yiyin in the screen, an increasing interest piqued within his eyes.

But Chi Yiyin, who was in the middle of the dilapidated reality and the bustling illusion in the mansion, was unaware of the disputes caused by him in the outside world.

Chi Yiyin stood on the spot, lowered his eyebrows, and persuaded the female ghost calmly.

——But it completely deviated from the direction of the instance.

“If I were you, I would kill them and then leave Gushu Town forever.
Nobody will know who I am and what I have done.
I can also start a new life.”

Chi Yiyin said softly, “Ma Yuze, your death holds no important to the world.
You died full of grief and indignation, but after you died, the rumors will not stop.
When one fire is put out, another will rise—that’s how rumors are.”

“You are more important than others.”

The ghost listened to Chi Yiyin’s words in amazement.
No one had ever told her what she did was right.

The ground was quaking, the aura in the air was in a frenzy, and the female ghost was angry.

“What do you know? What do you know? To say that, you…”

The female ghost’s angry accusation was accompanied by a cry.
She collapsed in hysterics, but could not continue to speak.
It was as if everything in the past would make her miserable if she remembered even a little of it.

The frenzied wind swept across the entire courtyard, and even the rockery was cut off in the middle, and rolled to the ground with a loud noise.
The dead branches and weeds shook violently, and the water in the pool fluctuated.

It seemed the chaos in the courtyard reflected the chaotic mood of the female ghost.

Chi Yiyin was surprised, but not afraid.
He raised his hand in front of him, blocking the debris blown towards him by the wind.

But even until the gust of wind gradually subsided, and the surroundings returned to calm, the female ghost still did not kill Chi Yiyin in the end.

He could feel that the gloomy feeling behind that had been watching him had disappeared.

The blurred scene that was originally superimposed on the courtyard scenery was slowly fading away.

The translucent figures of the servants disappeared, as did the housekeeper and the buildings with the original bustling scenery.

Slowly, only the dark and dilapidated courtyard remained, the stench of dead fish wafted along with the wind, and the dead vegetation looked like ghosts barring their teeth and claws.

Chi Yiyin frowned, feeling a little strange.

Although the system may deliberately lead players to misunderstanding, as Tong Yao had reminded, the rumors he heard in reality would not be tampered by the system.

Even if the rumor was exaggerated, the fact that Miss Ma killed everyone in the Ma family on her wedding night was the truth.

Before Chi Yiyin explored the haunted mansion, he had done enough homework and found records about it from local chronicles.

After all, the Ma family was a prestigious family.
It was also a big family in Gushu Town a century ago.
Every move of the Ma family was followed by people.
What happened in the Ma family was also an important part of the history of Gushu Town.
The local chronicles described the event in detail.

Because of the significant event of the Ma family marrying off a daughter, many relatives, and elders of the Ma family were present, and wealthy families who had contacts with the Ma family also attended the wedding, but none of these people escaped the tragedy.

At dawn, all that remained of the Ma family was a pile of corpses.

After that, because everyone in the Ma family had died and their large amount of wealth had no owner any longer, some people in the town were moved by evil intentions and sneaked into the ruins at night, trying to find some valuables.

But the next day, people found the bodies of these people died with open eyes.
Their eyes burst opened with fright, as if they saw something horrifying.

Because of this, rumors of the female ghost of Ma family spread in the local area, saying that the eldest miss died in her wedding dress at zishi period which made her ferocious, and anyone who dared to disturb her would be killed by her.

T/N: Zhishi (子时) period = 11pm to 1am

If this was the truth, what were the details that the local chronicles ignored, which made him guess the truth about the female ghost incorrectly and angered her?

Chi Yiyin frowned in thought, but he also heaved a relieved sigh.

Since the previous writing was a failure, he did not write the follow-up guess about the female ghost into his notes, but verified it first.
If he wrote it wrong again, this time it would not be as simple as the handwriting disappearing, but he would receive backlash from the female ghost.

He sincerely felt sorry for the female ghost, and wanted to make her live better.
He also wanted to survive the instance.

Chi Yiyin is not interested in death.
Although he scorned the wishes of Master Ma, he had no intention of letting himself die.

He preferred the option of absolute victory by killing two birds with one stone.

Besides, he still had things to do.
How could he die…

Chi Yiyin’s eyes dimmed, and he stroked the swift bird brooch with his fingertips.

Although the female ghost was angry, she did not kill him, which was different from the evil spirit in the rumors.
Was there an error in the local chronicles? Or, despite guessing wrong, he also guessed part of the truth, which moved the female ghost, so she didn’t kill him?

He immediately began to recall what he had said at the time, and quickly compared it with the truth he had sorted out in his mind, trying to find out where he might have guessed wrong.

Since he had guessed the right part, the most sensible solution was to return to the correct path, abandon the wrong path, and start deriving the whole truth again.

But at this time, Chi Yiyin keenly noticed that the flowers, plants, and trees around him were slowly stretching, from the rotten and withered mass, to becoming verdant again.

The koi fish with its stomach turned over in the pond twitched, and then turned over stiffly.
It swung its big red tail and continued to swim in the muddy pool water.
The pool water gradually became clear, as if nothing had happened.

The old shadow of a century ago was fading, and the Ma’s mansion had been restored to its appearance in the instance.

Chi Yiyin immediately walked back to the aunt, as if this episode did not exist.
He lowered his eyebrows and made the same expression as before.

The next second, the aunt’s voice was heard: “Yuze, don’t worry, auntie will not harm you, auntie is doing this for your own good.
The family I want you to marry is also a well-known, prestigious family in Gushu Town.
As long as you marry, not only will no one dare to gossip about you like in the past, but you can also be an official wife in the future, and you will be rich and prosperous.”

The aunt didn’t show any abnormalities, the figure that had just been frozen moved again, holding Chi Yiyin’s hand with great care and concern.

“Speaking of this marriage, it’s the Ma family’s aspiration.
Yuze, if you marry, you will enjoy a happy life.
Why not do it? Listen to auntie’s advice and don’t be stubborn.”

This was just like the record in the local chronicles.
Ma Yuze married the son of an official in Gushu Town.

This was the marriage that the aunt brought.

So what went wrong? He obviously heard the female ghost scolded him “what do you know,” which meant that there must be some details he didn’t know, which angered the female ghost.

Chi Yiyin looked at the aunt thoughtfully.

If Ma Yuze was going to marry a son of an official, then for the master of the Ma family, this marriage could bring benefits to Ma family.
This not only washed away the stigma on Ma Yuze, but also brought the Ma family’s business to a higher level after getting married.

In this way, the aunt’s eagerness could be justified.

The aunt married a country gentleman, and had many businesses related to Ma family, which could be said that she relied on Ma family.
If the Ma family was strong, it would also bring benefits for the aunt’s family.
This was a matter of vital interest.

No wonder the aunt came to the door immediately after she knew Ma Yuze was back.
Lest there be a long night fraught with dreams.
That something might happen?

T/N: A long night fraught with dreams (夜长梦多) = undue delay may bring trouble.

No matter what Ma Yuze herself thought, everyone around her would benefit from her marriage.

She is like a commodity up for sale, being sent out in exchange for the benefits of Ma family.
No one cared what she thought, and no one asked her if she wanted it.

Chi Yiyin sneered, the anger in his heart almost made him want to drag Master Ma out immediately and beat him up.

His daughter was wronged and misunderstood.
The father, Master Ma, not only did not protect his daughter, but raced against time to sell the daughter and exchange the marriage for the benefits of Ma family, as if he was afraid that if he was slower, his daughter would lose her value.

Was this what a father should do?

This was also worthy of being called a father?

At this moment, Chi Yiyin substituted himself into Ma Yuze, felt the anger that she felt, and the beast being imprisoned in his soul roared, wanting to rush out and destroy everything in front of him.

Whether it was the people in Gushu Town who talked about her, insulting her, or the Ma family who watched what she experienced with indifference, they were all destroyed, and repented everything they had done with death!

Every malicious sneer and look was pushing her into an abyss of doom for eternity.

Chi Yiyin could feel the heart in his chest beating wildly, and every sound was a drumbeat of anger.

But at least he still remembered that the aunt was right in front of him, so he could only take a few deep breaths and clenched his lips.
Relying on willpower, he forced himself to regain calm and reason.

Madam Ma wasn’t here, and the aunt was eager for success for her own benefit, and had lost her calm thinking.
Therefore, as long as he stimulated the aunt with marriage, he could know what the aunt knows.

He needed to get more truths about Ma Yuze and the Ma family from the aunt before the aunt became suspicious of himself.

In front of the aunt, he must be Ma Yuze.

But there was one more thing Chi Yiyin couldn’t figure out.

——The son of an official, why did he marry Ma Yuze?

Judging from the eagerness of Master Ma and Aunt Ma, this official held a very important position in Gushu Town.
Whoever became an in-law with an official would obtain tangible benefits from the official, which made people go crazy.

From the Ma family’s point of view, this was an excellent marriage.

But from the perspective of the official’s family, it was not the same.

Chi Yiyin did not forget that the Ma family lived in an era from a century ago.
At this time, scholars, farmers, and businessmen were of the same social status and could marry properly.

But even if the Ma family had overwhelming wealth and the official would not look down on vulgar businessmen, they would not rashly let a businessman’s daughter into their family.

If it was an official marrying their daughter, perhaps the requirements would be relaxed for the sake of the huge amount of money.

But this was an official’s son marrying a wife.

In that chaotic era, many official positions were almost hereditary, and the sons of officials would also become officials, so the identity of the wife became very important.

Although Chi Yiyin had never experienced that era, he knew very well that in this situation, sons of officials would usually choose a woman from a scholarly family or the same family of officials, so that it would be helpful for his official career.

But the official wanted to marry the Ma family who was not only a businessman, but also Ma Yuze, whose reputation had been damaged.

Although Chi Yiyin didn’t think rumors were that important, and knew that Ma Yuze was wronged and didn’t do what was said in the rumors.

But there was nothing wrong with what the aunt said.

Rumors can kill.

In that era, there were many women who were so angry after being slandered that they could use death to prove their innocence.
Even a woman’s family would force her to die or become a monk, lest she tarnished her family’s reputation.

For the official’s family, Ma Yuze should not have been on their list of consideration.
But why were they so eager to marry her?

“Auntie, tell me about that family.”

Chi Yiyin pretended to be wavering and hesitant, and asked the aunt for more background on the officials.

“Yuze, are you willing to marry?”

The aunt was a little surprised, and then hurriedly introduced the situation of the family to Chi Yiyin.

In the official’s family, they had two sons.
The couple loved the eldest son very much.
This time, the object of marriage was also the eldest son.

According to the aunt, the eldest son was handsome, and only two years older than Ma Yuze.
He also didn’t have a concubine at home, so he was an excellent candidate.

The aunt introduced enthusiastically, but Chi Yiyin just wanted to sneer.

Just because of rumors, the Ma family was able to criticize Ma Yuze so much.
Not only did Master Ma scolded Madam Ma and Ma Yuze for this, even the housekeeper and servants also looked down on Ma Yuze.

The housekeeper was loyal to the Ma family, and his attitude best reflected Master Ma’s attitude.

He dared to lock the carriage, tear up Ma Yuze’s certificates, and prevent her from leaving Gushu Town, it must be at the behest of Master Ma.

But after such cold treatment, and with such a good young talent, would Ma family still think of Ma Yuze?

You can find it just by chatting with the servants.
Now, the Ma family preferred the second miss.

It was the malicious sister that Chi Yiyin had met.

Chi Yiyin didn’t believe that Master Ma, who was furious because of the rumors, would truly consider Ma Yuze’s considerations for an important marriage.

Besides, Ma Yuze’s killing spree on the night of her marriage seemed to have something hidden within it.

The aunt must be hiding something, or simply lying.

“I heard that the eldest son is the best teacher in Gushu Town.
He is young and promising.
Many big people in Gushu Town are full of praise for him.
He will definitely make a big career in the future.”

As long the aunt imagined a bit of the future, she would smile from ear to ear: “When you become an official’s wife, the aunt will also be able to borrow your light to enjoy the scenery.”

Chi Yiyin put on a smile and spoke in a cold voice, “Auntie, why would someone ask to marry me? My sister is not much different from him, is she? I believe my father doesn’t care about my sister’s age.
If the other party is willing , he can even agree to marry himself – as long as it is profitable.”

His questioning made the aunt’s smile stop abruptly.

A trace of panic flashed in her eyes.
Her expression became awkward, as if she didn’t expect Ma Yuze to notice this matter.

But she still forced a smile and said: “It should be because the eldest young master has met you, maybe he is a student at the same school as you? When you study in Shanghai, don’t you often see many classmates?”

Chi Yiyin sneered, with extremely cold eyes: “Auntie, you just showed off that he was the best teacher here.
Why did you suddenly change your mind and say that he is my classmate?”

Just thinking about how to use Ma Yuze to make a profit, even the lies became so lame.
Is this being blinded by interests?

The aunt’s smile froze on her face, her appearance distorted, but she didn’t know how to answer.

Chi Yiyin wanted to say something else, but at this moment, a scream came from not far away.


Chi Yiyin’s eyes sharpened, and he quickly followed the sound, only to find that the place where the screams came from happened to be the banquet hall.

Warm and bright lights shone through the papered windows, and a series of blood splashed on the window papers and stained them.

Shadows projected on the window, blurred and chaotic.

But a person stopped behind the window, and the shadow was still on the window paper.

It seemed…to be looking at Chi Yiyin while laughing silently.

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